How She Does It: Young Entrepreneur Ruth Booker

Young Entrepreneur Ruth Booker
Young entrepreneur Ruth Booker of Ruth's Craft Shop is part of the next generation of female business owners. She's stopped by the Secrets of Success blog to show that it's never too early to start your entrepreneurial journey.

Deb Bailey: So glad to meet you Ruth! How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

Ruth Booker: My mom saw an advertisement for Michael's in which clay pots were on sale.  She came up with the idea of painting and designing the clay pots and putting silk flowers in them.  We continued to add other products such as tote bags and crocheted hats and scarves.

Deb: That's terrific. Sounds like you offer a lot of nice gifts items. So, who are your ideal customers?

Ruth: My ideal customers are people who appreciate the value of handmade crafts.

Deb: Tell me about your products. What other items do you sell?

Ruth: Designed silk floral pots, crocheted hats and scarves.

Deb: What’s your vision for your business?

Ruth: My vision is to spread hope and joy though her crafts, and encourage other youth to start their own businesses.

Deb: You certainly have big plans for your business! Any words of advice for other young entrepreneurs?

Ruth: Don't listen to anyone who tells you to stop what you like doing. Follow your heart and pursue your passion.

Deb: Thanks so much, Ruth. Please share your website and social media links!

Ruth: You can find out more about Ruth's Craft Shop here:

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