How She Does It: Performing Artist Kim Cameron

Side FX and Kim Cameron are a high-energy, 2-time Top 20 Billboard chart-topping dance band who's music has been on Billboard Dance Club, Hot AC, AC; College Music Journal; AAA, DJ Times, FMQB music charts.

Kim is played across the US, Canada, UK and Australia, and placed on Bravo, Fox Sports, MTV, Discovery, TLC, TV Networks, just to name a few.

Kim Cameron, who performed twice for the NFL (Giants and Redskins) to over 70,000, has toured across the country and internationally, garnered millions of YouTube views,  featured on Comcast's Xfinity, and won Album of the Year, Best Live Performance and an American Songwriter Nominee.

Deb: Thanks for stopping by the Secrets of Success blog today. So, how did you get started in your music career?

Kim: You're welcome, Deb! Thanks for the invitation. To answer your question, I have always been in music really.  Started at the age of 6 when I began playing the clarinet.  That graduated, eventually, into choir, and then into a band.  Of course, this is over decades..but who is counting!?@#

Deb: What are your inspirations?

Kim: Hard question because I feel like I get inspired every day.  Since I teach vocal lessons at a music school, 8, 9 and 10 year olds always inspire me.  The way they look at life, they way they think about things.  And, then, I see folks like Cher, who despite how old they are, continue to be relevant.  And, in between, I look at our men and women who serve…always brings a smile to my face.  They are brave beyond words.

Deb: So true! What are some successes and challenges you've had along the way?

Kim: Since I started out 'normal' if having a corporate career is considered normal, most of my friends and colleagues had thought I lost my mind when I went full time into the music scene.  It was difficult to explain why I needed to make the leap, and hard to see disappointment in their eyes when I first started.

But, as I released my first album, and immediately got airplay on American Airlines in Flight programming, I started to feel like I may have made the right decision.  It was not an easy path to follow, but after a few awards, hitting Billboard charts 3 times, not to mention touring across the country (and beyond boarders), the road was clear to me.  Success can be hard to define, especially when you are making all the rules.  Considering I went against all odds, I feel like every tiny step I make is a success.

Deb: What's coming coming up for you? Any new releases?

Kim: Next week, I release a very different song from my dance repertoire.  It's called 'Forever.'  It's a song about the south and brings special memories to me.  I completely love this song.  I hope everyone does too even though it's intent is not necessarily to get people on the dance floor.  My vision (and hope) is this song will drive lovers to darkly lit rooms with cool breezes and nothing but each other to think about.

Deb: Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Kim: Get a support group.  Everyone is going to write bad songs…you need a group of friends who will put you back on your feet when you receive a bad review or an unkind word.  We are such perfectionists, so it's very difficult when people do not like your art.  A support group is key.

Deb: What are some things you feel artists should understand about the business side of your profession?

Kim: Gosh, most artists have no idea what to do with the business side.  I try to offer advice, but most feel like they know better.  I am not sure why, but I see it everyday.

Deb: Favorite place to be?

Kim: The beach.  I love the water, the way is sounds, the way it feels, the way it always inspires a few songs out of me.  The beach is filled with romance, and at the end of the day, I am all about a great love affair.

Deb: What do you love about what you do?

Kim: I am in love with music. Always have been.  It completely changes me in every way, shape and form.  I have one sole objective and purpose in life: to write the best song…ever.

Deb: This has been a wonderful conversation. Please share your social media/website links so that the readers can find you online.

Kim: My pleasure! Here are my social media links and some links to music and video.

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