Easier Said Than Done

by Doreen Rainey

I’m sure you’ve heard many people say this and you’ve likely said it quite a few times yourself:

“It’s easier said than done.”

When I hear this, I automatically think “Well, duh.” Of course it’s easier said than done. If it wasn’t, everyone would be doing it, right? However, we all know the sad truth - which is that because "it's" hard, most people won't.

Most people won't ever:
  •     Write that book.
  •     Change careers to one they love.
  •     Start the business that's in their heart.
  •     Volunteer and help others in need.
  •     Deal with energy stealers and toxic relationships.
  •     Be uncomfortable and inconvenienced to make their goal happen.
  •     Take a risk and see what happens.
  •     Go back to school.
  •     Say "yes" instead of no.
  •     Say "no" instead of yes.
  •     Be okay with people not liking them, approving of them, judging them.
  •     Realize that their greatest contribution is being their authentic self.
  •     Define success for themselves and get the guts to go after it.
I love this quote from Jim Rohn: “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

The reality is - starting something new, doing something different, making a change - will never be easy. Never. Ever. Really---never! So to get what you really want, you have to be better. Being better allows you to get through the "not easy" part until it becomes easy (or at least until you get what you want). So the question to ask yourself is: "In what area do I need to be better?"

Do you need to be better at:
  •     Discipline.
  •     Planning.
  •     Surrounding yourself with the right people.
  •     Taking a risk.
  •     Taking a stand.
  •     Making tough decisions.
  •     Accountability.
Knowing what areas you need to improve in is only half the battle - the other half is how will you do it. The truth is, the areas you need to get better in is probably not a big surprise for you. Many of us already know the reasons we aren't moving forward with our authentic goals. Again, the real issue is how will you do it.

Here are three pieces of advice I want to share to help you do it.

1. Get New Information

Many people try to fix their challenges on their own with what they already know. Well, what you already know has gotten you exactly where you are. Whether you read a book, take a class, get a coach, research online or talk to an expert, you have to go on the hunt to find out what you don't know about getting past your obstacles. You need new information.

2. Get New Influencers

The people in your life definitely influence your thoughts, behaviors and actions. And while this isn't necessarily about getting rid of the current people in your life, it's about expanding your circle. There are so many ways to align yourself with people who are doing the things you want to do and accomplishing goals that interest you. Find them. Connect with them. You need new influencers.

3. Get New Strategies

If you've set goals in the past and haven't reached them - take a look at your strategy to make them happen and change it. If you've never written goals down - write them down. If you've never created an action plan - create one. If you've never done a monthly, weekly or daily tracking sheet - do one. If you've never worked in an accountability structure - find one. You need new strategies.

These three concepts can help you move your goals from "not done" to "done!" And if you really want a good place to get new information, get new influencers and get new strategies - I highly recommend the Best of Get RADICAL Deluxe Set - 24 powerful sessions covering all this and more.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this article!

RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL - by defining success for themselves and getting the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at www.doreenrainey.com.
© 2013 Doreen Rainey

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