How Color Affects Your Marketing

by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Copywriting Strategist
The color of your message says more than you think.

Color makes a statement in your life. It speaks to us, whether it attracts or repels. In fact, color is just another way we can communicate non-verbally.

I’m here to tell you that color also subliminally influences how you spend your money. 

Marketing experts tell us that color subliminally influences how you spend your money. Color affects your spending habits so careful consideration is taken when you create that landing page online.

In business your understanding of colors and what they say about you impacts your business. Picking your colors and their complementary choice is serious business.

Curious how to integrate color for yourself? Enjoy this handy guide to using color in business communications! Here are some colors that deliver a message.

  • Red is all about ardent energy, passion, action, and thrills. It’s a stimulating color that grabs attention.
  • Use Orange for a feeling of social communication, optimism and affordability so you feel that you are getting good value.
  • Burgundy or brown has luxury written all over it.
  • Go green and feel like you are helping the environment. So you are attracting eco-minded clients.
  • Yellow is the color of intellect and high thought, yet it can also stimulate your energy & appetite.
  • Blue elicits trust and dependability. So choose this color to improve customer loyalty.
  • Purple lets your imagination and creativity run wild. It also represents wealth. Purple traditionally appeals to women & children.
  • Pretty in pink is a calming color and that can loosen your wallet making it less painful to spend.
  • White is selected by 75% of top skin care brand packaging. Pure as the driven snow you connect honesty and simplicity when you have lots of white space. Think Apple!

It’s no secret. Money you make marketing yourself is a lot more than color on a web page, it comes down to how well you craft your words. It’s the most valuable skill you can learn for making money online. As long as you know that smart marketers have chosen colors on that website to strategically influence your spending.

You don’t have to be a color expert to make color work for you. It’s just one more layer, along with your copy and other aspects, that get prospects to bond with you and ultimately think of you when they need your product or service.

ABOUT LORRIE: Award-winning marketer, world-renowned copywriter and creator of “The She Factor”, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy has a reputation as the top female copywriter in the info-marketing industry. Lorrie is dedicated to teaching the world it is possible to shift from the hype-filled sales to a more modern version …marketing written with authenticity, trust, and rapport.

Copywriting Strategist Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero publishes the award-winning Copywriting TNT weekly ezine with 33,000+ subscribers. If you’re ready to jump-start your business, make more money, and have more fun in your small business, get your FREE tips now at

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