Why Use Social Media To Market Your Business?

by Kelli Cooper

Social media is a widely-debated topic among business owners. Some feel the medium is a waste of time while others believe that the social side of things is the greatest online invention for spreading the word about their business opportunities.

In truth, social media is simply a channel through which you can communicate with like-minded people. It is similar to picking up a telephone and talking to a prospect or meeting with someone at a local coffee shop. If you can fully embrace this idea you can use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to grow your business opportunity.

The real key to using social media effectively is to be a free giver. This means being a friend to become a friend by engaging frequently, promoting people’s content and being active on sites like Facebook and twitter each day. If you can remain visible on social networks you will stand out from the social media crowd which shows up every few days or weeks to work their respective network of choice in fits and starts. You will grow your business through social media marketing by devoting serious time and energy to the endeavor, similar to if you were starting an offline business such as a corner store.

Social Media Helps You Gain the Trust of Your Target Market Fast

Using Facebook to expand your business helps you establish transparency around your internet marketing campaign. You can set up a business Fan Page or personal profile, or both, and write a comprehensive biography section explaining more about you, your business and the story behind you and your business too. By sharing more information, your successes, your failures and your biggest victories, you can add an air of authenticity to your online marketing campaign which helps you gain the trust of your target market. Be open. Share of yourself and make gaining full transparency around your internet marketing campaign your ultimate goal and you will have few issues prospering with your business opportunity.

Social Media Helps You Add Personality to Your Business

Using sites like Google Plus to market your business helps you to add flair to your online marketing campaign. You can post high resolution pictures related to you and your business freely on social networking sites and you can also add your personal touch to your profile pages by posting brand-building banners on certain social media profiles.

Adding your personal touch to social sites like twitter makes you quickly stand out from the business crowd. Most entrepreneurs simply want to follow the herd, afraid of deviating from a set plan which the masses follow. The select few who decide to inject their personality into their business make a positive impact on the minds of their followers, and this impact could result in a surge surrounding their word of mouth marketing campaign.

Word of Mouth Marketing Grows Fast on Social Networking Sites

Think of the last time you bought a product which really resonated with you. How did you hear about the product or service? Chances are you were alerted to the product by hearing about it from a friend, loved one of business associate. Word of mouth marketing is popular on social networking sites as recommendations, testimonials and all sorts of word spreading can happen at lightning speed on Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, twitter and Google Plus. Use social sites to more easily gain the trust of your target market, add a personal touch to your campaign and tap into a rich source of oh so important word of mouth marketing.

Kelli Cooper, writing for Conquest Graphics, is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing online marketing tips; she highly recommends Conquest for all your printed marketing material needs.


Greg Pena said...

Social media is more than just a fad, and for many companies, it is becoming a bigger, more integral part of their overall marketing mix. Social media presents numerous opportunities for businesses that might otherwise cost a company thousands of pounds in marketing and advertising spend.

Deb Bailey said...

Hi Greg,
You're correct. Though from what I've seen, there are still a lot of larger companies that don't quite get how to use social media effectively. Many smaller companies seem to be much better at engagement. Thanks for your comments!

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