5 Tweet Formulas to Engage Your Clients and Customers

by Ali Brown

Every day, Twitter is abuzz with clever comments from the likes of everyone from Rihanna to Martha Stewart to Seth Godin. It’s an equal playing field where people are free to share and discuss any topic under the sun. And, with 140 million users, it’s a great way for entrepreneurs to get known and connect with potential customers.

But, many business owners fall into the trap of using Twitter as a soapbox, rather than a tool for conversation. Below are five Tweet formulas to try that will engage your clients and customers.

Tweet Formula #1: Ask a question

This is one of my favorite ways to engage my audience online. People love to share their opinions, recommendations, or stories, so asking questions is a great way to spark a fun conversation. Let’s say you own a jewelry boutique. You could ask your Twitter fans for suggestions on what new products they would like to see in the boutique. Or ask them to share photos of how they wear jewelry they’ve bought from you (which gives you something fun to retweet!). Or share a story on what a special piece of jewelry meant to them.

If you’re a marketing consultant, you could tweet after the Super Bowl asking which ads your followers liked best. Or if you’re traveling to a new city, ask locals what yoga studios or cafes they recommend. Checking out the types of places your customers like to frequent could not only open the door to new connections, but you can also get a better understanding of what attracts your customers. (I just asked followers to share their worst old job moment, and between Twitter and Facebook, got over 100 replies!)

Tweet Formula #2: Give ‘em a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse

Your job online is to show that you are not just a business, you are a person who owns a business. So posting tweets that show some personality and some behind-the-scenes “footage” are always a hit.

During my recent launch, I tweeted about one of my team members whose 3-year-old son kept saying his mom “works for Charlie Brown”… How can you not smile at a tweet like that? People respond to small “slice of life” tidbits that are fun and relatable, but be sure to mix it up with more business-focused tweets, too.

If you’re getting ready for live event, you could snap a photo of you getting hair and makeup done or prepping behind the scenes and post it with a clever caption. (I do these all the time, because they are fun and candid.) They not only show you’re a real person, preparing for a personal moment, but they also remind your audience to watch.

Here’s another idea: If you’re flying to a client meeting, you could tweet about the delicious cupcakes you tried at the airport. Include the bakery’s Twitter handle so they’ll see it and possibly retweet it to their fans, giving you exposure to an entirely new market! I try to do this often, giving a “shout out” to clients, people and businesses I love.

Tweet Formula #3: Share useful tips & content

In addition to sharing your promotions and content, share tips, articles, and resources you think would interest your online audience. I love tweeting inspirational quotes that get me (and my community) fired up for success.

Don’t be afraid to share other resources with your community. It helps position you as an expert in your field, especially if you add your own commentary. Just make sure you always credit or link to the original source.

Tweet Formula #4: Start a Twitter chat

Most chats happen weekly or monthly at a regular time with a predetermined topic and typically last about an hour. It’s a great way to make new contacts and attract a specific type of audience that’s interested in your topic. Do some Q&A or have a particular theme.

You can start a chat on a site like TweetChat.com. You just need to choose a descriptive hashtag so participants can follow along, and promote your chat at least a few weeks in advance. If hosting a monthly or weekly Twitter chat is a bigger commitment than you want to take on, find an industry-related chat and pop in as a special guest expert.

Tweet Formula #5: Respond to @ mentions

How you respond to your customers online can be very telling about your business’s customer service philosophy. That’s why it’s so important to be responsive to your customers and clients’ tweets, especially if they mention you. For positive or neutral tweets, feel free to respond and/or retweet as appropriate. If a client or customer tweets something negative, try to mitigate the situation by inquiring for more information, or by deferring the complaint offline to your customer service department. But always post a public response so others see you take care of your customers! For example: “Thanks for letting us know.  Susie from our service dept. will be in touch today.”

Question: Have you tried any of the above Tweet formulas? What’s worked best for YOU? Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite Twitter strategies.

© 2012 Ali International, LLC

Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow profitable businesses that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women” at www.AliBrown.com.


Living the Good Life

by Doreen Rainey

If you watch most shows on television - including the news, read a variety of magazines or talk to most people, there's a generally accepted definition of what it means to live "the good life".

Society typically dictates that material success is a strong indicator of whether you are living "the good life". It's usually based on things like:

    Where do you live?
    What do you drive?
    Where do you work?
    What do you wear?
    How many vacations do you take a year?
    Where do you vacation?
    How big is your bank account?
    Where did you go to school?

Now, there's nothing wrong with having a nice home, the car of your dreams, vacations that excite you and money in the bank, but is that an indicator of whether you are living a "good life"?

Of course not!

There's story after story of people who seemingly "have it all", and yet we watch as they suffer in misery, sadness or are unfulfilled. It's not just celebrities I'm referring to. We probably all know at least one person who seems to having it all, yet doesn't appear to be completely happy and joyful.

That's because no matter how much material success you experience, it must be coupled with the following two things to truly embrace the definition of living "the good life."

1. Express Your Unique Gifts and Talents.
I spoke with a woman years ago who's annual salary was over $100,000/yr. She had graduated from college with a degree in a field that promised to pay well - and she took a job that did just that - payed her well. But she wasn't fulfilled. She was good at what she did - actually excelled at it, but she had a desire to do something different with her life that allowed her to use more of her natural gifts and talents. It took her some time, but she eventually transitioned out of that job into one she enjoys more, and while she initially took a pay cut, she's now doing quite well.

What talents and gifts do you have that are being suppressed? Maybe you feel that there's no time in your life for them. Maybe you can't use them fully in your current job or business. Perhaps you haven't thought about it and aren't sure what your gifts and talents are.

Whatever the case may be, being able to express your talents and gifts is an integral part of living the good life. It may not be what you do "at work", but you should definitely find time to incorporate more of them into your life - even if you start with just a few hours a week.

2. Honor Your Core Values.
Whenever a client comes to me frustrated - whether it's with their personal or professional life - the first place I start is with their core values. I take them through an exercise to identify what their values are and then we look at ways they are not honoring them.

Living the good life means you are living, honoring and abiding by your core values. Is family a core value for you? How do you honor that? Is your spiritual life a core value? How do you honor that? Is integrity a core value? How do you honor that? Is financial security a value? How are you honoring that?

Usually, they can begin to identify how being out of alignment with at least one of their core values results in frustration, restlessness or anxiety. Living the good life means that you are able to be clear about what's important to you and then demonstrate that by the decisions you make, how you spend your time and how you spend your resources.

So while there's nothing wrong with material success - be sure that it's not your only measuring stick. Have those "things" - but couple them with expressing your gifts and talents and honoring your core values.

Now that's a good life!

"RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL - by defining success for themselves and getting the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at www.doreenrainey.com."

© 2013 Doreen Rainey

Ten Things That Make Your Business Ten Times Harder

by Christine Kane

“Complex is easy. Simple is hard.”  – Ken Segall

Warning:  What you’re about to read may seem ridiculously simple.

It is.

But here’s the thing. I meet business owners every day who make things hard on themselves. Sometimes it’s about actions. Sometimes it’s inactions. Sometimes it’s a bad habit. Sometimes a mindset.

All transformation starts with awareness.  So, here are ten things that make your business ten times harder. See if any of them apply…

1 – No Vision-Time

If you don’t take time away from your business for visioning and thinking, it’s easy to become a reactor, not a creator. A business is dynamic and organic.  (So are you!)  Shape and create your business by taking time out for planning and visioning your desires and new directions.

2 –TOO much Vision Time!

Some people are forever analyzing and planning, afraid of doing the wrong thing or of failure.  At some point, you must take action.  Just know that failure is only failure if you give up!

3 – Waiting for Discovery

Book deals.  Hit records.  Getting on Oprah. A huge IPO.

Hey, great things can and DO happen all the time in life. However, waiting for something to “happen” is a surefire path to frustration. You have a relationship with your business. It’s wildly cool.  But like any relationship, it requires attention and action.

Waiting for that big event – much like waiting for rescue – is a sign that you’re afraid of the claiming own power!

4 – The “Field of Dreams” Business

“If you build it, they will come.”

Really? I can do that, and everything else will be taken care of? Well, sort of.  There IS truth in that famous line. But too often, people think it means, “All I have to do is hang my sign – and the world will rush to my door.” This can lead to disillusionment.  That’s because “building it” is not a one-time thing!

Here’s another way to look at it:

“If you build it they will come.  But if you build it and market it, they’ll pay you!”

5 – Making Problems a Problem

Donald Trump advises something that contradicts every positive thinking tenet out there.  He says to expect problems. Yes, even if you’re a mindset junkie! Glitches, hiccups, snafus.  Hey, they happen.  Too often, we let problems paralyze us, and steal our time and emotions.  Successful people expect “problems,” and always put their focus on finding the solution!

6 – Taking Numbers Personally

Much of business is a numbers game.  Sometimes the numbers are low. Sometimes they’re high. Numbers are just numbers. (They are not – as your inner success-prevention committee wants you to believe – the Universe’s way of telling you that you should give up and get a job at The Cheesecake Factory.)

7 – Waiting til You “feel like it”

Business owners often put off their marketing until they “feel like it.” Which – let’s face it – is never! Marketing works best as a system.  Robert Middleton says, “Marketing is not only about being known, it’s about not being forgotten.”  In other words, you must systematize your marketing processes so they become habits.  That way you won’t ever have to dread it!

8 – Wading in CRAP

Is this you?

Every now and then, you realize you’re low on clients. You react. You go on a marketing/cold-calling binge. You fill your schedule. Then, you panic! For months, you can barely breathe! You definitely can’t hire someone (who has the time?) – and you can’t do any marketing. (ditto!)

Sure enough, it shifts. The projects end. The clients are gone. Suddenly, your calendar is empty. The cycle begins again. I call this the Cycle of Reactivity And Panic.  (C.R.A.P.) It is one of the unhealthiest habits out there.

You must set your business up so that the flow is constant and automated! (And yes, this IS possible!)

9 –  Waiting for Status

All too often, we wait to “deserve” the spotlight.  We hope for enough status, letters after our names, or training before we’ll make the slightest move toward a bigger opportunity. News Flash: No amount of outside status can create worthiness.  Success happens when we take chances and play bigger, regardless of outside status.

10 – Not Investing in Your Growth

Every successful entrepreneur invests time and money in herself and her business. She attends workshops and teleseminars. She hires coaches. Too many of us go it alone. This leads to limited thinking, isolation, and burn out. When an opportunity arrives, don’t ask: “How much does it cost to do this?” Ask instead: “How much is it costing me NOT to do this?”

Do any of these things apply to you?  Tell me which one – and tell me how you break through the pattern!

Christine Kane is the Mentor to People Who are Changing the World. She helps women and men Uplevel their lives, their businesses and their success. Her weekly Uplevel You eZine goes out to over 20,000 subscribers. If you are ready to take your life and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a FREE subscription at http://christinekane.com.

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3 Ways to Generate Income in Your Solo Pro Business Fast

by Barbara Saunders

Most solo professionals tend to think of ‘work’ as projects for clients. Income becomes tied to clients. When you cannot find enough clients to keep us busy – you freeze up. But really what you’re after is income.

The ‘hidden’ downside to focusing exclusively on chasing more clients – especially when you need money fast – is that you very often make ‘deals’ that are not in your best interest just to get some money. You end up with clients that don’t value you or your services, take advantage of your situation, and are usually far more trouble than they’re worth.

I want to share with you three ways to generate fast cash flow for your business that don’t involve frantically chasing clients.

You can do this easily. You’re already an expert at what you do. You have all the tools you need. You just need a little mind shift. These three simple quick tactics will make you feel much more in control.

Fast Income Generator #1 | Have a Sale

Companies have been doing that for years. Why can’t you? If you haven’t created any information products yet – package some of your related services. For example, for one time only combine a business branding assessment where you offer an critique of a companies overall marketing collateral effectiveness. Is it consistent online and off? Is the message clear? Do they have a clear up sell? Are they clear who their client is?

Be sure the you only deliver the ‘assessment’ – then make it clear that to fix the problems, they need to hire you. Have your up sell ready and clear. Keep your assessment priced reasonably so it’s an ‘easy yes’.

A word of caution: Do not do this more than once a year. You don’t want clients waiting for the bargain. Also, do not let this  seem like your lowering your prices. You’re just giving them a deal. You could promote it as your Start-The-New-Year-Off-With-A-Bang Special. Make it for a very limited time and you could offer a limited number of participants too – only 10 spots! – to get more interest.

Brainstorm some other ways that you could create a sale with your services. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Team up with other service providers and offer a one-time combination package like a copy writer and designer or a business consultant. Get creative and get involved with some joint ventures.
  • Offer 20-hours of support (or whatever) to be used over a specific time period (like 3 or 6 months), they only get a deal if they sign up now.
  • Throw in a special consultation session for free.

Fast Income Generator #2 | Do a Teleclass or Teleseries

These can be launched quite quickly and can be very popular (tip: they can easily be turned into a product down the road). Don’t over complicate it. These can be super simple. Here’s all you do:
  • Choose one of your client’s biggest challenges
  • Break it down into sub-topics. Each sub-topic can be one teleclass
  • Add a handout, workbook or transcript
  • Add a live Q&A session if you’d like (Go to FreeTeleconferencing.com and click on the Free Conference Call button, fill in your information and you’re in. You’ll be ready to hold and record your own teleclasses

Now market your pants off – blast to twitter, FaceBook, post it on Linked In Events, invite all of your present and potential clients, and announce it at all of the networking events you go to, get others to promote it too

Fast Income Generator #3 | Launch a Product

An email course is the perfect product to get up and earning quickly. You create the first lesson and announce the course to your clients and customers. You can launch your product and start generating sales before the product is finished. You need to be sure you stay at least one lesson ahead so you deliver each lesson on time. Your course can be three or six weeks. Again – Don’t over complicate it.

One Last Tip

Don’t wait for perfection. You’re not going to get everything in your teleclasses or email course the first time. The thing is, it will be far more information than your future students have now so it will be of value to them. And don’t fuss over the writing, editing or design too much. The object is to get it out there and get money in. A major failing many solo pros suffer from is the need to make everything perfect before anyone sees it. That can be paralyzing. It will never be perfect. Resist the urge to tweak. The objective is not a perfect piece of artwork. The objective is income.

So create it, launch it, let it fly and rake in the dough. Remember – Always have an up sell.

Author Info: Barbara Saunders is a publication designer and has run a successful solo pro business for more than a decade. She is the Solo Pro Success Coach and the Director of the International Association of Self-Employed Communication Professionals and the Solo Pro Academy. She also hosts the Solo Pro Radio show everyday at 10am Pacific and 1pm Eastern It’s our mission to build community and help creative solo pros build and run successful businesses by providing support, innovation, tools, and strategies. Our goal is to liberate our members from the feast and famine cycle.


Get the Facts: How Multitasking Is Hurting Your Business

by Sydni Craig-Hart

Skype is open. Instant message programs are pinging. Your unread email count is rising. Your browser has 8 tabs open. There are 5 documents open on your desktop. Your calendar alerts are popping up and you stop to send a quick text. Sound familiar? You probably think you’re being efficient, but you're not. Multitasking is a big mistake and it’s hurting your productivity. Which in turn is hurting your profits.

Consider these startling statistics that highlight the negative effects of multitasking:
  • Multitasking leads to as much as a 40% drop in productivity.  (Bergman, P. (2010, May 20). How (and why) to stop multitasking. Harvard Business Review.)
  • The estimated cost of interruptions to the American economy is nearly $650 billion a year. (Jonathan B. Spira, chief analyst at Basex, a business-research firm)
  • Multitasking causes a 10% drop in IQ. (Bergman, P. 2010, May 20. How (and why) to stop multitasking. Harvard Business Review.)

The scientific evidence against multitasking is overwhelming. Consider the evidence:
  • Studies show that the human brain can't handle more than one task at a time. Even though we think we’re multitasking, our brains are actually switching rapidly between tasks. (The Myth of Multitasking. Scientific America. 2009, July.)
  • Only 2.5% of the population actually process tasks simultaneously. (James Watson of the University of Utah) 
  • In a study of Microsoft employees, workers took, on average, 15 minutes to get back to intense mental tasks, like writing reports or computer code, after responding to e-mail or instant messages. (New York Times)
  • It actually takes more time to get things done when you try to multitask. People who are interrupted – and therefore have to switch their attention back and forth – take 50% longer to accomplish a task. (John Medina, Brain Rules)
  • Multitaskers make up to 50% more errors. (John Medina, Brain Rules)

Ready to give up on the myth of multitasking? Use these tips to overcome the urge to do two things at once and become truly efficient and productive.

Batch your tasks.

Try grouping like work together so you're working within the same mode for blocks of time. Have specific times of day when you read and answer emails. Train your contacts not to expect instant answers to email. Let them know you check email at 10 am and 3 pm, for example. Consider hosting “office hours” when you’re available on Skype or instant message to avoid quick-question-type interruptions. Stop answering the phone every time it rings. Instead, schedule phone calls so you aren't interrupted.

Prioritize your to do list.

Track your energy throughout the day to find the times when you have the most energy. Schedule the tasks that require “heavy lifting” at the times when you are at your peak. Try alternating tasks that take a lot of focus with tasks that are less intense.


You don't have to do it all on your own. Delegate tasks to others when you need to. A Virtual Assistant can be an excellent investment in your business. All that time you're wasting returning phone calls, managing your email, futzing around with your email newsletter and responding to customer service inquires could be spent landing your next high paying client. How much money is your multitasking really costing you?

There was a period of time when job descriptions claimed that multitasking was a must. Current research proves that thinking wrong. Multitasking hurts your productivity, causes you to be inefficient and make more mistakes. Do yourself a favor and focus on one project at a time. Batch tasks to help you stay focused. Prioritize and delegate to streamline your to-do list. Become the productive and efficient person you want to be. You'll be more confident, more focused, more profitable and more successful in your business.

Your Action Plan For This Week:

1.     Pause throughout your day to notice your energy level. Rate it on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high). Track your energy for the rest of the week and look for patterns. Notice the times of day when you rate your energy a 5.

2.     Make a list of tasks you do regularly that could be delegated then call a VA and ask for a quote on those tasks.

3.     Before you open your email or listen to your voicemail, look at your to-do list for the day. Consider what you should actually be doing that will grow your business. .

4.     Schedule specific blocks of time during the day to check email and voicemail. Aside from those times keep your email closed and choose not to answer the phone when it rings.

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, is founder of SmartSimpleMarketing.com. Known for her easy, strategic and results-focused approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client's businesses so they can create money NOW.

Visit www.SmartSimpleMarketing.com for your FREE kit, "5 Simple Steps to More Clients, More Visibility and More Freedom" and apply for a FREE "Profit Breakthrough" session with Sydni!

Are You In Phase Two?

by Doreen Rainey

I call it "the dip".

Not only have I seen this happen to others, but I have been a victim of it as well. And maybe...just maybe, it's happened to you.

What is "the dip"?

It's the moment that happens after the excitement wears off.

You know what I'm talking about. You join the gym. You start writing that book. You freeze your credit cards. You sign up for a class, workshop or program and all systems are GO!

You're motivated, committed and focused. You have gotten a glimpse of the finish line and the overwhelming desire to succeed has you absolutely pumped up.

You arrange your schedule and put others on alert that you have a new priority - that you have a "must do it" goal and there's no stopping you. You make tough choices in favor of your goal. You make a few sacrifices in the name of your goal. And you don't mind one bit. Your eye is on the prize and nothing can divert your attention.

That's what I call "Phase One".

For some, this lasts for months. For others, several weeks. Then, there are the few that feel this euphoria for only a couple of days. And on the rare occasion, I've known a couple of people to wake up in phase one and then by lunchtime...

So, if this is Phase One, what is Phase Two?

It's the point where all the adrenalin disappears - POOF! It's gone. Phase Two is where the excitement has waned. The priority has dropped waaaaaay down on the list. The prize you once refused to take your eyes from is now blurred and seemingly farther away than ever.

And the most frustrating part? You feel completely confused!

What happened? What happened to the "no matter what" attitude? What happened to the "100% committed" mantra. Why have you suddenly found it so hard to do the things that came so easily in Phase One - getting up earlier, sticking to your schedule, saying no when necessary, following your plan?

Well, the good news is, you're not unique and you're not alone. The "dip" always comes. No one can escape it. But it's how you respond to the "dip" that determines whether you graduate to Phase Three or whether you settle in for the long haul in Phase Two.

What is phase Three? It's re-commitment. So how do you get there?

Take a look at the plan and strategy you created to reach your goals in Phase One, as Phase Two is reality check time. Sometimes, in the excitement of Phase One, we are too aggressive and it can be a set up for failure.

Go back and adjust your plan, cut yourself some slack, get your eyes back on the prize and get back into action with a process that's sustainable.

If you do that, you'll quickly move to Phase Three and be on your way to achieving your biggest goals.

"RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL - by defining success for themselves and getting the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at www.doreenrainey.com."

© 2012 Doreen Rainey

What's Your Promise?

by Lisa Sasevich

Whenever you're designing a program, and this is especially true for a live event, the most important thing is for you to be clear on the promise of your event.

The clearer you are on the promise, the easier it will be to fill the seats.

Promise = Transformation

The promise of your event is the transformation that the attendee is going to receive. It's the outcome. How will their life or business be transformed by attending?

For example, the promise of Event Profit Secrets is in its title and subtitle: How to create your own content-rich, highly profitable events that lead your ideal clients to your high-end mastermind, mentorship or coaching programs.

In fact, until two weeks before I taught my first Event Profit Secrets, ALL I had was the promise. And that promise sold out the room. I knew I had the content and know-how inside me, and that my integrity would drive me to pull it together in a powerful way...and so I did.

Show the Promise in the Title

The biggest secret for filling the room is for the promise to be apparent in the name of the event. So somebody can look at the name and think, "Speak-to-Sell," Oh, I want to sell when I speak. Sign me up.

Years ago, I invested in a workshop called the Online Success Blueprint workshop because I wanted more success online. I wanted the exact transformation that was articulated in the title.

When the promise isn't obvious in its name, it's harder to fill the event. Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life was my hardest event to fill because the promise wasn't as evident. I always filled it, but it took more effort than Speak-to-Sell or Event Profit Secrets ever did.

On the other hand, when the promise is clear in the name, the event fills naturally. I used to teach a class for another company about understanding men that was called "The Amazing Development of Men." I remember I always had to explain what the name meant after I said it. (That was a BIG CLUE that the promise wasn't clear!)

When we changed the name to "Understand Men 101," the class went from 10-person rooms to 20, 30 and 40 very quickly, because the outcome of understanding men was obvious--and irresistible.

Hot Tip!

Once you're clear on the promise of your event, apply the 90/10 rule. In your marketing, you want to focus 90% on the transformation they'll get from attending and only 10% on how you're going to deliver that transformation. The delivery would be things like the length of the event, how many pages are in the workbook, its beautiful location, who's speaking, the material they'll get, etc.

They're coming for a particular outcome, so stick to that, make it crystal clear in the title, and let your promise fill the room.

I would love to hear any A-Ha's you are seeing about Your Promise. Let me know on my blog.

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Goal Setting Secrets For Women Entrepreneurs — Part 1

by Kendall SummerHawk

Goals either light you up or make you groan, but either way, if you’re not taking control of setting goals then you’re letting things "just happen to you" and you’re running your business by default instead of by design.

Energetically speaking, goal setting is a masculine activity, which is why women often approach creating goals unclear or in doubt as to how they’ll achieve them.

The feminine approach to goal setting is more than just creating a "target" to hit. It’s understanding and working with the emotions behind the goal so as to create an emotional strength and resonance that will see you through the moments when reaching your goal feels difficult.

To help you get your new year started powerfully and productively, I’m sharing my favorite goal setting secrets with you, from both the masculine AND the feminine perspective. This way, you’re twice as likely to reach your goals than you would otherwise.

Women are fantastic at getting tons of things done quickly, but they often shy away from setting clear, specific and meaningful goals. If you peel back the curtain the reasons as to why are simple to see.

So, the first steps are to get clear on 3 critical emotions. I’ll show you how in Part 1 of this article. Then, in Part 2 I’ll show you the simple steps I use to set goals that you’re most likely to achieve.

#1: Clear The Emotion Of Integrity

From time to time, everyone sets a goal then doesn’t reach it. But if you’re someone who rarely, if ever, reaches your goals then it’s likely you’re feeling out of integrity with yourself.

If this is you, you’re first step is to honor your word. Period. If you’ve been dodging honoring commitments you’re probably doing so as a way of subconsciously trying to protect yourself. Unfortunately, all this behavior accomplishes is destroying your trust in yourself, and your sense of value and self-worth.

My advice? You can quickly begin to restore your personal integrity by writing, "My goal is to __________ and by honoring my agreement with myself, I am honoring my worth". Read it out loud daily and post it where you can see it.

#2: Clear The Emotion Of Guilt

Did you know that guilt is created when someone feels they haven’t lived up to another’s expectations? It’s also an emotion triggered by a distorted sense of responsibility.

I often hear from women entrepreneurs that they feel guilty they haven’t done more/implemented more/earned more, etc. Sound familiar?

My advice? If you hesitate to set new goals because you feel guilty about not having fully met past ones, then ask yourself one of these two powerful questions:

"Whose goals was I trying to meet?"
"What if feeling guilty were no longer important to me?"

Ironically, releasing yourself from the pressure to perform will free you to excel and exceed what you think is possible for yourself!

#3: Clear The Emotion Of Fear of Failing

Did you know that failure is a figment of your imagination? It’s a word that has no meaning other than that which you give it.

For example, let’s say you set a goal to fill a group program with 10 people. You implement everything you’ve been coached to do and the results are you have 4 people in your program.

If you consider this a failure, let me ask you something — are those 4 people delighted you offered your program? Did you create income from the sales you made? Did you learn a tremendous amount in the process of marketing your program? Can you use what you learned again? Will your 4 participants get your full attention and support during your program?

My advice? If the concept of failing didn’t exist, what would you give yourself permission to try?

What It Means To Be, Think and Feel Unstoppable…

Being unstoppable means giving yourself permission to set goals that cause you to stretch into new territory of possibility, to leap past fear and to honor your commitment to yourself out of love and respect for YOU being the amazing, magnificent woman that you are.

In Part 2 of this 2-part series I’ll share the simple steps I use to set goals that have changed my life and helped me create extraordinary income and impact through my business.

Would you like to learn simple ways you can brand, package and price your services, quickly move away from 'dollars-for-hours work' and create more money, time, and freedom in you business? Check out my web site, http://www.KendallSummerHawk.com, for free articles, resources and to sign up for my free audio mini-seminar "Money Blocks & Breakthroughs.

Award-winning small business expert Kendall SummerHawk is the leading expert in women entrepreneurs and money.

Intuitive Business Consultant Veronica Drake on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Topic: Discover the #1 Secret to Attracting the Lucrative Niche That Is Waiting To Be Served By You

·Are you struggling to grow your list?

·Are you tired of throwing away dollars on marketing campaigns that just don’t work?

·Are ready to attract the ideal clientele who are ready and willing to work with you?

Learn how to expand your niche in a way that opens up your mind and instantly creates multiple streams of revenue. It’s time to serve more people and transform more lives. Veronica will share simple, proven strategies that will have clients looking for YOU!

Veronica Drake is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive Business Consultant who  specializes in working with women entrepreneurs who need guidance on clearly defining their niche and developing their personal brand by teaching them tune into their own inner wisdom. Using a combination humor, sass, intuition and practical business knowledge she empowers her clients to transform personally and professionally.

Veronica is committed to creating a new standard for the holistic community when it comes to business development. She is redefining the industry by weaving the traditional business model with the world of metaphysics and offering business owners to explore their own intuitive voice. Veronica is dedicated to creating a process that is socially acceptable and eventually will become mainstream – tapping into your inner wisdom to build the best business and life possible. Her credentials include:

*Coach training at the International Coaching Academy
*Certified Practitioner in the Law of Attraction
*Certified in Mastering Life’s Energies
*BA in Spiritual Counseling
*Alumni of The Holistic Learning Center.
*Author of the book Thoughts, Food, Whine & Bubble Wrap.. A woman’s
journey to self acceptance


Date: Wednesday, April 17th
Time: 8:00 pm EDT


Persuade with Purpose

by Liz Lynch

Personal development pioneer Jim Rohn once said, “The bigger the why, they easier the how.”

If you’re ever had to take massive action to make a big change in your life, you know how important it is to set an inspiring vision. There’s nothing like wanting to look drop-dead gorgeous at your high school reunion to get you up for pre-dawn spinning classes three times a week. Or getting a warning from your doctor about dangerously high cholesterol levels to force you away from bacon-and-egg breakfasts.

If a big purpose can motivate us to take actions we otherwise wouldn’t, or would rather not, couldn’t it also help motivate others to join us as well?

It’s difficult to gain a foothold in someone’s brain by leading with what you want them to do. You must first communicate why it’s important. Great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Walt Disney always communicated their “why”—the reasons they acted, why they cared and their future hopes. Great business leaders follow suit.

Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines, believed air travel should be fun and accessible to everyone. Wal-Mart’s Sam Walton believed all people should have access to low-cost goods. Starbucks’ Howard Schultz wanted to create social experiences in cafés resembling those in Italy.

When you share your greater cause and higher purpose for your business, listeners filter the message and decide to trust you (or not). When listeners’ values and purpose resonate with your own, they are primed to become followers who will favorably perceive subsequent messages.

Here are three things you can do to build that bridge:

1) Think long and hard about both your personal sense of purpose and your organization’s purpose. Do you see ways of aligning them?

2) Articulate why you love what you do. Adding just this one sentence to your elevator pitch can make a difference between generating a yawn to generating a “yes!”

3) Identify ways can you make a difference with your company products and services. While your need to make money may be of vital importance to you, it’s really no one else’s dream to make you rich. Strive to be like the leaders who never lose sight of why they do what they do and why people should care. Only then can you get their attention and interest. And when your bigger goals are aligned with theirs, you’ll get their energy and investment too.

© 2009-2013, Liz Lynch International LLC

Liz Lynch, author of Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online, works with 6-figure professionals who have great expertise but suffer from “promo-phobia.” To learn how to get better known and attract the opportunities you deserve,
visit www.NetworkingExcellence.com.

Influenced or Influencer: Which are you?

by JonJon Yeung

Different types of businesses produce different styles of leadership. With each role having its own responsibilities, team leaders and management often develop their own particular approaches to leading their workforces. Some prefer a direct approach, whereas others like to collate feedback and make a decision on the opinions of others.

The question of leadership is such an important one that cottage industries have even developed around the topic, with endless tests and quizzes designed to help you nail your colours to the mast. However, when you boil all the jargon right down, there are two main types of leader within any industry: the Influenced and the Influencer. Read on to find out which category you fall into.


Influencers are relatively easy to spot, particularly because of their natural ability to get what they want, but without having to resort to direct orders or take a dictatorial stance. These people are usually optimistic and positive and are great communicators. Nine times out of ten, these are natural abilities rather than learned tactics. Influencers are instinctively empathic and understand what it is that makes people tick. As a result, they are able to communicate what they want in such a way that it seems that their employees are part of an ensemble effort, rather than being told what to do.

Influencers are always happy to help others and delight in being motivators. In addition, their positive nature means that they are always open to new suggestions, particularly when it comes to finding ways to increase their team’s productivity. A 21st Century Influencer will already have a handle on the latest software from companies such as Intuit, and are able to see the potential to improve their team’s efficiency using such tools.

However, on the flip side, Influencers are prone to letting their relationships interfere in making good business decisions. While their strengths may lie in getting to grips with people, they sometimes lack the ability to distance themselves and take an impartial view of a situation.


By comparison, Influenced leaders tend to favour a democratic style, rather than getting his or her own requirements across. Often, these leaders are perceived as soft touches, because they don’t appear to be that dynamic and often take considerably longer to make decisions. However, they do have a positive effect on staff morale, as the employees feel that they have had a say in how the business operates. Despite this, they can often run into the proverbial problem of having too many cooks and not enough broth.

Influenced leaders will take slightly longer to implement changes, such as incorporating new software like Intuit technology, because they will spend an inordinate amount of time absorbing the contributions of others as well as customer feedback. In addition, the apparent sharing of the burden of leadership means that employees who need supervision may be unaware of this, convinced that their opinions are worth more than they actually are.

You’ve seen the evidence: which kind of leader are you and which do you want to become?

Limiting the Effects of Negative Environments

by Jack Canfield

In an ideal world, we’d fully isolate ourselves from negative environments. The reality is that we can’t fully escape negative environments. However, there are steps we can take to minimize our exposure to negativity and limit its impact.

Acknowledge Your Reality

When we believe that we are being forced to tolerate a negative environment, such as a spouse who constantly complains or working for a company whose values don’t match our own, we can feel trapped and hopeless. The illusion of being subjected to negativity against our will can increase stress and depress our mood.

To regain a sense of control, it’s important to acknowledge that you do have a choice in every situation. You may feel that you can’t afford to quit your job because the pay and benefits are too good and the job market is too unstable. Instead of bemoaning the fact that you’re trapped in a job you don’t like, acknowledge that you do have the choice of quitting. Instead, you are choosing to keep your job, because you enjoy the stable pay and benefits that it brings. This simple reframing of your situation will ease your stress and make you feel more in control.

When you feel negative judgments arising, don’t resist them. Remember, what we resist, persists. Instead, acknowledge and embrace your feelings. Only by doing so will you be able to progress to the point of letting the negative feelings and judgments go.

Journaling is another excellent way to release your feelings. At the end of the day, pour out all of your negative feelings and thoughts onto paper. Use the Total Truth process described in The Success Principles to ensure that you’ve fully excavated your feelings about troublesome situations. Negative feelings are like weeds. If you don’t fully extract them (e.g., pull out the roots), they will come back. If you’d like, burn your journal pages or letters that you write.

3 Decompression Tips

When you find yourself repeatedly exposed to the same negative environments, such as your office, use one or more of the following tools to decompress and center yourself before moving on to the rest of your day.

•    Don’t listen to the news, which only adds negative images and thoughts to your mental space. If you commute between your office and home, spend your drive time listening to relaxing music or educational CDs. When I have to drive home from Los Angeles after a trip, I like to listen to a comedy channel. Because I spend the entire drive laughing, I walk in the door ready to greet my family pumped full of feel-good endorphins.

•    Create a decompression ritual to help you disengage from your negative environment. For example, take a walk after work, spend a few minutes meditating, or do yoga. A few minutes invested in nurturing and calming yourself will be rewarded with a calm and happy remainder of your day.

•    Do not use alcohol as a way to unwind. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, which means that any stress and unresolved anger you’re carrying will come bursting out more easily. The innocent targets of your attacks will the people who deserve your anger the least: your family and friends.

Add to Your Environment

There may be situations where you are unable to control an environment. However, that does not mean that you should give up completely. Look again to see what small steps you might be able to take to create a more nurturing supportive environment.

For example, if your office culture tends to be negative, hang motivational signs in your work area or select a picture for your computer screen saver that uplifts and relaxes you. Take a quick walk at lunchtime to reconnect with nature, or close your office door for a few minutes of breathing and meditation rather than gossiping over a cup of coffee.

Finally, strive to be as positive as you can be. Give up complaining and blaming, and look for the best in every situation. Not only will you attract other positive people into your life, you may be the beacon that inspires others to shift their attitudes, as well.

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul© and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you're ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at: www.FreeSuccessStrategies.com


Business Success Coach Shontaye Hawkins on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Smart. Passionate. Powerful. Successful. Those are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Shontaye Hawkins.

Shontaye Hawkins, a powerful Business Success Coach and Speaker, is a master at transforming the businesses of entrepreneurs and business professionals that desire to move beyond dreaming to emerging and building the business they desire. Shontaye is passionate about encouraging entrepreneurs and business professionals to reach their full potential and build a successful, more profitable future, starting today. Through her custom designed coaching and training programs, she helps her clients emerge with more clients, more profit and more life!

During her career with Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs and Bank of New York she worked with top business leaders to build wealth in excess of $1 billion and attract high net worth clients. She now helps entrepreneurs and business professionals create massive growth and success in their businesses!

As the CEO and Founder of Emergence Success Solutions, Shontaye inspires and empowers her clients to unlock the success they desire and take their lives and businesses to the next level. www.EmergenceSuccess.com

Date: Wednesday, April 10th
Time: 8:00 pm EDT


Become A Networking Junkie

by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Copywriting Strategist

I have to be honest, one of the reasons I became a copywriter was because I didn’t want to share my space or time with people. Do I sound negative? I don’t mean to. I enjoy people. I just didn’t want to have to see them if I didn’t feel like it. Boy, have I changed my tune. I became a networking junkie early in my career and the payoff in clients and work has been tremendous.

You aren't limited by geography. Granted I do live in Los Angeles which is a major metropolitan place, but the people I’ve met travel to cities of all sizes. Just by going to a 3-day seminar, I retained clients in Washington DC, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, and California. Not to mention I made countless connections for work down the road, both for me and work to pass on to others who have different specialties from me.

Nothing bonds a relationship like meeting face to face.
No matter how technological and impersonal the Internet has the ability to make us, the loyalty issue belongs to those we have met in person.
Networking is not selling (well, not really).
At first I avoided networking because I felt pressure to sell my services. But after a short time, it just became fun to talk to new people. I had my business cards and a brief statement prepared to explain what I do, but I checked my sales pitch at the door. I was only spreading my name and services. It worked.

Just remember, all the Internet exposure in the world doesn’t compare to nurturing a personal relationship.

About Lorrie: Award-winning marketer, world-renowned copywriter and creator of "The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp," Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy has a reputation as the top female copywriter in the info-marketing industry. Lorrie is dedicated to teaching the world it is possible to shift from the hype-filled sales to a more modern version …marketing written with authenticity, trust, and rapport.

Copywriting Strategist Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero publishes the award-winning Copywriting TNT weekly ezine with 33,000+ subscribers. If you’re ready to jump-start your business, make more money, and have more fun in your small business, get your FREE tips now at http://tinyurl.com/copywriting-TNT

Author Q&A: Winning in the Trust and Value Economy

Meridith Elliott Powell is an internationally certified coach, speaker, business development expert and author of Winning in the Trust and Value Economy: A Guide to Sales Success and Business Growth . Founder and owner of MotionFirst, she helps executives and business owners build cultures that make sales fun, easy and incredibly productive.

Honors include the Athena Leadership Award, inclusion in Verve Magazine’s “Top 20 Professional Women to Watch” (2010) and selection as “Best Business Coach” by the WNC Business Journal in 2008. She also just signed on with a major online radio network to host her own weekly show starting in June.

Meridith's book is a practical how-to book for business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers and other professionals looking to stay competitive in today’s market. She's stopping by the blog today to share more information about her work.

Deb Bailey: What prompted you to write: Winning in the Trust and Value Economy: A Guide to Sales Success and Business Growth?  

Meridith E. Powell: This was a book that had to be written. In 2008, as the economy started to shift, I began to see such a change in our business landscape… companies and organizations were struggling, stuck or having the best year of their careers. There seem to be no in between; success or struggle. The more I watched, the more I learned, and the more it became clear that succeeding in this economy, what I call a Trust & Value Economy, called for a different approach and a new ways of doing things. This is the book that both explains the shift and provides the methodology for success.

Deb: So, would you share what the book is about?
Meridith: How to first understand, that adjust, then succeed in this new economy. The book is both a guide, as well as an explanation of how this economy has shifted, why it is different and never going back to the way that it was, and what you need to do as a CEO, business owner and/or professional to succeed. It both shows you the steps as well as highlights companies and organizations that are doing it.

Deb: Obviously the economy has an affect on people across the board. Who do you think will benefit the most from reading this book?

Meridith: The book is written for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and professionals; anyone who is interested in learning how to grow their business in the Trust & Value Economy.

Deb: I'm sure you know this is a very popular topic. What do feel makes your book different? 

Meridith: First, I am the only one that has really given the economy a name; the Trust & Value Economy. In addition, the book is not only an explanation of the economy, but more importantly how to succeed in it. Just by reading this one book, you will fundamentally understand what is going on, learn from real-life businesses that have made the shift, and then be given the steps and the plan to implement into your own business.  Lastly, I am not just some author writing about a subject, this is how I run my business, this is the plan I follow, and I know it is successful.

Deb: Once they've finished reading, what points would you like your readers to come away with?

Meridith: I want them to come away first with hope and belief that they can be successful in this economy. Next I want them to be motivated to take action, and lastly to have a strategy and a plan of action they can implement immediately. And for me, I want to hear their success stories. I want their story to be in my next book!

Deb: What's the best advice you could give to woman entrepreneurs today?

Meridith: Learn early to ask for what you want and need. Learn early to stop always sacrificing yourself, and put some of your wants and needs first. The  best way to help others is to first get yourself into a position where you both  have the knowledge and the means to do so. And as you begin to succeed; commit, commit, commit to helping everyone else (who shows initiative and is committed to hard work ) have an easier path than you had!

Deb: What inspires you? 

Meridith: How much I learn and grow. I love what I do, and I gain far more than I give. The variety of writing, speaking, coaching and consulting; gives me the opportunity to work in many different ways and in many different industries. In addition, I believe this is the BEST economy for entrepreneurs to be successful, and I am inspired to be a part of their path.

Deb: You've shared a lot of great information. Please let everyone know where they can buy your book.

Meridith: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles (both online) or on my website www.motionfirstnow.com

Deb: Thanks for stopping by, Meridith. Would you share your website and social media URLs so my readers can learn more about you and your work?

Meridith: You're welcome, Deb. Here you go!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/motionfirst
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/meridithpowell
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/meridithmotionfirst/ 
Website: http://www.motionfirstnow.com
Email: meridith@motionfirstnow.com


Dr. Michelle Dawson of Catalyst Enterprises International on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Topic: Get F.O.C.U.S.ed and Make Fabulous Money:  5 strategies to accelerate your business success while working less

Founder and President of Catalyst Enterprises International, Dr. Michelle Dawson's mission is to "help organizations and individuals turn potential into performance." Headquartered in Delaware, Catalyst Enterprises provides consulting services which include assessments, strategic planning, organizational and individual development.

As an Organizational Strategist and Business Mentor, Dr. Dawson has conducted leadership and business development programs for entrepreneurs, corporations and nonprofit organizations in the United States, Central America, South America, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Working with management and staff at all levels of an organization, Dr. Dawson has facilitated the development of strategic and business plans, implemented mechanisms to improve internal processes and cycle time.  Her thinking style assists organizations in recognizing and breaking through existing paradigms, solving recurrent problems and generating non-traditional approaches to working through difficult situations. 

Her latest venture is Catalyst Success Institute, a division of Catalyst Enterprises.  Catalyst Success Institute assists visionary women entrepreneurs to move from inspiration to implementation resulting in increased income while staying true to their values and vision.  Using her signature system, Passion to Profit Secrets:  Mission, Mindset, Marketing and Money, women have experienced turning their dream of owning a business to the profitable business of their dreams! 

As a result of her services and the outcomes for her clients, Catalyst Enterprises has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Mid-Atlantic Minority Business Enterprises and in Delaware Today Magazine as one of 20 Outstanding Woman Owned Businesses.

Date: Wednesday, April 3rd
Time: 8:00 pm EDT

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