Where Do You Start Improving Your Business?

by Kendall SummerHawk

Whatever stage of business development you’re currently in, you’ll want simple ways you can improve your results. Making more sales, attracting ideal clients, up leveling your branding, hosting workshops, affording more team, growing your list and more.

Where most women entrepreneurs struggle is in knowing which activities they should prioritize first and even more importantly, how to hold on to the mindset that it takes when the business you’re juggling on a daily basis is a far cry from the business of your dreams.

This is where having a system and the right strategies pays off in a big way.

For example, if you’re not yet consistently making enough money to cover all of your expenses, then your focus is best spent on generating your first 8-10 clients at higher fees, rather than wasting your time on launching something like a membership site.

Hear this: Every time you up level your business you can plan on experiencing a period that is a mix of the old and the new. I laughingly refer to this as the “business equivalent of hormone imbalance” (LOL) because one minute you’ll be super excited and completely clear about your new direction, only to find yourself crying the next minute, wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into.

What I do during this time of massive up leveling is follow 3 simple steps that keep me centered and focused and out of overwhelm. I recommend printing these tips out and pasting them on your computer or bulletin board where they’ll help you make this transformation in your business smooth and exciting!

Focus Point #1: Give Yourself A New Mindset

My favorite mindset tip is to ask yourself, “What would a million dollar business woman do?” This is the same question I asked myself when I was looking to make a massive shift upwards in my income. The reason it works so beautifully is because it pulls you out of old patterns and challenges you to think, feel, act and believe as the business woman you desire becoming.

And what if you’re already at high 6-figures or even 7 figures? Simply up the amount. For example, you can make it “What would a 5 million dollar business woman do?”

Focus Point #2: First Create Consistent Cash Flow

Cash flow is the ruling Queen of your business. No matter what stage of your business you’re in, decide how much cash you need to create to cover your expenses, to pay yourself and to give you peace of mind. The key is to be specific and determine your amount first, then focus on the how-to. This (along with other strategies I teach on this topic) will keep you in a proactive mindset regarding your income, rather than in a passive, or reactive, disempowered place.

Focus Point #3: What You Start Your Day With Determines Your Success

In every stage of growing your business you’ll need to let go of tasks and activities that represent the old you, in order to make way for the actions that put you on the path of success at your new level.

My advice is to start your day with the 3 key actions that will bring in new clients, referrals and cash flow. Decide in advance what these are, write them down and do them first — before answering email, voice mail or hopping on to social media.

And Be Sure To Mentor With Someone Who Is Where You Aspire To Be

Women are energetic sponges for the people they surround themselves with. Which means it’s critical for you to invest in spending time with a mentor and get in a coaching group filled with high achievers who are continuously pulling themselves — and you! — forward. You’ll be amazed and delighted how quickly you too, become one of these high achievers that others are inspired to be around!

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