3 Easy & Effective Alternatives or Additions to Your Coaching Packages

by Alicia Forest, MBA
The Business Shifter™

One of the things I enjoy about coaching is that I get to be creative with how I work with my clients. And I often ask them to create the program they'd most like, and usually we can make something up that works for both of us.

But in the ten years that I've been around the coaching industry, I've seen a rapid change from traditional 1:1 coaching of three 45 minute sessions per month for a monthly fee to session bundles, coaching programs that last as long as a year, in-person retreats, and much more.

And yet there are some simple ways that you can add value to your current coaching packages or offer these alternatives to phone-only coaching as stand-alone packages that can be very enticing to your clients. Consider adding any of the options below to increase the value of your packages, or offer them as a stand-alone package, giving them a way to work with you at a more accessible investment as well as help you as the coach to leverage your time.

Here are three of my personal favorites:

1. e-Coaching

In addition to phone sessions, one of the ways that I coach my private clients is through e-coaching, or coaching via email and/or instant messaging.

I hold a firm belief that email coaching is just as powerful, if not more so, than phone coaching - and here's why:

When you send an email asking for help, the simple act of writing and sending it creates energy that initiates the process of an answer coming to you - and not just MY answer.

When you put a problem out into the world, not only do the synapses in your brain start firing (our brains can't help but answer questions) to come up with a solution, but the Universe starts working in order to bring you a solution as well.

It's why experienced coaches understand that the real coaching happens between the sessions...

And e-coaching is also just a whole lot easier - you don't have to schedule a call, you don't have to be tied to a phone, or even a computer (you can e-coach vie smart phone). And your client doesn't have to wait until their next session to get the support they need - they just send an email!

2. Audio Coaching

For those of you who would rather coach by talking instead of typing, here's an idea for you.

I have a private client who is happy to receive questions via email but prefers to answer those questions via audio. What she does is simply call into her recording service (in this case AudioAcrobat, but you could record on your laptop), records her answer, and then sends the client the MP3 link to listen to. Simple and brilliant!

3. Video Coaching

Another alternative to phone coaching is to offer video coaching. I do this often with my clients who live outside of the United States, via Skype Video. It's free for both of us and it is the next best thing to being in-person.

And you could also offer video coaching in the same way that I described above in #2. For example, I have a client who would much prefer recording a quick video where she can share screen shots, links and more in response to her client's questions and requests for help.

Which one of these alternatives or additions to phone coaching could you add to your current packages or that you could create a stand-alone package to offer?

 I'd love to hear your thoughts on this - come on over to my blog and leave them there.

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