How to Pinpoint Your Prospects' Pain Points

by Sydni Craig-Hart

pain pointsKa-boom! You've just had a brilliant idea for a new product. You rush to get all your ideas down on paper, shell out thousands to your web designer, and start building a new business that you're sure is going to change lives (not to mention make you a millionaire!)

Six months later no one's buying, and you end up disheartened, disillusioned, and broke.

What did you do wrong?

You failed to consider your prospects' pain points.

Keep reading to learn:

    Why you should never start a business without a problem in mind
    How to tell the difference between a problem and a pain point
    How to determine what's causing your customers pain

What's the problem?

Trying to sell a product without solving a problem is like opening a surf shop in the middle of the Himalayas. You might be selling the greatest surf boards on earth, but no amount of convincing is going to make the locals buy them.

Your customers have problems - lots of them - and as a business owner, it's your job to pinpoint those problems and offer ways to solve them.

In other words, your product or service should be created and developed with a specific problem in mind.

Ordinary problems vs. pain points

But not just any old problem will do.

For example, Mary needs to brush her teeth but she's out of toothpaste. This is a problem, but it's not particularly pressing, it's not terribly urgent, and Mary's not going to lose any sleep over it because she can always hop in the car, head to a drugstore, and pick up some Colgate.

The kind of problem you should pinpoint, then, is a problem that is causing your prospect emotional pain.

Robert hates going to work every day and longs to work for himself. He dreads waking up in the morning because he hates his boss. Each minute of the day is torturous. He would give anything, do anything, pay anything to quit his job and start his own business.

Help Robert solve his problem and you not only gain a customer - you gain a loyal fan who can't stop talking about you and your business, and who can't wait to refer you to his friends.

Pinpointing pain points

So how are you supposed to find out what your customer's pain points are in the first place?

Talk to people

No, really. Talk to anyone and everyone you know who falls into your target market, and even those who don't.

What's bothering them most? What are they trying to change about their lives? What's causing them irritation, anxiety, depression, fear or rage?

Look for common denominators in their answers and incorporate them into your marketing.

Spy on the competition

    Check out the blog and/or forums of your top competitors.
    What are people discussing in the comments section of the website?
    What questions are they asking?
    How does your competition work to solve their problems?

Now take your research a step further and look for areas where your competition falls short.

For example, let's say your competition only offers customer support from 9am to 5pm during the week. You check out their blog and see a lot of comments complaining about this and asking for 24-hour support.

You can then incorporate 24-hour support into your brand, knowing beforehand that it's something your prospects need and want - you have solved a paint point and given them a concrete reason to make the switch to your company.

Use Social Networks

Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are prime places to research pain points. People love to share their ups and downs. Join groups using your personal profile and build relationships with your prospects.

Read the comments section of popular posts and collect concrete evidence of what's bugging people most.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask questions. If you're still unclear about your prospect's most pressing pain points, ask! Create a survey, send out an email blast, or post questions to social media.

Whatever you do, don't build a brand based on a great idea alone. In order to be monetarily successful, that great idea must also be a solution to a great problem.

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, is founder of Known for her easy, strategic and results-focused approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client's businesses so they can create money NOW. Visit for your FREE training course, "5 Simple Steps to More Clients, More Visibility and More Freedom" and apply for a FREE "Profit Breakthrough" session with Sydni!

Peak Performance Coach Kelly Roach on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Kelly Roach has helped hundreds of individuals rapidly grow their businesses and multiply their incomes. Whether starting or growing a business, you can create unparalleled success in record time with Kelly’s time compression coaching skills that will help grow and build your business faster and more effectively.

Kelly began her career as a Sales Professional for a Global Fortune 500 firm where she personally produced more than $30 million in sales in record time, catapulting her career and setting her up to achieve 7 promotions in 8 years.

Kelly’s passion is in teaching others the strategies and systems she used so that they can succeed, profit and grow their businesses at a record rate. Kelly quickly reached the top of her field, building a robust team, adding millions to the bottom line annually and growing a $50 million portfolio.

Her proven record of accomplishment is important because, according to a study conducted by Chet Holmes International, 95% of all companies never make it to the million-dollar mark, 95% of those will never make it to the $5 million mark and, of those, 98% never make it to $10 million. Kelly is not only a proven expert in sustainable business growth, she is the natural choice for corporations and individuals who want to create lasting results and success.

Kelly has consistently grown teams and divisions by 50-300% in profit year after year. Throughout the recent economic downturn, Kelly taught leaders to “innovate to outperform,” once again breaking records for productivity, profitability and growth.

The driving force behind Kelly Roach International is the power of combining personal growth and business mastery to achieve everything you want out of life.

Kelly is committed to empowering individuals to create freedom through building a business that nurtures your dreams, brings you deep fulfillment and, most importantly, allows you to enjoy an extraordinary quality of life. Kelly’s philosophy is deeply rooted in helping you accomplish personal and professional success without compromising your ability to live a balanced, rich life.

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Expand Your Prosperity Consciousness

by Jack Canfield

Understanding the relationship among consciousness, action, and prosperity is crucial to your success.

In my seminars I sometimes stand in front of the room and hold up a $100 bill, state that I’m wiling to give it away, and ask if anyone would like to have it.

Usually lots of people raise their hand – and do nothing else. I keep waiving the dollar bill until someone finally jumps out of his or her chair, walks or runs all the way up to the stage and reaches up to take the bill.

There are two lessons here: One is that money goes to the person who takes the necessary action. The other is that a certain state of consciousness makes it possible to take action – or to avoid it.

When I ask people what kept them from walking up to the front of the room to claim the money, I always get the same answers: they felt shy. They worried about what other people would think. They thought it was a trick. Those answers come from a consciousness dominated by fear, scarcity, and cynicism.

The same forces can operate in our daily lives. In each moment we either feed those forces – or replace them with something better. Following are some essential ways to expand your prosperity consciousness and claim the wealth you deserve.

Monitor Your Conversations

We swim in a sea of conversation. Every time you attend a meeting, make a phone call, or send an email, you start up a conversation. Whenever you listen to an audio recording or pick up a book, you start a conversation with an author. And whenever you write in your journal or just a take a few minutes to sit and think, you start a conversation with yourself.

Consider the combined effect of those conversations. My friend Jim Rohn liked to say that we are the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time. The quality of our conversations creates the quality of our lives.

Who are the five people that dominate the “conversation space” in your life? What did you talk about the last time you saw each person? And did that conversation build up your prosperity consciousness or tear it down?

Stay in Prosperity Conversations

Make it a point to drop out of the “aint it awful” club – toxic conversations with people who dwell on resentments or complaints. Instead, get engaged in conversations that support your path to prosperity.

For example, spend more time with the people who are already doing the kind of work you want to do. Ask them how they entered the field and what it takes to succeed.

In addition, read at least one book per week. Focus on uplifting stories and biographies of successful people. Read more and learn ways to build your skills at managing money, raising happy children, creating loving relationships, and maintaining your health. Feed your prosperity consciousness with a constant stream of useful, positive ideas.

Keep Catching Your Dream

Have you ever shared your dream with someone who then doubted your ability to achieve it? This happened to Mark Victor Hansen and me during a conversation with the publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul. We asked him how many copies of the book we should expect to sell. The publisher said that we’d be lucky to sell 20,000 copies.

Believe me, that was NOT our dream! Our goal was to sell 150,000 copies in six months and 1.5 million in 18 months. Our publisher just laughed out loud and said it was impossible.

We ended up selling 135,000 copies in six months and 1.3 million in 18 months. We didn’t quite meet our initial goals, yet we sold much more than our publisher estimated. That first book went on to sell over eight million copies in America and 10 million copies around the world.

Whenever you have a dream-killing conversation, you have two options. Give up your dream or return to your original intention with even more energy and commitment. Focusing on your original intention sends an urgent message to your mind: I am going to persist until my dream manifests. Starting right now!

Support this deeper level of intention with affirmations, such as:

    I always attract the perfect people to work with me.
    No matter what is going on in the economy, I attract people I can help – and who can help me.
    Our customer base is expanding.
    Repeat business and referrals keep coming my way.

Then add supporting visualizations. See yourself holding bigger paychecks, rent checks, or royalty checks in your hands. Visualize people handing you cash.

Give Back

Round out these images with visions of sharing the wealth. Many of the world’s wealthiest people are dedicated tithers, meaning they give 10 percent of their income to charitable organizations.

Visualize yourself doing the same thing. Those who give also receive, and service always comes back multiplied.

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul© and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you're ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at:

Tips for Marketing Your Fiction and Non-fiction Books on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Topic: "Behind the Scenes: Book Marketing Tips for Fiction and Non-fiction"

In this second show of my "behind the scenes" series of shows for Women Entrepreneurs Radio, I'm sharing tips on book marketing for your fiction and non-fiction books. Whether you have a big budget or a working on a shoestring, listen in to find out how to get your book in front of your ideal reader.

My first book, Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life, was published in 2010. Since then, I've published 5 additional books with a new novel coming in July 2014.

After I published my first book, Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life, I was able to get bylines in Baseline magazine,,, Daily Career Connection,,, Working World Magazine and And got invited as a guest on Good Day Street Talk on Channel 5 in NYC, ABC6 TV, Fox News Strategy Room and WFMZ TV as an expert in career transitions and reinvention.

Click here to listen or download to the recorded show:

The Journey from Fear to Love with Susan Goudy on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Born in Chicago in 1964, Susan Goudy lived on the northwest side and attended local schools. Susan later attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, where focusing on Psychology and Social Work. After meeting her husband Ben, she transferred to Arizona State University where she completed both her Bachelor and Masters of Social Work. Susan has worked as an advocate for people with disabilities, next in the area of Child Protective Services, followed by service in the Department of Developmental Disabilities. She resigned from these duties soon after the birth of her second child, Steven.

Her mission is to help the Universe become a better place by teaching people how to move away from old, unfulfilling paradigms and beliefs toward a consciously created life that they'll love.Susan dabbled in counseling for a while, but found traditional counseling to be ineffective in many circumstances. She wanted to better understand the link between the spirit, mind and body.

After becoming a Neuro-Physical Reprogramming (N.P.R.) practitioner in 1999, Susan continued to work with Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) (founded by Dr. M. Ted Morter, Jr.) and became certified as a B.E.S.T. practitioner in 2001. Sue is also certified in a Psych-K, (Psychological Kinesiology created by Rob Williams) has been a practitioner since 2004. With strong background in psychology, counseling and social work, as well as certifications in N.P.R., B.E.S.T. and Psych-K, Susan works healing physical as well as deep rooted emotional issues.

About the Book

In The Journey from Fear to Love Is Shorter Than You Think, Goudy describes the awakening into life that finally freed her from the mental, physical, and spiritual chains of her past. A memoir written from a spiritual point of view, this book is sprinkled with self-help tips that will give readers the tools they need to get “present and focused” and to take an honest look at what they are or are not doing to create the lives they currently live.

Date: Wednesday, June 18th
Time: 8:00 pm EDT 


A Valuable Lesson

by Christine Kloser

I had an “a-ha” moment recently as I was talking with a colleague recently. She’s a successful business owner who offers training and coaching for entrepreneurs. As soon as I met with her I could feel a heaviness; at first I couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but then I began to see it.

What I saw was someone who was depleted by their business, stressed-out about pressures from a few unhappy clients; someone who missed seeing their kids after school… someone whose business dictated their life, rather than their life dictating their business.

I made this mistake in the past myself; it’s an easy one to make. When you’re inspired to make a difference serving people through your business, you’ll go the extra mile to do that. Right? But it should never be at the cost of your own peace and well-being.

What I discovered for myself (and saw in my colleague) was that no business is worth sacrificing your life for. The truth is I’m in business to help and serve you because that’s what I love doing! But, if I’m doing so at the expense of serving myself and my own well-being, then what kind of service am I really doing anyone?

When I saw this colleague wrapped up in working hard, not seeing her children as much as she wanted, and not very happy… I was sad.

I was most sad because there seems to be a pervasive lie being put out to entrepreneurs – that running a business and making a difference in the world is easy, and even worse that you can make “millions overnight” doing what you love.

People are getting stuck in this trap, sacrificing their souls, their well-being, and in some cases their family, in pursuit of that million-dollar (or multi-million) dollar business. I just can’t stand to see it anymore!

Growing a purposeful and profitable business is not an easy feat. Millions of dollars don’t come overnight and hard work IS required. Don’t let anybody tell you that what you see me or any other “mentor” out there doing is easy. Yes, there are times when the grace I experience in my business is incredible and the flow happens, but not without a lot of effort on my part. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 23 years… the success you see in me today has been underway for decades. None of it was “overnight.”

OK… the point to all this is to help you understand that while it is important to serve people through your business, it’s important that your business serve YOU first. If you are depleted by trying to be “Superman or Wonder Woman” in the relentless pursuit of “more” you’ll miss out on LIFE along the way.

So the valuable lesson is to put your SELF and your LIFE first, and do not compromise these things in pursuit of business/money. The happier and more joyous you are in your life, the more you’ll be a beacon of light for the people you’re meant to serve.

Christine Kloser, “The Transformational Catalyst” is an Award-Winning Author, and Transformational Book Coach whose spot-on guidance transforms the lives of visionary entrepreneurs and authors around the world.  Her passion is fueled by her own transformation when she let go of the last shred of stability and security in her life – and discovered her truth.  From that place, she fearlessly (and faithfully) went on to quickly create the most abundant, impactful and joyous success of her life.  She now blends her passion for personal and global transformation with her gifts as a transformational book coach – and as a result she's impacting tens of thousands of messengers across the globe.  Get her free transformational author training at


How I Wrote & Published 3 Books for Less than $100 on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Topic: "Behind the Scenes: How I Wrote & Published 3 Books for Less than $100"

In this first show of my "behind the scenes" series of shows for Women Entrepreneurs Radio, I'm sharing the details about how I published 3 non-fiction books for less than $100. Are you looking to get your message out there, but don't have the budget? Then this is for you!

My first book, Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life, was published in 2010. Since then, I've published 5 additional books with a new novel coming in July 2014.

I've often been asked about book publishing, and what are some ways to get your message or story out there. So today I'm going behind the scenes to share some tips for you to get published quickly and without spending a fortune!

After I published my first book, Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life, I was able to get bylines in Baseline magazine,,, Daily Career Connection,,, Working World Magazine and And got invited as a guest on Good Day Street Talk on Channel 5 in NYC, ABC6 TV, Fox News Strategy Room and WFMZ TV as an expert in career transitions and reinvention.

Listen to the recorded show here:

Think Like an Entrepreneur site

Bright Street Books site (my publishing company)


Author Q&A: Effortless Savings: A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Saving Money Without Sacrifice by Richard Syrop

Richard Syrop, author of Effortless Savings: A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Saving Money Without Sacrifice, grew up in a family that viewed saving money as a passion, hobby, and lifestyle.

Over the years, he has seen and personally tested just about every saving method imaginable. Dissatisfied with conventional ways to reduce expenditures, Richard developed a unique approach to savings which does not require consumers to give up their favorite products, entertainment or travel. He has taught these saving methods in seminars throughout the country.

Richard is stopping by the blog today to share some of the ideas from his book.

Deborah: Hi Richard! So glad you could join us today. So, what prompted you to write this book?

Great to be here, Deborah. It all started about three years ago. After checking out a number of money-saving websites and books, I quickly realized that almost all of the advice available for consumers involved personal sacrifice and compromising their lifestyle in one form or fashion. It was around that time that the idea for effortless savings was born. I really felt there was a strong need to put together a simple, practical manual about how to save money without sacrifice.

Deborah: That's great. Would you take a moment to give us a brief description of what your book is about?

Simply put, it is about saving money without giving up any of the things you enjoy. In the book, I attempted to cover all the major expenses that affect most American consumers. These include:

  • Cell phone, Internet and Pay-TV rates
  • Insurance and home energy bills
  • Groceries and health and beauty products
  • Clothing, home furnishings and electronics
  • Automotive expenses
  • Restaurants and entertainment
  • Vacation and travel expenses
  • Credit cards and banking, and much more!

Deborah: Do you think that women entrepreneurs can benefit from the information you're sharing?

Richard: Absolutely! Any entrepreneurs can use extra money, and this book should help them find thousands of dollars that they can save each year.

Deborah: Your introduction is called "A New Approach to Savings." What does that mean?

Richard: Most saving strategies are centered around living on a tight budget, clipping coupons, shopping around sales flyers, limiting meals out and other painful adjustments. This book provides "A New Approach to Savings" because it does not suggest any of those things, yet can still save consumers a small fortune.  

Deborah: Do you have any advice for the entrepreneur or freelancer who doesn't have a regular paycheck coming in? Are there any strategies you can suggest?

My first suggestion would be to try to find ways to reduce your monthly bills, since this is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. A few of the easy ways to do this include:
  • Getting cell phone service from an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that uses the same network as your current provider, but has cheaper rates and does not require a service contract
  • Utilizing simple steps to renegotiate your Internet and Pay-TV rates
  • Raising your insurance deductibles and shopping around for more reasonable coverage
  • Using proven strategies to reduce home energy bills that don't involve sacrificing your personal comfort
All of this and more is covered in Effortless Savings in great detail.

Deborah: You've shared so much terrific advice here. What inspires you to do the work you do?

Richard: It is a priceless feeling to be able to help someone save money, because this is one thing that truly will make a difference in their quality of life, and the quality of life for their families. There is no greater reward than this.

Deborah: Please share your website and social media URLs.

Richard: Sure! Here they are:

Deborah: Thanks so much for stopping by, Richard. I really love your book. Where can the readers find it so they can get their own copy?

Richard: You're welcome! Your readers can find my book on, and in independent bookstores throughout the country.

Motivational Health & Fitness Expert Tamara Jackson on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Tamara Jackson is a motivational health and fitness expert who has taken to the Internet to change the alarming statistic that four out of five African American women are overweight or obese. All too familiar with the emotional, psychological and physical challenges associated with developing a healthy lifestyle, Tamara seeks to motivate, educate, and inspire women to take the steps necessary to reclaim their health and their lives.

Tamara is a Certified Group Exercise Instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine and has authored the book “265Point” to provide “on point” practical guidance to those that are ready to ditch dieting and get fit for good. She is convinced that that anyone can change with the appropriate tools, systems, and support. Tamara appeared on the demonstration floor of The Dr. Oz show with fitness guru and Insanity® creator Shaun T. in February of 2012.

Her weight loss success story is currently being showcased in the top-selling Hip Hop Abs® infomercial.
When not writing, coaching, working out or leading a class, Tamara can be found hanging out with family and friends, volunteering, or cuddled up with a book. She’s also a huge fan of roller coasters, whitewater rafting and zip lining. A banking professional of 15 years, Tamara holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Virginia Tech and a Master’s Degree from the University of Florida.

Date: Wednesday, June 10th
Time: 8:00 pm EDT

Why You Should Not Wait for a Clear Vision Before You Move Forward

by Ali Brown

Whenever I’m speaking to entrepreneurs—whether it’s around the country or around the world—I’m always asked to share my now famous “ATM Story”. It’s one I kept close to the vest for years, because I was too embarrassed to reveal it. But today, I know it’s important to share. And why.

You see, we always look at successful people and think their rise to the top must have happened overnight. They must have had the big vision, the perfect plan, and lined-up circumstances. But that is NEVER the truth!

I quit my last job in 1999 and launched my first little venture offering business-writing services in New York City. I literally worked from my 600-square-foot pre-war apartment in the West Village, using an old computer that sat on my folding kitchen table.

My first few years were rocky for sure. I had no clue what I was doing. I got a few clients here and there, but my new income wasn’t cutting it.

I still remember that horrible afternoon I went to the Village ATM on Sixth Avenue to get some cash before meeting my girlfriends out for drinks. I was denied. And I was only asking for $20. My balance was $18.56. I’ll never forget that number.

I walked back up my five flights of stairs to my apartment and called my friends, telling them I wouldn’t be able to make it.

For years, I didn’t share this story with anyone because I was too embarrassed to reveal how much I struggled in the beginning of my journey. Now, I understand why people NEED to hear it.

Many of us look at others’ success from the outside, and think that it happened to them overnight, almost as if by luck or magic. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Success is NEVER a straight line.

Obstacles and detours are a normal, natural part of your success and creating growth in your life.

And once I came to understand this, it became clear to me that I HAD to share my ATM story because people needed to hear the truth.

So when people ask me if I had a big vision for myself when I started out, I share NO, absolutely not! I couldn’t imagine that I’d be living my dream life with Brett and the twins, running a multi-million dollar business, and being blessed enough to work with women entrepreneurs worldwide. Could not even conceive of it. Far from it!

Back then, my only “vision” was to be self-sufficient. To pay my rent on time and in full every month. To not have to ever go back to a 9-to-5 job ever again. And, to not have to answer to anyone else. I didn’t know anything beyond that. So, every day, I’d wake up and take the ONE clear step that made sense for me that day. And day-by-day, step-by-step, I found my way.

I used to be mad that I was not shown a big vision. But then I realized, my only job at the time was to make decisions in my highest good each day. I was being tested.

Plus I like to joke, I’m sure God was watching, and even if he wanted to show me the big vision, he was thinking, “Jeez this poor girl can’t even take out a $20 bill! Let’s see what she can do here first.”

I just did everything I could… from where I was… with all I had.
And that’s all you have to do too.

See your next step—the one that moves you in the right direction—and take it. Now.

I promise if you keep doing that, a grand vision for you will be revealed when you least expect it. A vision to not only help you achieve your best in this lifetime, but one that will help countless others at the same time.

And wouldn’t that be amazing?

It’s worth it.

Question: Do you have a story to share where you moved forward successfully without a grand vision? I’d love to hear your insights! Please share in the comment section below.


© 2014 Ali International, LLC

Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow a profitable business that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Success Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women” at

Are You Courageous Enough?

by Kendall SummerHawk

Yes, you traded in the dull, same old routine of a j-o-b for running your own business…but in the process, it may often feel as if you also traded in certainty for feeling anxious.

Every piece of running your business is demanding that you step up and take action in ways you’ve probably never had to do before. Writing, speaking, marketing, pricing your services, creating programs, asking people to promote you, giving discovery sessions, hosting workshops or teleseminars, understanding shopping carts and autoresponders, figuring our your niche…

Sure, it’s a lot to handle. But dull? Not any more!

It can get overwhelming, and what contributes to that overwhelm the most is doubt and indecision.

Which is where you often need a shot of courage.

But how do you find your courage when you’re afraid?

How do you stand in your power when you’re being challenged with tasks and opportunities that you’ve never done before?

Having lived through too many "I need a shot of courage" moments to count, I’m happy to share 3 of my best practices tips with you. I just have one request: Use these this week! Courage is a muscle that you can make strong very quickly, with just the tiniest bit of practice.

And trust me, if you’re in business for yourself, every bit of strengthening your courage muscle that you can do will pay you back a hundred fold. I promise!

Tip #1: Start By Creating Certainty
One of the things that can make you feel afraid of taking a risk is the fear of uncertainty. The masculine method of "feel the fear and do it anyway" that we’ve all been taught sounds nice, but it leaves out a critical element that can make the difference between you taking action…or backing down.

That element is finding a way to create a feeling of certainty, even in an uncertain situation. For example, let’s say you’re booked to give a presentation. You’re thrilled at the opportunity…and more than a little nervous.

What happens next is often this: Your mind races with a million "what if…" questions. Your heart rate goes up, your mouth goes dry and your palms start to twitch and sweat. All of which only deepens your sense of uncertainty.

So how do you tap into finding your way through? How do you begin to feel like you’ll live through giving that presentation…and increase your likelihood of attracting new clients in the process?

Start by listing what you can be certain of. You can be certain that you’ll live through the experience (this sounds laughable, but seriously, it’s worth reminding yourself of!).

You can be certain that people will be polite. You can be certain that you’ll practice your presentation until it feels as natural as saying your name. You can be certain that it won’t be the only time (or the last time) you’ll deliver a presentation. You can be certain there will be at least one thing you do really well. You can be certain that you’ll learn a lot by delivering it…

How many more things can you add to your certainty list?

Tip 2: Focus On What You Are Learning

Did you know there are two types of learners? Those that expect themselves to be perfect their first time up to bat…at anything!

And those who make allowances for moving through the various stages of learning.

Here’s my trick to finding certainty in a situation: I focus on ONE thing I want to improve. One…not ten. Because ten will put you into overwhelm, while one will serve as a point of light for you.

So decide ahead of time what that one thing is you want to improve and learn how to do better. There is certainty in giving yourself the grace of being a learner!

Tip 3: Lean On Someone Else’s Positive Perspective About YOU

When we’re scared it’s easy to lose perspective as to how really awesome we truly are. Just hearing someone you trust say to you, "You’ve got this!" can give you a shot of courage. Breathe into how they see you, and you’ll find yourself stepping forward with greater certainty…and the courage that comes with it.

Would you like to learn simple ways you can brand, package and price your services, quickly move away from 'dollars-for-hours work' and create more money, time, and freedom in you business? Check out my web site,, for free articles, resources and to sign up for my free audio mini-seminar "Money Blocks & Breakthroughs.

Award-winning, million dollar marketing coach Kendall SummerHawk is the leading expert in women entrepreneurs and money.


Life Coach & Author Julie Barnes on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Topic: "How to Be a Rock Star in Life and Business"

Julie Barnes is the founder and CEO of Julie Barnes Live, a coaching services company whose main mission is to support women entrepreneurs to be Rock Stars in Life and Business.

She is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, and author of The Failure Principles: 30 Steps to Success, a collaboration project that will be out in Summer 2014.

Julie has been featured on Tiny Buddha and Pick the Brain. She also writes for Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling and The Huffington Post.  Her weekly web show, Julie Barnes Live TV airs every Thursday with strategies and tools that you can use right away to start living your life FULL OUT!

Julie lives in beautiful Northern California with her husband, Ron of 25 years and two crazy cats, Sammy and Petey. Julie loves driving with the sunroof open, dancing to 70's disco music, and wandering the isles of Barnes and Noble.

Listen to the archived show on Libsyn:


The 5 Worst Pieces of Business Advice I Ever Got

by Christine Kane

I’m a perpetual student.  I love to learn, listen and be willing to “not know.”  I believe this is one of the reasons I’ve been able to create so much success in my life. Now, the problem with being this way is that, if you’re not careful, you will get some very bad advice along the way.

Because I had SO much to learn, first, as a professional musician – and then as the owner of a company – I have probably attracted more than my fair share of crappy advice.  Some of it has done some pretty hardcore damage. And in a weird backward sort of way, some of it has helped me become much better as a coach.

Here are the top 5 worst pieces of business advice I ever got…

1 – You’re only as good as your last show [book, talk, year, etc]
Who said it:

This was said to me by a successful Ernest-Hemingway-wanna-be musicians who got a little too strung out on that suck-it-up-and-start-drinking-at-noon-if-you’re-a-real-artist attitudes. I admired him at one point. Hell, I admired that whole mindset at one point. Which is why I actually believed his crappy philosophy for a while.

Why it’s Lame:

So you have a terrible horrible awful show…

…or you give a terrible horrible awful talk…

…or you write a terrible horrible awful book?

(Or even if you’ve had a terrible horrible awful 5 years in your business?)

Guess what?

You just did some mightily important R&D and now you can do it better.  There is no arrival.  If your last attempt sucked, well guess what… it’s not the end of the world, you don’t need to start drinking tequila at noon, and you can do it better next time.

Better Advice:

What the rest of the world calls failure, marketers and business owners call “R&D.”  Use this to get better at what you do.

2 – You have to get good at numbers if you want to be successful.

Who said it:

Pretty much everyone in my life who was ever good at numbers, spreadsheets and other things that were, to them, the heart of any business.  These people always seemed to wear ties and talk to me like I was 17 years old.

Why it’s Lame:

Because you are meant to be good at your genius work. Get better at that thing. Be adept at understanding numbers, yes. But if you waste your time learning something that is the equivalent of physical labor to you, you will not be doing the genius work that makes you money.
Better Advice:

Stop trying to get good at the stuff you were born to suck at.  Hire an awesome bookkeeper. Hire an awesome accountant.  Tell them this is not your strong-suit and make them explain everything like you are on an episode of Sesame Street. Don’t hire anyone who talks down to you or is not willing to help you as a numerically challenged human.

3 – No one wants _XXXXX_____. You have to do __XXXXX________ instead.

Who said it:

A motivational speaker author who often made blanket statements about what works in marketing and business.

Why It’s Lame:

Because blanket statements are crap.

Everything is about testing results.  In this particular case this person told me that I should stop blogging because no one wants “advice” and that I have to do “big trainings” instead if I want to be successful.

That may be true for him. But my ideal client isn’t his ideal client. My metrics tell me that my blog posts do really well for my business. (And my peeps!)

Though his intentions were true, the key thing to understand here is that unless someone can look at your metrics and conversions with you, and unless you have tried something yourself… any kind of “this works/that doesn’t” is bad advice.

Better Advice:

If it’s working, if it gets you clients, keep doing it. If you haven’t tried it but it feels like a good idea, try it.  Be careful of the Bright Shiny Object tendency to ditch your good strategies just because one person doesn’t like them.

4 – Do what you love and the money will follow.
Who said it:

Many people in the spiritual, healing and creativity worlds.

Why it’s Lame:

I actually DO believe in the truth of this statement. I do think that your passion matters. And that when you start to take action, some force field in the universe steps out with a million helping hands and makes things happen.

The problem is that many people take it to mean that their business will just keep working and that they can keep the mindset of “I hate business, I’m no good at business” and they end up having a duct taped business that doesn’t really work very well and leaves them in a state of chaos.

Better Advice:

Do what you love. And if you want to build a business that serves people and sustains your wealth over years and years and years, be willing to use great strategies for helping your clients have a better experience from start to finish with you.

5 -  You’re really smart. You don’t need to spend all that money on a coach.

Who said it:

People who look at me like I’m an idiot every time I get on a plane to take part in my masterminds or work with my coach.

Why it’s Lame:

You may be smart, yes. But you don’t know what you don’t know. And if you’re not careful, you’ll fall into the trap of “trying harder” based on what you don’t know.

Better Advice:

A coach and a mastermind can shave years off your learning curve, can provide a deep foundation for your confidence and will hold you accountable during those times when you are back at #1 and just had a bad book, show, year, etc.  Invest in yourself, and then do the work to get a return on that investment.

Now it’s your turn…Do you remember any bad advice you’ve gotten about business along the way?  Share it here! I want to hear it! Let’s have a good laugh!

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