How To Infuse Your Brand With More Feminine Magic

by Martina Zorc

Running a successful business requires using a well dosed mix of the feminine and the masculine energies. What often happens, though, is that today's fast pace in the business world leads us to give precedence to the goal-oriented, laser focused, and highly intensive masculine approach to doing business, which can be – especially for women entrepreneurs – inefficient, ineffective, and completely unsustainable.

Here are five tips to turn exhaustion into joy, growth, and profits by opening the doors to your feminine magic…

Tap into and trust your intuition
Knowing how to access your intuition and listen to that inner voice that's never wrong, just occasionally mistaken for fear or some other emotion, will give you an edge like nothing else. When you realize that the answers to all your questions are already within you, and you're your own best friend and advisor, you can truly step into your power, make smarter decisions, and embark on more direct paths to your destination.

Trusting your intuition to guide you through your branding and business adventures will help you create a brand, business, and lifestyle you'll love and enjoy and feel perfectly aligned with.

Master the art of receiving
Embracing the energy of receiving is just as crucial for growing your business as any external strategy you put in place. Receiving compliments, money, support, love, energy, etc. is such an essential part of enjoying an abundant life that you want to become masterful at it. Start by noticing how you react when it's time for you to receive – what's your verbal and body language, what thoughts and emotions flow through you, are you able to simply accept what's been given to you without feeling the urge to instantly reciprocate?

The more you practive the art of receiving, the better you'll get. And if it's a challenge for you, remember that there is a gift of giving in receiving as well – the gift of allowing someone else to experience the magic of giving. It's a beautiful circle, so make a commitment to yourself today that you'll never try to break it again.

Create a nurturing playbook
Show your community – your (potential) subscribers, clients, colleagues, mentors, etc. – how much you care for them by turning random acts of attention and kindness into a fun, playful, heart-warming SYSTEM. Care evokes trust, so nurturing your relationships in an imaginative and totally genuine way can do wonders for your business! A great way to stay on top of your relationship building is to put together a playbook of simple value-adding follow-up sequences and hot new ideas on how to make people smile and feel good/better. It's all about being present and being helpful.

Indulge in non-salesy selling aka sharing your enthusiasm
The feminine way of selling is very natural and seemless – it happens through sharing, telling stories, showing your passion and enthusiasm for a product or service, and simply spreading the word because you just can't help it! There's nothing salesy or pushy in this approach, it has service written all over it!

So, instead of stressing out about how you'll make your sales pitch or sales letter or sales video impeccable, go into your heart, and speak your truth; if you believe wholeheartedly into what you're offering, and you have some social proof to support this belief, you'll get your audience on board, too. Positive energy is highly contagious!

BE, don't just DO

Last but not least, make sure you don't get trapped in the to-do mode. To BE is often a much more powerful and productive state of mind, especially if it involves fun, gratitude, and a certain level of surrender to serendipity and the magic of the Universe. So, if you're constantly chasing your tail and suffering from overwhelm, take a deep breath and let go of the notion you need to push through everything. When you take inspired, purposeful action immersed into and honoring your BEING, things tend to move more quickly, effortlessly, and efficiently, and you start seeing new opportunities flowing in from everywhere. Compliments of the feminine magic waving its wand…

Martina Zorc supports growth-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners to uncover, own, communicate and monetize an irresistible brand that helps them attract, enroll and keep their ideal, high paying clients, as well as get ready for top media coverage, so they can build profitable businesses and enjoy the lifestyle they’ve always desired. Discover how to learn from and work with Martina at, and join her on her weekly Skyrocket Your Biz Roundtable series at

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