Author Q&A: Who Says It's a Man's World?

Emily Bennington is the author of, Who Says It's a Man's World: The Girls' Guide to Corporate Domination. She's led training programs for numerous Fortune 500 companies and has been featured in business press ranging from CNN, ABC, and Fox to the Wall Street Journal, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. She is also a contributing writer for and a featured blogger for Forbes Woman.

Emily is stopping by the Secrets of Success blog today to discuss her new book.

Deb Bailey: Love the title of your book! What prompted you to write it?

Emily Bennington: Well, I wrote a book for college students on how to transition into the workforce that basically showed them how to avoid rookie landmines on the job. As part of that process, I realized one of the biggest mistakes I made at the beginning of my career was thinking "executive" meant cold and corporate. It was almost like putting on a suit of armor each morning - and it totally backfired on me.

I was perceived as stiff and untouchable which is so far from who I am and severely impacted my relationships with coworkers. As I've been traveling around the country speaking to various organizations and business groups, I meet a lot of women who I can tell are also wearing the armor - and its weighing them down too. I wanted to write a book that told them how to break free and build their career from a new foundation - one that's as focused on WHO they are as it is on WHAT they do.

Deb: What's your book about? 

Emily: If I could sum up the book in one sentence it's this: "You must be a magnificent woman first to have a magnificent career." I think a lot of us approach this process backwards in that we look to the title to make us who we are. This book flips that thinking on its head.

Deb: So, who do you think will benefit most from reading it?

Emily: Who Says It's a Man's World is for women who want a fulfilling career - and a fulfilling life. I wrote it for the countless women I've met over the years who are ambitious and want to take over the world, but just aren't as successful - yet - as they'd like to be. They have been bombarded with information, but what they really need are ANSWERS. They don't want the "why" - they need the HOW and this book provides it for them in the form of very specific action steps to accelerate their careers.

Deb: You know, there are so many career books out there. What makes your book different? 

Emily: The core message of Who Says It's a Man's World is to focus more on virtues - that is, WHO you want to be - and less on goals, i.e. what you want to do. This approach - anchored in mindfulness - is very different from most business books that are honed in on what I call "checking boxes." While I encourage readers to have goals, I remind them that tomorrow's success only comes from being present in the work of today.

Deb: When they've finished your book, what would like your readers to come away with? 

Emily: I want readers to ditch the white-knuckle grip on "goals" and get clear on who they want to be as people. Because when you're approaching your work and your career from  THAT place, you'll not only kill it every single day, but you'll enjoy the journey too.

Deb: As you know, this is a blog for women entrepreneurs. What's the best advice you could give to a woman entrepreneur who is uncertain of her next steps? 

Emily: Get very, very clear on your revenue stream and keep those projects front and center always. I know that sounds simple, but I struggled with it for a long time. I spent the first two years of my business putting out career content because that's what I loved to do, but I had nothing to "sell" apart from my book. And then I would sit around wondering why I wasn't making any money. That was dumb.

Deb: What inspires you to do the work you do? 

Emily: Thank you notes from readers. Last year I took down my vision board and replaced it with a cork board where I pin the emails and letters I receive. This process took the focus entirely off "What do I want to get" and put it on "How am I serving?"  That felt much better.  

Deb: Emily, you're shared a lot of great information. Please let everyone know where they can people find your book and how they can find you online. 

Emily: Online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound and wherever books are sold.


Alycia Kaback said...

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Deb Bailey said...

Thanks for your comments, Alycia!

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