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Linda Frankenbach is the founder and CEO of Life 180 Inc., a health media company which through its websites and and online coaching services offers support, community and behavior modification tools to teen girls struggling with their weight as well as guidance for their moms.

Linda has an impressive track record in the creation of pioneering media brands. She was instrumental in the creation and launch of several major cable networks including HBO, Cinemax, Comedy Central and Court TV.   In the 90's she created, one of the earliest internet parenting services, co-owned by Time Warner Cable, Proctor & Gamble and Parenting Magazine. was born of Linda's personal interest in the  childhood obesity epidemic and her recognition of a strong need in the marketplace for more help for overweight kids.
After exploring the idea of launching a weight loss television channel and VOD (video on demand) service, Linda decided to develop a website targeted at teen girls who struggle with their weight, a rapidly growing group of over 8 million girls underserved by weight management programs.   As the mother of two teenagers and a media executive, she knew the best place to reach her audience was on the Internet with lively, relevant, interactive content and a supportive community of peers.  She assembled an A team of television and Internet executives skilled in research, marketing and content production, as well as top medical experts in the field (doctors, psychologists, dieticians, exercise physiologists) to create, a free website aimed at girls ages 13-18.  In 2012, her company expanded their services for teens to include on-line group coaching by experienced dietitians.

Linda and her team also wanted to address the need to educate mothers to be effective partners and champions in their daughters' struggles to be healthy. To do so they created a free site for moms: Throughout her adolescence, Linda and her mother together battled with Linda's weight problems. Linda knew that her mother was desperate to help her but lacked the knowledge and tools.  Linda successfully overcame her weight problem with the help of a neighbor who was able to adapt an adult weight loss program to her particular needs as a developing adolescent. But she always believed her mother should have been more able to help. To enhance the help provided for moms in, Life180 will introduce online group coaching for moms in 2013.

Date: Wednesday, August 7th
Time: 8:00 pm EDT

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