3 Obstacles To Selling And Serving More Through Your Transformational Brand

by Martina Zorc

If you're struggling to enroll clients, or you know you could have a bigger impact, but your sales simply don't reflect your enormous potential to change people's lives, it's time to look at what's blocking you from selling and serving more.

Imagine increasing your brand sales significantly, skyrocketting your income, and making a bigger difference in the world NOW – how would that feel like? How would your life and business change if that was your reality?

The popular saying – if you can dream it, you can achieve it – is true, especially when the first step to reaching the audiences and profit levels you deserve is so easy: becoming aware of the most common obstacles that stand in the way between you and a fulfilling, thriving business.

Your offers are not aligned with your brand, your brilliance, and your deepest desires
Perhaps your offerings clash with your ideal lifestyle, your favorite ways to deliver your services, or your sense of value. Energetically, this causes a disconnect that translates into prospects saying NO to you on a regular basis. If you want to increase your sales, make sure that your offerings structure – pricing included – works for you, not against you. Allow yourself to break the 'industry rules' if they don't work for you.

For example, if long-term programs make you feel trapped and tied down, let go of what's draining your energy, and offer shorter intensives instead. Whenever you feel you'r doing something because you SHOULD or are SUPPOSED TO, stop, tap into your intuition, and check if this is really what you want and what best serves you and your brand.

Charge what you feel is right for you (provided that you're not undervalueing your work!), use your creativity to launch products and packages that are the perfect avenue to showcase and celebrate your brilliance (if you're amazing at connecting with people in person, do that, and then also leverage video to get visibility and build rapport – it's the closest thing to an in-person connection!), and honor your deepest desires. Make tuning into what you really want a daily ritual. Clarity will help you take appropriate action and manifest what you've envisioned.

You're not attracting your ideal clients

Another reason for disappointing sales might be that you're targeting clients that are either not the best match for the transformation you provide (they're not hungry for it, they don't get to fully experience the results that are possible, or their personality, energy, and attitude don't fit yours), or they're not eager, able, and/or willing to invest in themselves through you. If you notice that you're constantly attracting people that you're obviously not a match for, look at your branding – your message, your offers, the brand experience you provide. Remember that your brand determines the type of clientele you'll get, so it's crucial that it's aligned with who you are as the CEO of your business, your goals, plans, values, lifestyle, and more. Setting the right foundation will filter out most of the prospects you can't and are not meant  to serve.

Your confidence is not where it should be

Maybe what's preventing you from boosting your sales is lack of self-confidence. Insecurities and doubts are easily detectable by your prospective clients, making them turn around and seek help from someone else who is confident and enthusiastic about their offerings.

Confidence gives you credibility and evokes trust.

If you're not sure about the value of what you offer, and that's the core of your problem, start by listing all the outcomes and benefits someone gets when/after experiencing your magic. Be specific, go deep and wide (think about personal, financial, social, spiritual, and health aspects of your clients' life!), and don't stop until you have between 30 and 50 concrete results written down.

Also, check your mindset around sales – if you're repelled by this word or act or just the idea of having to sell, chances are, your mindset could use a shift. Provided that you're coming from a spirit of abundance and service, selling is a vehicle to improve the planet one person at a time, in an inviting, non-pushy, honoring, and loving way. Embody this belief, and you'll start enjoying enrollment conversation, your confidence will soar, and you'll finally get to grow your business exponentially while helping others in a big, bold way!

Martina Zorc supports growth-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners to create and monetize an irresistible brand that helps them attract, enroll, and keep their ideal, high paying clients, and get ready for top media coverage, so they can build profitable businesses and enjoy the lifestyle they’ve always desired. Claim your free audio training on the “Top 5 Secrets of a Red Carpet Brand”, and discover how to learn from and work with Martina at www.starbrandstudio.com.

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