Conversation is a Numbers Game

by Liz Lynch

Conversations are crucial in all phases of business development. They spark connection and build rapport. They help you test the waters on new ideas. They’re vital for gathering and exchanging information that can help you make the sale.

So if you want to grow your professional services practice, the simple truth is you need to speak with more people. More prospects, more clients, more networking partners.

But to maximize your results and minimize your effort, which is what Smart Networking is all about — getting 24/7 results without the 24/7 effort — you want to do it strategically, and that means two things:

First, you want to draw more people in who want to have conversations with you. Because when they come to you, they’re self-selecting and that saves you time, and they come in pre-qualified. And that comes down to how you’re strategically positioned in the market as well as the breadth of your reach. Are you well-known? Do people see you and see your name in lots of places?

Second, you want to develop more strategic relationships. Not just connecting with anyone who has a pulse, but being very pre-meditated, plan it out, and think through who’s really going to make a difference in your business. Go connect with them and be very deliberate about what you ask them to help you do. You also want to know what you can bring to the table to help them as well.

Conversations build that know, like and trust factor. People can tell something about you from your website or blog, but they’ll really get to know you only when they interact with you. After all, you can’t have a relationship with someone you’ve never spoken to. And the more conversations you have with that person, the closer you become.

You could be one conversation away from your next big opportunity. So get out there and go talk to somebody!

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Liz Lynch, author of Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online, works with 6-figure professionals who have great expertise but suffer from “promo-phobia.” To learn how to get better known and attract the opportunities you deserve, visit

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