Grow Your Business Girl TeleSummit

Online Event: The Grow Your Business Girl Summer TeleSummit
Dates: June 25 - 28, 2013
Hosted by: Antoinette Sykes
Register here:

Today I am excited and honored to share with you an EPIC mid-year business building event, that is sure to change the direction of your business (and life). And even better, I'll be one of 16 Top Experts who will teach you how to Grow Your Business and Profit for the second half of 2013!

My friend and fellow business leader, Antoinette Sykes has handpicked the best of the best experts in the areas of social media, speaking for pay, collaboration, productive systems, book publishing, sales success and overall money and mind matters for maximum growth in your business.

Today is the day to Grow Your Business Girl!

Unlike any other TeleSummit, Antoinette has designed and curated this event to be a virtual business building conference, reaching you at your computer for ultimate results. Understanding that mid-year is upon us and with many graduations, weddings and other summer events popping up; how better to learn and earn, than from the comforts of your home office. Indeed, it's time to turn your second half of 2013 into one of profit and extreme productivity!

Imagine TODAY is the day for you to:
  • Get Socially Savvy in your Social Media
  • Pitch Perfectly for Media that results in unlimited publicity
  • Learn to clone yourself for mounds of productivity
  • Cause a traffic jam online with your stellar SEO strategies
  • Unlock your fearless self
  • Learn the power of knowing your NUMBER$
  • Collaborate for continued profits and success
  • Write your book and be seen as an expert
  • Speak to the world and own your message from any stage
  • ....and LOTS more!

Well, you know longer have to imagine. Antoinette has created the space for you with the Grow Your Business Girl online conference event!

Oh wait, it gets better.

If you had to reach out to each of these experts to "pick their brains", there may be a waiting line and for sure, the investment would be sizable (and worth every dollar). But for this event, you will have an ALL ACCESS pass to every speaker for a mere fraction of the cost. And trust me, your business is worth this investment!

So, if you're ready for REAL business growth, tested strategies and no-nonsense "how-to's," then click here to meet the speakers and REGISTER! **hint** While we all appreciate motivation and inspiration, this event is heavy on the ACTION to help you end the year with a BIG MONEY bang!

Roll up your sleeves and REGISTER here.

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