Intuitive Business Consultant Veronica Drake on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

*Veronica's show will be rescheduled*
Topic: Discover the #1 Secret to Attracting the Lucrative Niche That Is Waiting To Be Served By You

·Are you struggling to grow your list?

·Are you tired of throwing away dollars on marketing campaigns that just don’t work?

·Are ready to attract the ideal clientele who are ready and willing to work with you?

Learn how to expand your niche in a way that opens up your mind and instantly creates multiple streams of revenue. It’s time to serve more people and transform more lives. Veronica will share simple, proven strategies that will have clients looking for YOU!

Veronica Drake is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive Business Consultant who  specializes in working with women entrepreneurs who need guidance on clearly defining their niche and developing their personal brand by teaching them tune into their own inner wisdom. Using a combination humor, sass, intuition and practical business knowledge she empowers her clients to transform personally and professionally.

Veronica is committed to creating a new standard for the holistic community when it comes to business development. She is redefining the industry by weaving the traditional business model with the world of metaphysics and offering business owners to explore their own intuitive voice. Veronica is dedicated to creating a process that is socially acceptable and eventually will become mainstream – tapping into your inner wisdom to build the best business and life possible. Her credentials include:

*Coach training at the International Coaching Academy
*Certified Practitioner in the Law of Attraction
*Certified in Mastering Life’s Energies
*BA in Spiritual Counseling
*Alumni of The Holistic Learning Center.
*Author of the book Thoughts, Food, Whine & Bubble Wrap.. A woman’s
journey to self acceptance

Date: Wednesday, March 6th
Time: 8:00 pm EST

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