International Speaker & Author Meridith Elliott Powell Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Meridith Elliott Powell is the founder and owner of MotionFirst. An award winning business owner, Meridith’s unique background includes high level leadership and executive positions in sales, marketing and finance.

She is the author of three books, 42 Rules To Turn Prospects Into Customers, and Mastering the Art of Success, and she recently released her third, Winning In The Trust & Value Economy, in January of 2013.

Meridith is co-host of Spotlight Carolina, a business program highlighting successful CEOs, and she is host of the weekly podcast Secrets To Success, a program showcasing sales and business strategies to win in the trust and value economy.

In addition, she is a featured writer for SOLDLAB and ReCharge magazines, a featured columnist for The Sales Executive Magazine, and a guest blogger for The Women’s Advisors Forum as well as several other publications and blogs.

An internationally certified coach and strategist, Meridith helps her clients master the technical and relational skills needed to be successful in today’s competitive environment.

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