Working from Home: A Win-Win for Business Owners & Employees

by Michele Unangst 

Other ways to describe them are work from home, virtual office, home based jobs, flex jobs, but the prevailing phrase is telecommute jobs.  They've become the new employment model over the last ten years.  As companies and employees are changing the structure, so many new benefits and job opportunities are emerging due to telecommute jobs.

Ten years ago, the ability to have a telecommute job was only for highly technical or executive positions.  Now almost 40% of the nation’s employers have them  In fact there are companies today that have no traditional brick and mortar office and every employee telecommutes with every job being a telecommute job.  Great examples would be Upworthy and Evolving Wisdom, all of their jobs are telecommute jobs.  It would beg several questions as to why?

First there is a huge cost savings for the company in offering telecommute jobs.  Companies are able to hire all over the world, and save on the cost of facilities and operations.  Take Aetna for example.  Almost 47% of all positions ranging from medical, customer service, sales, operational, and administrative are telecommute jobs.  This has saved Aetna millions upon millions upon millions of dollars.  In turn?  In turn they have been able to hire more and more people for positions.

Telecommute jobs have proven regardless of the industry that the employees work at a higher level than those in a traditional office environment.  They offer some flexibility to employees that allow them to work more, be more productive, and the retention of employees has risen 19%, because they are working in that type of position.  Why?  Employees, love to have the ability to work from home.  Telecommute jobs save the employee mountains of money and time.  Freeing up an average of $11,000 dollars a year in commuting expense and incidental cost.  Gas, childcare, eating out, and spending on lunch hours.  Not only is the employee keeping more of their check, they are ultimately happier working in the environment they prefer the most, their home.  Telecommute jobs are not a trend. It is the new model.

Companies such as Apple, Aetna, UHaul, Humana, American Express, to name a small few of the 1000's of companies that have adopted the telecommute model.  It is the ever-increasing employment model.  These positions now service all positions: customer service jobs, sales jobs, medical jobs, financial jobs, technical jobs, management, project management, administrative, and education jobs.  They're the desired opening for both employer and employee.  No longer reserved for the few but open to the many.  When searching for your next position get the job that you want and need and desire to have, the telecommute job.

About the Author: Michele Unangst, is the Founder and CEO of Get My Mom a Job and its coordinating subsidiaries. Specializing in telecommute jobs only, the company's mission is clear: "Women do not have to choose between work, career, and their family or personal life." 

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