Women Entrepreneurs Fear Their Power, Here's Why…

by Kendall SummerHawk

When I was little I was told by teachers to be quiet. To sit still. To mind my own business. To keep my opinions to myself.

I was scolded for being "too bossy" and too quick. I was taught to say, "I’m sorry" if anyone around me felt uncomfortable or if they made a mistake.

As a little girl, the message I received was, "If you show how smart you are, others will think you’re stuck up or that you think you’re better than everyone else." So I tempered my energy, choosing to sit still instead of shooting my hand up every time the teacher asked for the answer to a question.

I played dumb when really, I was already miles ahead.

I set goals for myself but didn’t tell anyone, lest they make fun of me. I read Dickens, Bronte, Hesse and Orwell. At age 12.

I just didn’t tell anyone.

And I did all this…why?

Because I was afraid.

Because throughout time — really, up until just the past few decades —  smart, intuitive, creative women were either burned at the stake, imprisoned for their ideas and passion, or labeled as crazy when they didn’t conform.


The Dali Lama said, "The world will be saved by the Western woman."

The truth is, it’s not the world at large that will be saved by women.

It’s a woman’s immediate world, starting with owning her power.

The power of a woman lies in fully expressing her creativity, her intuitive gifts, her compassion for helping others be their brilliant selves. And, the power of a woman lies in her ability to create income. Massive amounts of it. I’ve seen this with my own clients, having now coached several to create million dollar businesses and mentored dozens and dozens of others to six and multi six figure successes.

Most woman have been raised with a story that it’s not okay to be powerful.

So as adult women we unconsciously live that story by hiding out…behind drama, helplessness, feeling disempowered, being taken advantage of (that was my personal story for a long time), saving and rescuing others, giving and giving and giving, martyring oneself for the sake of others, feeling shame or getting caught in a cycle of excuses-blame-guilt…the list isn’t pretty, is it?

Take a breath…and let it out.

Because this is not your legacy.

The REAL truth about power is this: you standing in yours does not rob someone else of theirs.

Please read that statement again.

As a strong, vulnerable, sexy, smart and high-earning woman, you have the power to changes lives. Many lives, the world over.

When you stand in your power, with love, compassion and grace, you gain self-respect and win the respect of others.

You set your soul free to do your life’s work.

With love. And without apology.

The process of stepping into your power means this:

  •     First, take absolute 100% responsibility for yourself. YOU are in control of your life. When you take full responsibility for everything that happens for you, you’ll no longer be burdened and confused with resentment, blame or excuses.
  •     Next, keep asking, "Who do I want to be?" The answer is authentic when it is positive, powerful and scares you because it challenges the "but who am I to…?" story you grew up with.
  •     And then, begin removing, cleaning up, taking care of, resolving, healing and completing every toxic relationship, commitment, agreement and excuse that is not in utter and complete alignment with who you want to be.
  •     Raise your standards ten times higher than they are now. Environment is everything and the people in your life make up your primary environment.

Today, your power is in your commitment to being the amazing, brilliant, magnificent woman that I know you to be!

The rest of it — marketing, attracting new clients, charging higher fees, growing your list, selling from the stage, making offers in teleseminars, attracting collaboration partners, writing your website — is easy.

I’m empowering you!

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