Are Your Clients Accountable Enough?

by Kendall SummerHawk

If you’re in the business of transformation then it’s imperative that your clients get into action and actually implement all that they are learning from you.

So what do you do when a client promises to take a step forward…and instead, stalls out?

Or when a client checks in with you, full of excuses rather than celebrations?

Or when a client ignores the commitments they made and instead focuses on a host of other, questionably productive activities?

If there is one secret between those who are successful and those who are not, it’s in their appreciation and commitment to being accountable.

Which is why, you, as their coach/mentor or healer/teacher need to have a few effective strategies under your belt so that you feel confident and prepared when your client shows up as less than powerful in this crucial area.

Here are a few of my favorite strategies for handling "L.O.A.D." (that is, lack of accountability disorder). Oh, and you can use these strategies for yourself, too! :-)

Strategy #1 Peer Pressure Works

Staying accountable to a goal is easier when the goal is publicly stated. This is when peer pressure is a useful tool because most people will get into action rather than face the embarrassment of "not coming through". So the next time your client states a goal, ask them to post it on Facebook, or share it with 3 supportive friends or post it in any other public way they have available to them.

Strategy #2 Head Off Distractions Before They Happen

When you’re coaching or requesting your client to take action, ask them which part of their goal is the most exciting or feels the easiest for them. Then (and this is the powerful part) ask them which part feels the most challenging. Finally, coach them on ways they can take empowered action if that challenge should happen. By revealing now what might get in their way, and by creating a plan, you’re setting your client up for amazing success.

Strategy #3 Book-End Daily Progress

Who can your client report into each morning about their intended actions for the day…and report in again to at the end of the day with their progress? This is called "book-ending" and it is one of the most powerful accountability tools I’ve ever used. I love it so much that we set up book-ending buddies with our Stars Courageous Coaching® members, asking them to either book-end on the Stars forum, or privately with each other via email.

Strategy #4 Meet Each Excuse With A Question

Sure, life happens and things come up for people. But this is rare. What is more common is for your client to come to a session with you, loaded up with excuses (ahem, consider this code for either a lack of commitment to the original goal, or, prioritizing everyone else’s needs before their own). Your role is to dive into why they let this happen and what would have to be true for them to stay committed as if their life depended on it.

Remember, Your Clients Want You To Kick Their Butt, So What Are You Waiting For?

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