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Are You Ready for Opportunities Whenever They Arise?

by Liz Lynch

As a business owner, I’m always looking to enhance my odds of a successful outcome, whether it be a speaking engagement, an initial conversation with a prospect, or an actual client assignment.

As a budding photographer, I had that same goal in mind when I booked a weekend in Washington DC for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The Tidal Basin ringed in pink blossoms in the shadow of the Jefferson Memorial is one of the most stunning places to photograph. I figured, how hard would it be for a beginner like me to get a great picture?

Well, what I didn’t count on was a winter that lingered into April, keeping the air temperature too cold for the cherries to bloom. I was one of thousands of tourists, camera in hand, strolling among the bare trees on a weekend that is normally considered the peak of color.

Then I stumbled into an orchard swathed in brilliant yellow. Forsythia trees were in full bloom at one end of the Basin. Around each one, families and friends posed for both group shots and selfies, and a close up or two of the golden blossoms themselves.

Because conditions weren’t perfect for the cherry blossoms, they continued to hide, so pent up demand was lavished on the grove of forsythias instead. These flowers were ready for their close up!

It made me think about how tempting it is for professionals to hide when conditions are less than perfect. “It’s the holidays,” “It’s tax season,” “I don’t have my (website/elevator pitch/LinkedIn profile/etc.) ready yet,” or whatever the reason may be.

I’ve found that success comes from consistently reaching out for opportunities, not from saving your strength until every star is aligned. What are you saving it for? Pulling yourself out of the game only puts you further behind competitors who continually work at building their visibility, making new contacts and having conversations to create those opportunities.

So here are some questions to consider…

    Where are you holding yourself back from playing full out?
    What is it you think you are missing?
    What are you doing to overcome this?

Over the next few days, think about these questions, but more importantly, think about ACTIONS you can take to put yourself in the best light no matter what the conditions, so you’ll be ready to shine anytime, all the time.

© 2013, Liz Lynch International LLC

Liz Lynch, international speaker, consultant and author of Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online, shows business professionals how to connect to the right people and attract the opportunities they deserve. To become a more visible leader in your organization or industry, visit

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

Because of the longstanding traditions of the holiday, the celebration often extends to the weekend that falls closest to the day it is celebrated.

Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. Historically, Thanksgiving had roots in religious and cultural tradition. Today, Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated as a secular holiday.
-from Wikipedia

Holiday Survival Guide: How to Cope with Your Imperfect Family

by Ali Brown

Holidays are supposed to be times of great joy. Doe-eyed children, glittering decorations, and warm family moments are on display everywhere in films, cards and commercials, and it’s hard not to want to recreate these fictitious scenes in our own lives.

But for most of us, being reunited with our families can bring up a lot of old stuff. And, if you aren’t well armed with a sense of humor before the family starts pouring through the front door, anger and despair from old hurts might swallow your holiday cheer. Here are a few pointers for handling your family with style and grace this holiday season. Hang in there!

Manage your expectations

Most of us would like to think that everyone has a dysfunctional family, and that no one has a family quite as quirky as our own. In a way, this is true because there’s no way anyone else’s family could possibly annoy you as much as your own. Simply maintaining this perspective could cool you off a little. But it’s also healthy to remain realistic about the family dynamic. Instead of shooting for perfection, anticipate that a spat or two might erupt while everyone’s back together. These aren’t simply dinner guests, after all.  They are -- for better and for worse -- your family!

Greet them warmly

If the relationship has been strained in the past, they are probably dreading this holiday reunion time as much as you are. Start things off on a different foot. Give them a warm hug when they walk in the door or express your gratitude for their coming to be with you. You can set the tone for the trip (and reset it every time things start slipping to the old family dynamic).

Pick your battles

Make the distinction about what is worth fighting for and what isn’t. If the conversation takes a turn you don’t want to handle, politely excuse yourself and leave the room. If you know that you are heading toward a dead-end argument, acknowledge this reality and let it go. But, don’t be afraid to defend your beliefs if you feel strongly about them. I don’t know a better way to kill an argument than by saying “We agree to disagree.”

Like everything else in life, family time is sprinkled with warm moments and frustrating ones. If the tree didn’t fall over at least once and the dog didn’t chase Aunt Susie’s cat across the dining room table, then you’d be left with nothing to talk about other than Uncle Harold’s gallbladder. After all, the best memories are the -- well, memorable ones!

© 2010 Ali International, LLC

Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow a profitable business that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Success Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women” at

Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ Reloaded with Guest Melissa Cassera

Celebrating five years on the air, we're featuring memorable shows from the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™  archives.

From Wednesday 12/12/08: 

Melissa Cassera is an award-winning PR Expert and President of Publicity Firm Cassera Communications. When it comes to turning business owners into celebrities, she’s the real McCoy. Melissa has 10+ years of experience as a PR strategist, marketing + communication virtuoso — and has led multi-million dollar campaigns for companies + start-ups in the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, and France.

Her clients regularly score national media attention, book deals (with bidding wars), paid speaking gigs — and sometimes, 6-figure spokesperson deals + reality TV show pilots.

From uncovering the latest pop culture trends for business success to prowling around E! Online for hours + hours for legitimate research, Melissa loves the challenge of blending business with passion (and guilty pleasure). Her advice has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News as well as glossy magazines + web portals like Glamour Magazine, Redbook Magazine, AMEX Open and Forbes.


Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ Reloaded with Guest Melinda Emerson

Celebrating five years on the air, we're featuring memorable shows from the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™  archives.

From Wednesday 6/9/10: 

Melinda Emerson “SmallBizLady,” is an author, speaker and small business coach whose areas of expertise include small business start-up, business development and social media marketing.

Melinda‘s mission is to End Small Business Failure. She publishes a resource blog, She hosts a weekly talk show on Twitter called #Smallbizchat for emerging entrepreneurs.

As one on the nation’s leading small business experts, Melinda has been featured on NBC Nightly News and in the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report and Black Enterprise. Her first book “Become Your Own Boss in 12 months; A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business That Works” was released in March 2010 by Adams Media. Melinda also founded Quintessence Multimedia, a full service strategic communications firm where her clients include Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Comcast and IKEA.

She also writes a regular column on social media for the New York Times You’re The Boss Blog.

Melinda is the author of a workbook and curriculum Are You Ready To Become Your Own Boss? and recorded an audio CD, 10 Things You Must Never Forget in Business. 

Click the link to listen to the archived show:

Norma T. Hollis America’s Authentic Voice Doctor® on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Norma T. Hollis believes in the strength of the human spirit. She is a multi-gifted, prolific woman who expresses herself as a mentor, speaker and trainer. Her passion is creating programs and practices that help people find, live and share the spirit that lives within. She transforms lives with her unique gift of discovering practical application to complex ideas.

Take authenticity. Norma studied authenticity as it relates to the human spirit for over 30 years. Her programs build authenticity in a variety of groups including young children, professional speakers, adults and work groups. Her multi-dimensional perspectives on humanity and what it means to honor the human spirit are giving people greater clarity and confirmation of their reason for being on this planet.

Her programs also inspire people with the courage to claim their authentic life path. Norma helps people learn how to live with the joy that accompanies the deep level of self-knowledge that comes when their human spirit quests for what is real.

Date: Wednesday, November 20th
Time: 8:00 pm EST


5 Keys to a Successful Product Launch

by Christine Kane

If you have a product, the worst thing you can do is plunk it down on your website and hope your ideal client will be compelled to hit the “buy” button.

And if you’ve read anything about marketing in the last few years, then you already know that. You also probably know that a launch can do wonders for selling your products or programs. It’s true.  A launch or campaign can fill your program, sell your product or get people to your event.

Okay, great.  But there are lots of components that make up a successful product launch.

Here are five of them…

1 – Your list is key.  Not just the numbers, but the people, too.

This is the big buzz-killer for many folks. They hear tales of six and seven-figure launches and think, “Me too!”

But they don’t have a list. And they don’t have access to anyone else’s list. If you don’t got a list, you don’t got no one to sell to. (Isn’t that an old blues standard?)

Yes, you can partner with other people who DO have lists. But most people who DO have lists are going to want to know if YOU have a list. (That way, you can return the favor. After all, it’s called a partnership, not a rescue!)

Another thing to consider is WHO is on your list?  If you have built a list primarily of corporate executives and you decide to sell a program on quilting, then we’ve got a bit of a congruence issue.  Make sure the people on your list are the perfect people for your product or program.

2 – Build a relationship with your list.

I met a healing practitioner who had a list but never did anything with it.  Never wrote them, never added value, never offered anything. When she heard about launches, she got fired up and started launching immediately to her list.  No one signed up for her program.  Here’s what I told her…

Your list is not a LIST.  Your list is people.  As such, you need to build a relationship with them.

So, if you haven’t been in touch with your list CONSISTENTLY… then you haven’t built any trust with them. You haven’t added any value for them. You haven’t created a relationship.

And they won’t buy from you just because you decided to launch something.

Spend some time adding value and giving free content at least once a week. Then when you do launch, your list will already like and trust you!

3 – Make your offer clear and simple.

Your buyers need to know what they get when they sign up.  If they don’t understand it, they won’t buy.  If it’s too complex, they won’t buy.

So make sure you take the time to map out what EXACTLY you are offering, how long it lasts, what bonuses they get, and when the offer ends.

Some people get so scared and driven when they sell anything that they offer their program, the kitchen sink, their first-born and a one-on-one coaching trip to the Bahamas together for every participant in the program, plus the collection of 11 workbooks they wrote back when they were a CPA.

News Flash: Less is more. People want clarity.  If you’re not clear, they won’t buy.  Get out of your fear of not offering enough – and give them what they truly want…RESULTS!

4 – Be diligent about following up.

I see this all the time.  If a launch isn’t going well, people often give up and stop reaching out to their list.

Big mistake.

There’s lots of hard data to prove that most sign ups these days will come in the final 24 hours of your campaign.

And remember, follow up doesn’t mean “assault and battery.” Don’t exclamation point people to death.  You can still be conversational and add value in your emails. But you need to be consistently in touch as your launch is happening.

(And ideally, you want to write some of these emails in advance so that you’re not writing from a place of fear and reactivity.)

5 – Use social media to build buzz. Not to count sales.

It’s awesome that you have so many people who like your Facebook page.

But the truth is, they’ve probably liked a lot of other pages too. And they get lots of stuff in their feed. And most of it drifts by without ever catching their eye.  What this means is that while Facebook (or Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram) may be great ways to build your list or even supplement your launch with some buzz-worthy posts… they are not substitutes for a strong list.

The Facebook platform is Facebook’s platform. Twitter’s platform is Twitter’s platform. These are all streaming and fleeting.

Your list is YOUR platform. Use it.

Christine Kane is the Mentor to People Who are Changing the World. She helps women and men Uplevel their lives, their businesses and their success. Her weekly Uplevel You eZine goes out to over 26,000 subscribers. If you are ready to take your life and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a FREE subscription at

Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ Reloaded with Guest Latoicha Phillips Givens

Celebrating five years on the air, we're featuring memorable shows from the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™  archives.

From Wednesday 11/24/08: 

Latoicha Phillips Givens, Esq., founding member of the firm Phillips Givens, LLC. She is an intellectual property attorney specializing in trademark, copyright, licensing and new media issues.

She graduated cum laude from Florida A&M University, and received her Juris Doctor from The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law in Washington, DC. The National Bar Association named her a J. Franklyn Bourne Scholar.

Check out Latoicha's post, "What Every Blogger Should Know About Trademark Law Before and While Blogging" for more information about blogging and intellectual property.

Click on the link to listen to the recorded show:

Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ Reloaded with Guest Kellee Maize

Celebrating five years on the air, we're featuring memorable shows from the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™  archives.

From Wednesday 3/30/11: 

Kellee Maize is a Pittsburgh-based rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and dancer.

In Kellee's own words...
I moved to Pittsburgh in my teens with the dream of making an impact on the world. I just felt drawn to the city, like there was something waiting for me here.  I learned more about the negative sides of our society through study at the University of Pittsburgh. At that time, Hip Hop was solidified as my passion and outlet for activism. I began singing and rapping on stage in 2000 and have not stopped since.

I founded a female owned and operated, socially conscious company, Nakturnal. I founded Nakturnal in hopes of helping woman work together in pursuit of their dreams and because I learned through spiritual study that when women gather, the world will heal. For over two years now, Nakturnal has been considered a leading marketing and events organization in the the area. We work daily to inspire women, help independent artists and raise awareness for worthy causes. We have been expanding nationally.

While Nak was growing, I found more time to record and perform, and released my first album with the help of DJ Huggy. I released my second album, Aligned Archetype, nationally on January 29th, 2010. This album highlights my mystical side and brings together my other musical passions including dubstep, house, reggae, Bmore club, R&B and of course Hip Hop. I consider myself a spiritual person and now see activism on an energetic level that starts within so I work on my SELF daily. I feel my outer purpose in life is to make music that sends out good energy that speaks to the soul of the listener.

I believe massive global change is coming and that it starts with the individual. I feels Pittsburgh, my home, is a focal point in this planetary change and that women and female energy in men and women will help us enter a new stage.

I feel that our inner world is a mirror of our outer reality. We have the power to help positively affect the world by "being the change we wish to see", as Ghandi puts it. While this can be incredibly challenging given our human tendencies and emotions, I believe we are entering a new stage of evolution in human consciousness and hope that in the same way I am affected daily by artists and musicians that my music inspires change and awareness in the listener.

I feel all people have special gift that will be a piece in the puzzle and that we are all made of the same energy and therefore are really all one. I know deep down that music and art will usher in the peaceful revolution we need from our current fear stricken society. I feel we can enjoy this time/space reality while opening hearts and minds, and creating lasting change.

Kellee's video: "Start None"

Click on the archived show on Libsyn:

Creating BIG Incomes Requires Taking BIG Actions

by Ali Brown

From kitchen table startups to multimillionaire mom-preneurs, more women are taking control of their lives and shaping their own destinies today than ever before.

And the statistics are showing it…

We ladies are launching startups at nearly three times the national average rate in the U.S. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that leads to the fact that MORE than half the new small business jobs expected to be created by 2018 will be from women-owned firms.

It makes complete sense that entrepreneurship is so attractive to women right now. The traditional work model has never been a good fit for women, especially for those raising families, so for us, being able to custom-design a business that fits the lifestyle we want is the ultimate dream.

But, being an entrepreneur requires one KEY quality: the willingness to take risks. And this is where I see many promising entrepreneurs and new business owners struggle.

You see, when I mentor a client, they always start out saying they are finally ready to play big and build a wildly profitable business.

Then, we get to the place where they are required to take risks. Opportunity x lands right in their lap. And what often happens is — while they find x exciting — they get uncomfortable and start to shrink back. “I can’t spend that kind of money on x,” they say. Or, “I’m not ready for x yet.” Or “x is too big for little old me! Why don’t we start with y or z first?” Or, “x sound great, but let’s save it for next year.”

When we are born, we first crawl, then walk. In school, we go to grade one, grade two, grade three, and so forth. In college, we become freshmen, sophomores, juniors then seniors. In the working world, we start out as assistants and then we move up to managerial roles.

The problem is, this “grade school” way of thinking stays with us for life. And those of us who muster up the nerve to start a business don’t realize that when it comes to accumulating huge profits, this ladder-type thinking will defeat you. It feels safer, but in the end, it will get you nowhere.

What you need to do instead is leap. Leap over previous boundaries. Leap over your competition. Leap over everything! Big gains come from leaping — not ladder climbing. This will take some adjustment to your thinking.

To help my clients start thinking bigger, I recommend they read autobiographies and biographies of big-thinking entrepreneurs like my friend Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, and Bill Gates. One of my favorite stories is in Richard’s humorous autobiography, Losing My Virginity, in which he shares how he started Virgin Airlines. He sold seats without knowing how he was going to get a plane. If that doesn’t inspire you, what will?

You’ll find that when these people came across big opportunities, they were in line with their mission, and they didn’t shy away. They jumped in all the way — even when the resources they needed to do so weren’t apparent yet.

Did you get that last part? They said yes even when they weren’t sure how they’d do it, where they’d get the money, or who could help them. And they found — sure enough as you will too — that when a big opportunity presents itself and you step up and say “yes”, and if you truly believe in your heart that this goal is yours, suddenly the universe seems to rearrange itself to help you.

And here’s the good news… You typically don’t have to go looking for these opportunities. They are usually right in front of you, or will soon drop in your lap. Once you declare you are ready, your awareness is heightened, a shift occurs, and you will suddenly see the path to all that you and your business can be.

So, are you ready to be an entrepreneur? If your heart is right now is shouting, “Yes!” make note now of the opportunities that are right in front of you.

For example:

    Do you know of a big new client you could land if you really pursued them?
    Are you aware of an accomplished mentor whom you could hire or whose program you could join?
    Do you need to dramatically raise your rates?
    Do you want to create a new income stream to increase your cash flow?
    Are you aware of a powerful event you could attend that could help fast-forward your success?

Listen up… make the call, register for the spot, place the ad, invest in training, book the trip, list out potential income streams—whatever that step is—and make that big move. All your rewards are waiting… if you’re ready to make the leap!

QUESTION: What BOLD action step have you been putting off that could help you move forward in your life or business? Could you take that step this week? Please share in the comment section below!

© 2013 Ali International, LLC

Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow a profitable business that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Success Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women” at

Luxury Handbag Designer Deondra Jeree on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

A fresh face for the fashion industry, Deondra Jeree started the groundwork on her designs after gaining inspiration from the talented youth at the Handbag 101 awards in New York City. Being only 21 herself, Deondra is making a strong statement as one of the youngest luxury handbag designers of our time. Her age allows her to be fearless and thoughtful and also lends the advantage of keeping her childhood dreams insight.

As a young girl she always knew she wanted to do something fashion focused and this passion continued to guide her career path. Deondra turned that desire into a graphic design degree and exclusively took on fashion label-graphic design and art.

The long-term dream of having her own line was realized in late 2012 when she started creating her first handbag collection.

Date: Wednesday, November 13th Time: 8:00 pm EST


Happy 5th Birthday Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

 Women Entrepreneurs Radio is five years old today! 

My very first show was broadcast on 11/12/2008 and featured Energy Guide, Elena Camp

Listen the recorded show here: Listen to that show here:

Thinking of starting your own internet radio show? Here are some tips for how to become a host or a guest.  

Internet Radio is a very easy (and inexpensive) way to market to hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients.

You can create an Internet radio show simply by calling into a conference call service and uploading the recording to an audio player or platform (such as Blog Talk Radio, Live 365 or Podomatic). Once your recording has been uploaded to a platform and a feed is created, that feed can be uploaded to podcast directories such as iTunes. Your recorded show can also be downloaded to mobile devices, computers or MP3 players.

This flexibility gives you the option to share the recordings on social media, your website or blog, or on the hundreds of podcast directories on the Internet. One recording can be used to market your products and services over and over again. 

What are some ways you can use internet radio to boost your marketing?

  • Build a media platform for your book
  • Quickly build an audience of fans and followers
  • Accelerate the "know, like and trust" factor with your prospects
  • Become known as an expert in your field
  • Create new revenue streams

How to Get a Guest Spot on an Internet Radio Show

Begin by doing a search for the shows that are a good fit for your topic. You can
find them by doing an internet search or by looking at platforms such as Blog Talk Radio, TalkShoe or  iTunes to see what shows focus on your target market.

Once you’ve identified the shows that you’re interested in, listen to individual
episodes and get an idea of what the show format is. Who are the guests? What
are the topics? Make sure the show is a fit for you and your business.

Finished with your research? Contact the host to find out if you can be a guest on the show. Include a brief bio, a link to your website and any media mentions you may have. Provide enough information so that you can show that you'll be a great guest who will provide a lot of value for the listeners!

How to Create a Popular Internet Radio Show

Prefer to host your own show and build a fan base? Start by picking a topic that you're excited about. When I started my show, I'd just started coaching people in career transition. So, I decided to focus my show on women entrepreneurs. 

I started out by asking the entrepreneurs on my contact list if they wanted to be guests. Then I posted queries on PR lists (such as HARO) letting everyone know I was looking for guests for my show. Now, five years later my show is so popular that I don't have to go looking for guests - they find me! In addition, I've created a way to connect with other entrepreneurs and grow my network. 

Whether you decide to host a show or be a guest, you can use internet radio to get lots of attention (and customers) for your products and services. 

There's no expensive equipment to buy or difficult technology to learn.  If you can use a telephone, you can be a part of internet radio! You can be heard by thousands, if not millions of people because your recorded audio will continue to market for you long after the show is over.

Just as with video, audio will give you a personal connection with you ideal client so that you can create that "know, like and trust" factor while you create raving fans!

Copyright © 2008 - 2013 Deborah A. Bailey


Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ Reloaded with Guest Lori Greiner

Celebrating five years on the air, we're featuring memorable shows from the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™  archives.

From Wednesday 2/25/09: 

Lori Greiner was always thinking of ideas for products. She would then see something identical to her idea on the best sellers list or in a store and say “why didn’t I do it”?

When Greiner came up with the idea for an earring organizer in 1996, she got her husband on board and said “this time let’s do it!” That’s exactly what she did! From finding a patent attorney to market research across Chicago neighborhoods (even camping out on Michigan Avenue with her organizer, stopping ladies that walked down the street to see if they liked it), to finding a tool maker, injection molder, packaging supplier, graphic designer and more, Lori was on the right path to discovering what it took to become a successful inventor.

Lori has been inventing products ever since that help make people’s lives easier, more organized, and fun! Currently Lori holds over 71 U.S and International Patents and has conceptualized and brought to life over 100 clever and unique products. She has become a brand, due to her innovative, practical, and aesthetic designs for the home. Greiner not only makes homes beautiful, she organizes them!

In addition to being the creative force behind her company, For Your Ease Only, Inc., Lori has also accumulated quite the following as a QVC TV personality. Lori has her very own show, Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner appearing live each month on QVC TV. Each product in her personal line was developed to solve a problem she encountered in everyday life. She sought to develop a solution to share with other frustrated consumers. For more information about Lori you can go to or

To listen to the archived show:


7 Ways to Promote Your Book Using Social Media

by Deborah A Bailey

Social media can be an author's best friend--if used wisely. When I first started using it, I was excited to connect with old friends and meet lots of new ones. Then it became overwhelming to try to be in so many places and make updates on all of them.

Then it got tiresome. Let's face it, there's no way to make it sound interesting if all you're talking about is what you had for breakfast.  Here I am walking down the street. Here I am ordering coffee. Wow I'm stuck on the turnpike. Let me post a picture of this tree. Really?

Actually, social media can be a very useful tool, fun and doesn't have to require constant care and feeding. You can use it effectively without burning yourself out, wasting time or spamming others.

If you're an author who's got books to promote, it's really easier than you think.

Twitter - good for quick interactions. Keeps your communication simple and straightforward. But don't spam your followers by asking them to buy your book. Mix your mentions in with other tweets. RT (retweet) interesting tweets so that you're not just focusing on you. It's an easy way to communicate and connect without the feeling of overwhelm that you may feel on other sites.

Facebook - post your book cover, articles, share other posts, quotes, pictures, etc. Share your interests while you promote your books. Create a fan page to promote yourself as an author. But whatever you do, be yourself and don't feel compelled to say yes to every friend request.

LinkedIn - actually a good place for writers to interact. Lots of writing and publishing groups and (for the freelancers out there) opportunities to get job offers. If you write business books, it's ideal because your potential readers will be on there. Good place to establish your "thought leader" creds.

Instagram - when I got my book proof, I took a picture and posted it on my account as an announcement of my new book. At first I was skeptical about its usefulness, but it's actually fun to take pictures and share with your followers. it's yet another way to tell your story and like all social media, it's up to you how much you want to share.

Pandora - Do your characters have a favorite song? Any music inspire you while you work? Share your playlist or your favorite songs with your readers.

Podcasts - start a podcast or be a guest. Check out my radio show, Women Entrepreneurs Radio to get an idea of how it's done.

Pinterest - If you're a visual person you'll easily get lost on this site. So, don't use it if you can't keep track of time! Set up boards to post pics that describe your characters or settings from your book. Writing non-fiction? Share pins that show locations you've visited, or perhaps are related to topics from your book. It's yet another way to reach potential readers, connect with others and share your interests.

Social media can help you to connect with readers around the world. But don't rely on just one way to reach out to your fans and promote your books. You'll never know where you'll find your readers - or where they'll find you.

Originally posted on the Deb Bailey Books blog.

Deborah A. Bailey is author of two non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life .” She's also the creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio, a weekly internet talk show. Her fiction work includes a short story collection and a novel, available on


Life Coach & Author Joel Boggess on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Joel Boggess is the go-to guy for clarity, confidence and direction. He's the guy people call when they're feeling stuck, under-challenged or overwhelmed.

As a radio host, author and life coach, Joel teaches professionals, women on-the-go and baby boomers how to find that "something more" they desire for their lives. His passion and expertise is connecting people with who they really are, what excites them and what they stand for. "Once you get clarity about who you are created to be and learn how to tune into your inner voice, making the right career, family, and life decisions becomes easy," Joel explains.

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Joel earned his undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University. In his personal journey to find his voice, Joel later went back to school and earned an MBA, as well as a master's in counseling from Amberton University. He and his wife Pei live in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. They have two Golden Retrievers named Bubba and Jake.

In his book, Finding Your Voice: Sort Through the Clutter, Discover Clarity, Confidence, and Direction , Joel empowers people to live an authentic and more meaningful life. Using his own story of trauma, tragedy and triumph, he demonstrates that although the past plays into the present. It doesn't have to determine people's destiny.

In addition to his own experience, Joel offers a number of real-life accounts of the growth and success his clients have experienced. These examples bring to life the truths he offers. Highly relatable and immediately applicable, Finding Your Voice helps individuals get back in touch with their authentic self and live their best possible life.


“We Will Create Sustainable Change” by Leah Oviedo

Will we be able to clean up the environment before it’s too late? In Leah Oviedo's new book, “We Will Create Sustainable Change,” eleven people around the world share how they are working hard to make sure we will.

Leah's book gives a voice to the local heroes who are involved in projects including farming, creating sustainable urban areas, water conservation, animal rescue and community partnerships. Each interview includes a blueprint for how they took action, obstacles they overcame and advice on how everyone can be an active participant in a better world. 

In the spirit of encouraging more people to learn about how they can get involved, click on the link to  read the book for free on

If you have a Kindle, click on the link to get “We Will Create Sustainable Change” for free on Amazon Kindle until November 5th.

This is the second volume in the Up To You book series which highlights people who are being the
change they want to see by creating opportunities in their communities for everyone to get involved.

The first book, “How Will You Create Positive Change?” featured 16 people who worked on a variety of social issues such as education, health, youth mentoring, violence prevention and eradicating poverty. 

Share your experience with creating positive change on the Up To You blog at:

Leah Oviedo is a certified self defense instructor, author, artist, and activist in southern California. Her background includes work in areas of business management, art, foster youth, domestic violence, sexual assault and environmental sustainability. Individual empowerment is a recurring theme in her work. After working in various fields she realized that she could make a positive difference working in prevention and educating people on how to make positive life choices.

She regularly writes articles on a variety of topics including art, human rights and individual empowerment. In 2011 she created Impower You, a resource and motivational site for young adults. Learn more about Leah and her work on her website


Beyond Facebook - 5 Ways to Market Your Book that You're Probably Missing

by Deborah A Bailey

Book marketing can be a major challenge.

Are you following the crowd and focusing on the "big 3" social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Are you trying to set up book signings? Or are you sending out emails to friends and family asking them to buy your book?

If you're doing any of these, are they working for you? If so, great! But if not, here are some other options to consider.

1. Blogs  - Social media did not diminish the importance of blogging, so don't miss out on using a blog to build your readership. How? Start your own blog, guest post on other blogs, use virtual tours to promote your book on several blogs over a week or month. I've had quite a few authors visit this blog to answer Q&A's and to post book excerpts.

I'll give you an example of how effective blogs are. This blog (Secrets of Success for Women Entrepreneurs) was created in 2008. I accept guest posts on topics of interest to women entrepreneurs. Due to the informative content I've featured over the years, my blog has been linked to from publications and sites such as the NY Times and Entrepreneur magazine. These mentions help to promote me and my books to a larger audience.

2. author pages - If your book is on Amazon, don't neglect your author page. It's another opportunity to promote your website, your book signings, other books and products, your blog and social media links. You can also track book sales down to the geographic location. My author page on has links to my Twitter feed and shows posts from my book blog.

3. Classes - If you have experience to share, why not present classes online or in-person? Are you an expert on a specific topic, or do you have tips and tricks that other writers are looking for? If so, you can share your expertise while you promote yourself as an author. I've given a few fiction writing classes for a local library. It turned out to be a great experience because the class the participants enjoyed it so much that they ended up forming their own writing group. The group meets regularly at the library and has been going strong for over two years now.

4. Articles -  Find blogs that cater to the audience you want to reach, and query for their guidelines. Submitting articles is a way to increase your audience without having to physically be in multiple places at once. Include links to where your book can be found and a link back to your website. Trade blog posts with other writers who have blogs.

5. Podcasts - on my podcast, Women Entrepreneurs Radio, I interview many author entrepreneurs. It's s great way to connect with a different audience. An added benefit is you get to talk about your book and discuss other topics you're passionate about. It's a quick way to form a lasting connection with listeners who may also become readers for your book.

Instead of following the crowd - and getting lost in the stampede - find a way to stand out by taking less-traveled marketing roads to get your books into the hands of your ideal readers.

Deborah A. Bailey is the author of two non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life. She's the host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio, a weekly podcast talk show. She's also the author of a novel and a short story collection. Visit her site at

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