Over-delivering? A Quick Trick To Offering Value Without Burning Out In The Process

by Kendall SummerHawk

If you’re an over-delivering type of personality, you probably find it painful to cut back on giving your clients everything you know (or that you think they need) in order to be successful.

For years, I was the same way. The idea of cutting back went completely against my nature of generosity, giving and caring.

But at the same time, over-delivering has its downside, and that can cost you in many big ways, such as clients not re-enrolling in your programs, or even worse, failing to implement what you’ve worked so hard to give them.

I knew there had to be a solution (Remember one of the mindsets I teach? It’s, "Every problem has a solution, and every solution will cause you to grow in new, exciting ways").

When I took a fresh look at the problem of over-delivering, I discovered a solution that’s perfect if you care about your clients and you want to see them become successful as a result of your work together. And, you don’t want to burn out in the process of growing your business.

Even better, the solution I discovered eliminated the angst I used to feel when trying to lighten my programs, stripping out content that in my heart, I really wanted my clients to get their hands on.

I also discovered I could embrace my core personal value of generosity — and say "YES" to my core business value of over-delivering to delight clients — without risking overwhelm for me or my clients.

The secret? Chunk your content down into 3 simple sections that you deliver in different programs.

#1: Basic – Stick With Simple First

This is where your content should accomplish 3 simple things for your client. First, it helps them identify the specific problems keeping them from success. Second, your content gives them simple tips, ideas and how-to’s to solve those specific problems. And third, your content wraps it all up for your client by giving them ways of implementing what you’re teaching or keys to getting started.

Be sure to include a few simple checklists or templates and you have an awesome package that will help get your clients into action, quickly.

Will your client be an expert yet? No. But that’s not their goal. They just want to get started taking action on a topic you’re an expert in.

#2: Expert – Take Your Clients To Their Next Level

Not everyone wants to be an expert but the ones who do, will jump at the chance to pay for your help. This is where you include more specific how-to training and coaching, plus more done-for-you materials that help your clients take action quickly. If you’re offering a group program, this is where including private coaching with you to help your client customize what they’re learning really pays off in both them accelerating their results, and with you being able to charge more for the 1-on-1 attention.

#3: Mastery – The Ultimate In What Your Clients Learn From You

Whether you choose to call your program mastery or use a different name, this is the level where you go into richer depth with your content. It’s also where you hold a high expectation for your clients as to what they can achieve. And while including accountability is key at all levels of your content, at the mastery level, it’s crucial so that your clients feel both challenged and championed.

Bonus Tip: Over-deliver The Right Things

Looking for permission to over-deliver? Here’s how to make it work: Rather than filling up your programs with tons of content, instead, focus on over-delivering in the areas that can make or break your clients’ success with you.

For example, what tips can you turn into an easy reference checklist? What scripts or templates can you prepare in advance that make it easy for your clients to implement your teaching and coaching? Would a simple flow chart make a concept easy to understand?

Or maybe you can include a get-started module, or a handy list of resources.

The point is to make your clients feel they received more than their money’s worth in terms of value…without you (or them!) getting burned out in the process.

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