Goal Setting Secrets For Women Entrepreneurs — Part 1

by Kendall SummerHawk

Goals either light you up or make you groan, but either way, if you’re not taking control of setting goals then you’re letting things "just happen to you" and you’re running your business by default instead of by design.

Energetically speaking, goal setting is a masculine activity, which is why women often approach creating goals unclear or in doubt as to how they’ll achieve them.

The feminine approach to goal setting is more than just creating a "target" to hit. It’s understanding and working with the emotions behind the goal so as to create an emotional strength and resonance that will see you through the moments when reaching your goal feels difficult.

To help you get your new year started powerfully and productively, I’m sharing my favorite goal setting secrets with you, from both the masculine AND the feminine perspective. This way, you’re twice as likely to reach your goals than you would otherwise.

Women are fantastic at getting tons of things done quickly, but they often shy away from setting clear, specific and meaningful goals. If you peel back the curtain the reasons as to why are simple to see.

So, the first steps are to get clear on 3 critical emotions. I’ll show you how in Part 1 of this article. Then, in Part 2 I’ll show you the simple steps I use to set goals that you’re most likely to achieve.

#1: Clear The Emotion Of Integrity

From time to time, everyone sets a goal then doesn’t reach it. But if you’re someone who rarely, if ever, reaches your goals then it’s likely you’re feeling out of integrity with yourself.

If this is you, you’re first step is to honor your word. Period. If you’ve been dodging honoring commitments you’re probably doing so as a way of subconsciously trying to protect yourself. Unfortunately, all this behavior accomplishes is destroying your trust in yourself, and your sense of value and self-worth.

My advice? You can quickly begin to restore your personal integrity by writing, "My goal is to __________ and by honoring my agreement with myself, I am honoring my worth". Read it out loud daily and post it where you can see it.

#2: Clear The Emotion Of Guilt

Did you know that guilt is created when someone feels they haven’t lived up to another’s expectations? It’s also an emotion triggered by a distorted sense of responsibility.

I often hear from women entrepreneurs that they feel guilty they haven’t done more/implemented more/earned more, etc. Sound familiar?

My advice? If you hesitate to set new goals because you feel guilty about not having fully met past ones, then ask yourself one of these two powerful questions:

"Whose goals was I trying to meet?"
"What if feeling guilty were no longer important to me?"

Ironically, releasing yourself from the pressure to perform will free you to excel and exceed what you think is possible for yourself!

#3: Clear The Emotion Of Fear of Failing

Did you know that failure is a figment of your imagination? It’s a word that has no meaning other than that which you give it.

For example, let’s say you set a goal to fill a group program with 10 people. You implement everything you’ve been coached to do and the results are you have 4 people in your program.

If you consider this a failure, let me ask you something — are those 4 people delighted you offered your program? Did you create income from the sales you made? Did you learn a tremendous amount in the process of marketing your program? Can you use what you learned again? Will your 4 participants get your full attention and support during your program?

My advice? If the concept of failing didn’t exist, what would you give yourself permission to try?

What It Means To Be, Think and Feel Unstoppable…

Being unstoppable means giving yourself permission to set goals that cause you to stretch into new territory of possibility, to leap past fear and to honor your commitment to yourself out of love and respect for YOU being the amazing, magnificent woman that you are.

In Part 2 of this 2-part series I’ll share the simple steps I use to set goals that have changed my life and helped me create extraordinary income and impact through my business.

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