Happy 5th Birthday Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

 Women Entrepreneurs Radio is five years old today! 

My very first show was broadcast on 11/12/2008 and featured Energy Guide, Elena Camp

Listen the recorded show here: Listen to that show here: http://womenentrepreneursradio.libsyn.com/elena-camp-energy-guide-and-law-of-attraction-trainer

Thinking of starting your own internet radio show? Here are some tips for how to become a host or a guest.  

Internet Radio is a very easy (and inexpensive) way to market to hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients.

You can create an Internet radio show simply by calling into a conference call service and uploading the recording to an audio player or platform (such as Blog Talk Radio, Live 365 or Podomatic). Once your recording has been uploaded to a platform and a feed is created, that feed can be uploaded to podcast directories such as iTunes. Your recorded show can also be downloaded to mobile devices, computers or MP3 players.

This flexibility gives you the option to share the recordings on social media, your website or blog, or on the hundreds of podcast directories on the Internet. One recording can be used to market your products and services over and over again. 

What are some ways you can use internet radio to boost your marketing?

  • Build a media platform for your book
  • Quickly build an audience of fans and followers
  • Accelerate the "know, like and trust" factor with your prospects
  • Become known as an expert in your field
  • Create new revenue streams

How to Get a Guest Spot on an Internet Radio Show

Begin by doing a search for the shows that are a good fit for your topic. You can
find them by doing an internet search or by looking at platforms such as Blog Talk Radio, TalkShoe or  iTunes to see what shows focus on your target market.

Once you’ve identified the shows that you’re interested in, listen to individual
episodes and get an idea of what the show format is. Who are the guests? What
are the topics? Make sure the show is a fit for you and your business.

Finished with your research? Contact the host to find out if you can be a guest on the show. Include a brief bio, a link to your website and any media mentions you may have. Provide enough information so that you can show that you'll be a great guest who will provide a lot of value for the listeners!

How to Create a Popular Internet Radio Show

Prefer to host your own show and build a fan base? Start by picking a topic that you're excited about. When I started my show, I'd just started coaching people in career transition. So, I decided to focus my show on women entrepreneurs. 

I started out by asking the entrepreneurs on my contact list if they wanted to be guests. Then I posted queries on PR lists (such as HARO) letting everyone know I was looking for guests for my show. Now, five years later my show is so popular that I don't have to go looking for guests - they find me! In addition, I've created a way to connect with other entrepreneurs and grow my network. 

Whether you decide to host a show or be a guest, you can use internet radio to get lots of attention (and customers) for your products and services. 

There's no expensive equipment to buy or difficult technology to learn.  If you can use a telephone, you can be a part of internet radio! You can be heard by thousands, if not millions of people because your recorded audio will continue to market for you long after the show is over.

Just as with video, audio will give you a personal connection with you ideal client so that you can create that "know, like and trust" factor while you create raving fans!

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