The Good News About Procrastination

by Doreen Rainey

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed for the Your Worth Your Wealth Telesummit where I shared challenges, lessons learned and my successes in building a multi-six figure business.

During that conversation, the topic of procrastination came up and Jenenne, the fabulous host of this event, talked about the idea that the longer we procrastinate, the longer we stay stagnant - in the same place - not making forward progress.

I've heard people say that before, and I actually use to say it myself. Until I realized that it was absolutely not true. It's not true that when you procrastinate you are standing still, not making strides towards your goals - that's the good news. However, there's also bad news. The reason you're not standing still is that when you procrastinate, you are actually losing ground, putting yourself at a deficit and actively putting yourself further and further behind in reaching your goals.

How? Because procrastination uses up a commodity that is nonrecoverable - time!

For every minute that you put something off, for every hour you delay, for every day you say tomorrow, for every week you declare next week, for every month you decide to wait until the first of the following month and for every year you think it better to wait until the new year - you are certainly, without a doubt, NOT standing still. Your are significantly putting yourself behind schedule - so much so that it may be next to impossible to recover.

It's corny but true - time waits for no one.

If you think that by allowing:

    Other people's needs
    Lack of knowledge
    Feeling overwhelmed
    The fact that it's not "fun"
    That fact that you're scared to make a decision
    The idea that it will be uncomfortable
    The thought that you will be inconvenienced
    That you'll have to go at alone
    That you'll have to wait for _________ (fill in the blank) to happen.

that you're just keeping yourself in the same place, you are WRONG!

If you've been procrastinating on goals that you set yesterday, last month, in January, two years ago, five years ago, ten years ago - and all you do is say "someday" or "one day", I just want to remind you that at some point, "someday" or "one day" won't be option. Not necessarily because you'll be dead, but because the opportunities that are available to you right now to assist you in getting your goals accomplished won't be there.

There's another saying, "It's never too late." Well, that depends on what you're talking about. And for some, your procrastination will result in the very real fact that, "It's too late."

So how do you combat your procrastination? How do you get moving and not put off what you know you need to do?

In answering that, I could reference psychology articles, strategies to overcome fear or ways to set up accountability structures. Or, I could just say: find one thing you can do today that that you've been putting off and do it. Then, tomorrow, find another thing you've been putting off and do that. On the day after that....I hope you get the picture.

Don't make this harder than it is. Get over your list of excuses and in the words of Nike - Just Do It.

If you need clarity, a plan, a strategy, a new perspective or a shift around what's possible for you when you move past the tasks you've been procrastinating on - contact me a about a RADICAL Breakthrough Strategy Session or a RADICAL VIP Day.

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