The Challenge of Selling Your Own Services

by Lisa Sasevich

Before we became entrepreneurs, many of us were out there promoting and selling for other companies, so when we started selling our own products and services, it was a rude shock how different -- and difficult -- it was.

For instance, I was always the top sales person when I worked for Pfizer and Hewlett-Packard, but when I started to put the words and my system together to try to sell it, it was as though I'd never done sales before!

I remember stumbling for the words, thinking, How could this be so hard? Why can't I do this for myself?

The truth is, it is different when you're selling for yourself -- especially for heart-centered entrepreneurs like us. We're monetizing our mission, our blessing, so we're more on the line, more vulnerable. We can't expect to have the same detachment we'd have if we were selling computer parts or even someone else's blessing.

To package, price and sell our expertise, we have to really step out there with courage and confidence. And in order to get that confidence and courage, I've found you have to do the following three things:

1. Articulate your offer. What is the transformation that you provide in people's lives? And how can you describe that transformation in a way that your ideal clients will resonate with? What are the words that would enable them to know that you're the teacher, healer, mentor for them?

2. Get clear on your system.
What is the system that you use to get results for your clients? How do you do what you do? Once you're clear on the exact steps that you use, give your system a name, brand it. That way, it's just as valid as any system a big company would have.

3. Get ready. Then, you want to prepare yourself by learning proven ways to make your offer irresistible and present it in any situation you might find yourself in, whether that's one-on-one, from the stage, over the phone, etc.

Bonus: This is a million-dollar tip. Very early on, you want to set yourself up to offer your services at a very high-level investment. That way, you're known from the beginning as a premium provider versus a low-cost leader. I'll talk more about this next time, but we call this creating the "Upward Spiral". People who invest highly take more action and get better results. This creates a spiral of great referrals and mojo in your business, versus the low-cost leader, who, I'm sorry to say, is circling the drain right from the beginning.

No one wants that. So get clear, get ready and position your business for that "Upward Spiral". And if you'd like my help with that, there's still time to join me for Impact & Influence Intensive.

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