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Shirley Billson is an international life makeover hypnotherapist and a transformational trainer and mentor.  She is also an entrepreneur, has an MA in marketing, has been a director of 3 companies and she has been seen and heard on BBC TV and radio.

What really counts, though, is that she is passionate about helping women to achieve their own authentic success, in a way that is financially and emotionally rewarding, whatever the economy is doing. 

She empowers outwardly successful women who are stuck in a career make the impossible possible... to step into a new career or business that  reflects who they really are - and to step outside their perceived limitations.

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Date: Wednesday, February 27th
Time: 8:00 pm EST

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Alycia Kaback said...

I already checked her website and its really nice.

What a fantastic mentor she is, and most helpful indeed! Thanks so much for doing that groundwork, and for putting the information out there.

Your opening remarks are quite bang-on: Confidence is the number 1 killer for many women! And what I have found about mentors, is that, as you say, the mentors are quite willing; the challenge lies in the woman SEEKING the mentor. She usually gets mired in doubt and asks herself “What could possibly be in it for them” and then doesn’t put the call out. So really it ties back to the first point, a lack of confidence!
Keep up the great articles!
Anyway, I am also an entrepreneur of modeling industry and like to connect with such great people. Here is some existence over net and you are invited to visit Alycia Kakack's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and The It Factor Productions site (

Best regards,
Alycia Kaback

Deb Bailey said...

Hi Alycia! Glad you enjoyed the interview. Hope you had the chance to download Shirley's free audio. Thanks for sharing your links as well!

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