3 Beliefs You’ll Need As A Woman Entrepreneur

by Kendall SummerHawk

May I get a little vulnerable with you?

If you’ve been following me for awhile you probably think I’m always totally confident, completely in my power and never have a down day.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth!

I wouldn’t be human if that were true, and I certainly wouldn’t be a woman entrepreneur! Sure, I have a ton of confidence…except for those times when I slip into an old way of thinking.

Such as every time I begin to up-level my business.

LOL, right? But it makes sense because every time you make a big shift in what you want to achieve you’re going to come up against old beliefs that you thought you’d had handled…only to find them resurfacing at the least opportune moment.

What I’ve learned in the process of being tapped into my femininity AND growing a successful, multi 7-figure coaching business, is that every new level creates an opportunity to step more fully into my connection with spirit AND my confidence as a feminine leader.

Want the same for yourself? Good! Here are 3 core beliefs it’s time you strengthen if you’re serious about creating greater success in your business. Which one of these resonates most for YOU?

Belief #1: You ARE Good Enough

Not feeling good enough can undermine your confidence, causing you to under charge and over deliver. It can also cause you to over-worry about what others think, and fear being “found out” as a fraud.

Here’s a simple exercise you can do: identify 3 specific ways in which this belief worms its way into your life. Then ask yourself, “how would someone who doesn’t doubt her value respond or handle these situations?”

Journal your answers, then post them where you can see them for the next week.

Belief #2: You’re WORTH Being Respected

If you struggle with boundaries and always seem to be putting the needs of others first, then your self-respect is going to suffer. The solution? First, what are 3 areas in your business where you’re tolerating bad service, inferior work or late delivery?

Then, ask yourself, “if making excuses for others were no longer an option, what would I ask for instead?”

Journal your answers, then post them where you can see them for the next week.

Belief #3: You Have Valuable Gifts That DESERVE To Be Paid For

Not believing in the value of your skills and talents will cause you to give away your services without charging, to over deliver or to struggle with difficult, demanding or needy clients.

To fully claim the fees you deserve, try this: ask yourself, “as someone who has a rare talent for _____________, what is a fee that honors my gifts?”

First thought, best thought! Jot the number down and post it where you can see it and practice saying it out loud for the next week. You’ll be amazed at how you “grow into” your new number!

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