Makeover: Business Survival Tips

by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Copywriting Strategist

One of the benefits of living in a highly communicative society is how fast we get information. Big thanks to YOU, my community, for letting me know what you want to know about regarding copywriting and business.

And pretty much the top request right now has been to see some copy makeovers. Glad to oblige!

For the next few ezines, I’ll be delivering some of my favorite copy makeovers. Now if there’s something particular YOU want to see here, just leave it in the comments. I love the interaction!

Now on with the show. . .

Here is a paragraph that was extracted from an article called, Business Survival Tips. The author is unknown. 


Some of the things you can do and should do, include protecting yourself from expenditures made on sudden impulse. We’ve all bought things or services we really didn’t need, simply because we were in the mood, or perhaps due to the flamboyancy of the advertising, or even because of the persuasiveness of the sales person. Then we sort of “wake up” a couple of days later and find that we’ve committed business funds to hundreds of dollars for an item or service that’s not really essential to the success of our own business.


Still using business funds to buy on impulse? Well, STOP IT! 

Look, I’m no different than you. I’ve bought stuff I don’t really need. One time I was just in the mood for a fourth iPod. Other times the marketing is just THAT good. Still other times the sales person charmed me just right. Then a few days later I snap out of it only to realize my business bank account is a little lower than it should be this month.


When writing copy . . .

Use short, snappy sentences.
One thought per sentence.
Use present tense.
Swap out bigger words for smaller ones.
Read it out loud.
So, what do you think? I love your feedback and I read every post. Please let me know your thoughts and what you’d like to see more of in my ezine.

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