Quotes that Pack a Wallop!

by Mickie Kennedy

"My attempt was to say in the time that he mentioned it, it was a distraction, because it was the decriminalization, legalization," said Mayor Rawlings-Blake.

You've seen this kind of quote before, right? It doesn't make for very interesting reading, nor does it make Mayor Rawlings-Blake sound particularly insightful -- but unless Mayor Rawlings-Blake is talking reelection, she really doesn't have to worry about it too much. 

But as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you do.

When you're sending out a press release or talking to a reporter about your business, you better believe that the quote you're using matters.  In fact, it can make the difference between your story getting picked up and publicized and your release landing in the "circular file."

When putting together a press release, it can be difficult to find a quote that will get noticed and, more importantly, get printed. The obvious things like correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar will help, but what else can a writer do to make sure their quotes are taken seriously and their businesses mentioned in a story?

Quotes that KISS

First, keep it simple. A short, impactful statement is more likely to catch attention than flowery prose about nothing. Great quotes share insight, call attention to an event or activity, or give an update on something that impacts your intended audience.

Let's consider another quote:

"The EMT Jacket's patented multi-pocket system is already being employed by emergency medical professionals across the country, helping them save time and save lives," says CEO Lydia Brunch.

Notice how in that brief statement the CEO not only plugged her product, but did so in a manner that was compelling, short, sweet, and to the point?  When writing a quote or talking to a reporter, remember to KISS -- Keep It Short and Sweet.

Controversial/Opinionated Quotes

"While most people saw Ebola as a tragedy, we saw it as an opportunity," Chairperson Roberta Shocks says. "Sani-Hands Gel will soon be carried by many health workers going overseas."

Quotes like the one above catch people's attention, which is, in essence, a great reporter's job. Their mission is to get people to read and talk about what they have written. A controversial quote does just that -- it gets people talking. 

While it may sound a little bone-headed at first, taking the opportunity to put an opinion into your quote that a majority of people may not find agreeable has worked wonders for business professionals in the past.  Reporters always need to represent both sides of an story, which isn't always easy to do.  If you have a quote that fills that need -- you're golden.

It goes without saying, of course, to use some caution here.  Notice how the product in the quote above had a direct tie into the issue being opined.  If your product or service doesn't have a stake in what you're about to make a quote on, it's probably best not to venture an opinion. Likewise: don't be obscene or crude.

Lessons Learned

Quotes with proper grammar, punctuation and spelling get read. Brief quotes that have insightful, interesting information get attention. Snappy quotes that are well written, that include news that may impact the intended audience, or share a controversial opinion get printed and passed around. (And that's the ultimate goal, isn't it?)

Some pitfalls to watch out for:

  • Don't share a quote that could be taken out of context, or that attack other people. You could end up facing a libel suit.
  • Don't use too many quotes. If your press release is crowded with quotations, how will one stand out?
  • Always use the full name and title of the person you are quoting.
  • Don't make a quote the lead or the headline, put in the body of the press release.  Even the shortest and most well-written quotes are too wordy for this.

Follow these rules and you may see your quote above the fold! 

For more tips and advice on getting attention from the media, download the free eReleases guide on how to write a press release.

About the author: Mickie Kennedy is the founder of eReleases PR.  He lives in Baltimore, MD.

Book Review: Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change

Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life ChangeEmergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change by Derek Rydall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A perfect book for those who want to merge practical action steps with metaphysical principles. Author Derek Rydall is not shy about sharing his own journey, and never sets himself up as a "guru." His examples are very much rooted in the real world, and understandable to anyone who's searching for more meaning in their lives.

His "Seven Stages of Emergineering" gives the reader a blueprint on how to work through the process. The stages include visioning, creating a plan, and acting "as if" the conditions you desire are already in your life. He includes exercises and meditations to assist you along the way.

I've read a lot of self-help books, and this one stands out. Rydall's sincerity and belief that a better world is possible through self understanding, made this especially inspiring.

One of of the most helpful sections was where he discussed how to deal with habitual behaviors. When we're in a rut it can be hard to get out and make positive changes. Because of this, I found his sections on "kicking old habits" and "finding your emerging edge" to be incredibly motivational. This is the type of book you'll pick up time and time again. (I received a review copy of this book.)

Amazon link:
Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change

5 Easy Ways to Give Your Niche Something New

by Alicia Forest, MBA
The Business Shifter™

One of the ways my business had been successful over the years has been by repeating what's worked.

And then there comes a time when my market and I are ready for something fresh, something new to re-ignite the fires or to advance together into a new level of growth. This also helps keep your list interested, and it helps you stay on the cutting edge in your market.

Here are 5 easy ways for getting and staying hot in your market:

1. Be recognized...

Start showing up - in-person and/or virtually - at events that are offered for your target market. Throw your own events. Be seen on discussion lists and popular blogs where your target market hangs out. Join the conversation, offer your valuable insights and comments, ask good questions and give good answers. Joint venture with your colleagues and double your efforts with half the work. Join associations made up of your peers and volunteer to be on a committee or head up a project.

There are loads of ways to build your recognition in your market. Pick a couple and start doing them NOW.

2. Be open to offering others' products...

If you've hit a creative low point, there's always the option of offering someone else's product to your list. It's still new and fresh material to them and a new offer for you to make.

Make a list of five of your colleagues who each have a product offering that complements what it is that you do and start building a relationship with them now (if you don't have one already), so when you want to offer their product, they've gotten to know you and your business a bit so they may be more willing to say yes to that kind of strategic alliance.

3. Be more "serviceable"...

Take a fresh look at your service offerings. Write down what they look like currently on one sheet of paper, including all the features and benefits. On a separate sheet of paper, write down how you'd like your services to look, including all the features and benefits. You might be surprised to find a real difference.

Based on what you discover, consider repackaging your current offerings in a way that better suits you and your clients.

4. Be trendy...

Enter the conversation already going on in your client's mind to spark new ideas. What are they reading, seeing on TV, involved in right now in their world? What current event or newsy item or popular TV show can you tie into your sales copy for your offerings that will keep it fresh and make stand out in an already crowded marketplace?

5. Be occasion-oriented

Tie a promotion into a holiday or special occasion. There's hardly a week that goes by these days that doesn't have some sort of celebration attached to it. Or you could make up your own. For example, January (New Year's) and September (Back-to-School) are great months for launching new products, programs, or services that allow the client to do, be and have better.

If you want to keep your clients and customers, keep them interested. Consider offering something new, either in the way of a new product, program or services tailored to their wants or by tweaking your current offerings to keep them fresh and make them stand out in an already crowded marketplace.

© 2015 Alicia Forest International | All rights reserved.

Alicia Forest, MBA mentors women entrepreneurs on how to build a priority-based, highly profitable business, in less than part-time hours. Get her FREE series on how you can do this too at http://aliciaforest.com.

Virtual Assistance for Authors with Marketing & PR Specialist Michelle Anastasio-Festi on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

My Advertising and Marketing career began in 1998, at the advertising agency, Poster Publicity International in New York City (that later merged with Kinetic Worldwide). My post as "Out-of-Home" Media Specialist and Account Executive included media buying, strategy and planning, and production for "Outdoor" media. 

The above experience provided a sturdy foundation for the my next role as Senior Media Planner at Media Space Solutions in Norwalk, Connecticut.

This position was twofold - both creative and analytical.  I not only oversaw national print campaigns and managed the RFP process for national brands, but I also worked closely with the IT Director to specify, develop, implement and communicate enhancements to PlanET (a proprietary planning tool) and APEX systems.
With solid marketing and advertising expertise, I worked in a consulting capacity for several years at both Connecticut and New York-based firms to include Team GAT (German American Technologies) and G.E. Pharma. In addition to Print, and Outdoor Media, these varied roles led me to obtain a firm grasp on planning and analysis for trade show marketing, online advertising, and social media management. 

With varied marketing and media experience fifteen years strong, I decided to launch my own firm (CT Virtual) in 2011. Our "Virtual Assistant Solutions" provide strategy and creative direction to a growing niche. In a time where the publishing industry is undergoing drastic changes, so are the methods for driving traditional PR and Book Marketing services, and this is where my firm comes in.

We partner with Authors and Speakers to provide them with cutting edge Marketing, PR, and Creative Services that drive exposure and help them sell more books. Our drive for innovation and excellence is unsurpassed. We form winning strategies and our forte is versatility, as evidenced by our wide-ranging portfolio.

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Irresistible Pricing that Works for You AND Your Clients

by Sydni Craig-Hart

You may not realize it, but each time you eat at a restaurant, you have an opportunity to learn a valuable marketing lesson.

You arrive at the restaurant, are greeted and tell the hostess how many you have in your party. You're then seated and the host offers a well-designed menu. When you read through the menu, you notice appetizers, entrees, beverages and desserts. Yum!

Depending on the presentation of the menu (and how hungry you are), you can almost taste the delectable suggestions before even ordering. This is the VERY experience that you want to create for your prospective customers. Let me show you step-by-step how to do this.

Your Business "Curb Appeal"

Many times your prospects will size you up before they even get a chance to know you. It's just like going to a new restaurant. It is difficult to trust a dive unless you've heard about it from a trusted foodie friend. But, when you walk past a restaurant with nice curb appeal that will likely attract you to the window for a closer look. When you get to the window, you look inside and see that it has a gorgeous set up and a tasty looking menu. So, you decide to give it a try.

The same is true when your target market learns about your ability to solve their problems. They check out your "curb appeal." Does your website showcase the quality and value of what you offer? Do you have a professional headshot with your beautiful smile? Is your blog up to date? Are your social media profiles active and completed in their entirety?

No matter what type of marketing materials you choose to use to create visibility for you business, they MUST be top-notch, well designed and appeal to your ideal client. You don't want your business looking like a "shabby dive." Yes, you might have JUST what your prospect is looking for, but they may not ever stop to take a look if you don't give them a reason to.

Present an Irresistible Menu

You're seated at your table, chatting with your family or friends about what you want to order. The menu has your undivided attention. You may be considering an appetizer and a cocktail, the prix fix option or the one a la carte dish that you love. As you peruse the menu, you carefully review the photos and description of each item and your mouth begins to water.

You want the same thing to happen with your prospective clients. They need to see that you not only have a solution to their problem, but you have multiple choices. Those options allow your soon to be client to see herself working with you according to the right solution at the right investment. Now, that is mouth watering!

For example, if you are an interior designer, you could offer three different packages for your clients such as these

  •     Package A ($$$) - This is the all inclusive, top level access, A-Z option
  •     Package B ($$) - This option provides some hand holding and access to you to supplement more of a do-it-yourself kit
  •     Package C ($) - A do-it-yourself kit based on your step by step process for interior design
With each option you'll include specific components designed to give the client the best possible experience and get them to the results they're looking for as quickly as possible. Your prospect should be able to see clearly exactly what they'll get at each level and what specific situation that option addresses. Then, they can easily choose according to their needs and their budget what is the right solution for them.

Satisfy with Solutions

As you seek to create a tantalizing service menu, keep these "Five Solutions" questions in mind:

  •     Who is looking for the solutions that you already have?
  •     What specifically does this group want or need?
  •     What are your greatest strengths?
  •     What specific problems do you solve?
  •     What results can you help your clients achieve?

Your answers to these questions will be summed up in the options that you provide for your prospects. People typically like to buy neat and tidy options to their problems. That is the reason "kits" are so popular. The word "kit" leads you to believe that if you buy this it has everything you need to create the result you're looking for. So, use this concept to develop lucrative, client attractive packages that help your audience to solve their problems.

Here's and advanced tip: be sure to name your packages in a way that will help your clients visualize the solution that they will receive. If you simply name your solutions "gold, silver and platinum", that doesn't really mean anything to the person who is looking for your help. My current coaching packages are named this way:

  •     Realize Your Vision: This is designed for clients who want an overhaul of their business.
  •     Ready To Succeed: Normally for clients who have done some preliminary work and wants additional help in growing their business.
  •     Profitable Marketing Results: Serves those who want specific training in marketing a service based business.

I know that you want to grow your business. You want to maximize your profit potential and help as many people as possible. One easy way to streamline your efforts is to offer packaged solutions that serve the needs of your clients. You can easily increase your income by turning the solutions you offer into tasty service menu that appeals to the crucial needs of your audience.

Your Action Plan For This Week:

  •     Write down your answers to the "Five Solutions" questions found in this article.
  •     Create or revamp your service options to be MORE appealing to your prospects.
  •     Name your packaged solutions so that your prospects clearly understand what results they can expect

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, is founder of SmartSimpleMarketing.com. Known for her easy, strategic and results-focused approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client's businesses so they can create money NOW. Visit www.SmartSimpleMarketing.com for your FREE kit, "5 Simple Steps to More Clients, More Visibility and More Freedom" and apply for a FREE "Profit Breakthrough" session with Sydni!

4 Common Business Success Blocks

by Chris Atley

The first issue I noticed was around clarity. Clarity on where they want to be in their businesses. It’s hard to get to where you want to go if you don’t clearly know where that is. This doesn’t mean that you have to set 5 or even 3 year goals, I don’t really even believe in setting goals that far out to be honest.

I think it’s great to have an overall vision for your business and life, but creating specific goals for 12 months in advance seems to be the most effective. Too much can change beyond a year, and I don’t like the idea of anyone being in a box for 3-5 years.

So get clear on where you want to be by the end of 2015. Really clear. Don’t worry about “how” it will happen and allow yourself to really dream big and be honest with yourself. From there, you can start to look at your 90-day and 30-day goals, and make a plan accordingly. Stay open to seeing the steps the universe shows you as well.

The second issue is getting / receiving help in your business. YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL YOURSELF! You just can’t. Unless you want to live your life being completely stressed out and on the verge burnout if you’re not already there. Start with identifying 3-5 areas in your business where you could really use the help, and can likely pay someone less then your hourly rate who can do it faster then you.

Third, don’t make assumptions. I heard from several people they couldn’t get help because they can’t afford it, whether that was help in their business or support in reaching their goals. This was without taking the time to ask and research what that help costs. It might be more affordable then you think.

What’s also important here is to pay attention to the language you’re using. If you are constantly saying you “can’t afford” something, then guess what? You won’t be able to! The universe is here to grant you your wishes, but you have to decide you want it and then trust you will be shown the way to make it happen. You don’t need the way to show-up if you don’t say yes first :)

Finally, give yourself permission to run your business and live the life the way YOU want. No one else is going to take a stand for You. Get rid of the “should” do’s and start taking a stand for You. It’s okay to course correct and change your mind along the way. It’s your right. Just be true to yourself and start saying yes to only those ideas you are really passionate about. It’s that energy that will propel you forward and into success :-)

Written by: Chris Atley, Success Coach for entrepreneurs. Join Chris to discover your true worth to increase your personal wealth. Create your ideal business by grabbing my Live Limitless Guide for free at: www.chrisatley.com

Small Business Expert & Author Rob Basso on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Small business/Entrepreneur Advocate, Expert and Author Robert Basso is founder and president the New York region’s largest independent payroll processing firm, Advantage Payroll Services, and a regularly sought out small business guest speaker, mentor and business expert. Rob is the author of the Everyday Entrepreneur and regularly interviewed by media outlets across the nation.  He regularly appears on several Fox Business news shows including primetime’s Neil Cavuto.

With over 2,500 clients, Rob has his finger on the pulse of small business and has gained a wealth of knowledge.  He uses his blog, social media and online videos to share his ideas and strategies for assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs with growing their businesses, creating jobs and rebuilding the American economy. For more information about Rob and media clips visit www.RobBasso.com.

Date: Wednesday, February 11th
Time: 8:00 pm EST

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Ready to Build a Website? Here's What You Need

by Sydni Craig-Hart

When your website is set up correctly, and focused just right on your ideal clients, it can be a 24/7 sales and marketing tool for your business. Unfortunately, far too many small business owners are missing out on important keys that can make or break their businesses. Don't be one of them! Having a great website is a non-negotiable in 2012! You have to have an effective, strategic online presence in order to grow your business.

Here are five key areas for your profit focused website:

    Your website platform.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - Wordpress is the BEST platform for your profit focused website. It's easy to update with new posts, even for a non-techie, and has all of the behind the scenes functions that you'll need to get found by search engines and ideal customers alike. You can create a website with pages and posts or a more traditional blog style website.

    Be warned - there are two types of Wordpress. Wordpress.org is a free blogging platform that is hosted on Wordpress's site. What you'll need for your Wordpress website is the version available at Wordpress.com.

    Your website theme.

    One of the reasons that Wordpress is such a good choice for your business website is because of the myriad of themes available. You can select a theme that fits your site's purpose and then have it customized by a Wordpress expert. There are lots of free and premium themes available that can take your website from bland to spectacular. Visit StudioPress, ThemeForest, or WooThemes for a theme that fits your brand and your needs.

    Domain Registration and Hosting.

    Of course, the best Wordpress theme in the world isn't going to do you a while lot of good without a domain name and web hosting! Your domain registration will allow you to host a site at a web address. Try to choose something memorable, not too long and connected to your business name. Your hosting is a monthly fee that will allow you to host your website at that domain name. It holds all of the files, images and content that people see when you visit your site.

    If this seems like Greek to you, don't worry! There are several companies that offer domain names and hosting together in the same package. Try out GoDaddy, BlueHost or HostGator for your domain registration and hosting needs. Typically you'll pay a one-time fee for a domain name and then a monthly hosting cost for your website.

    Royalty-free Images.

    You can't have a profitable website without images, but you can't just Google an image and use it on your site either. You have to use images that are free for your use - called "royalty free." These images are available for use on your website without paying a photographer a hefty fee. Although there are some sites that offer royalty free images for free, your best bet is to go with a microstock photography website. These sites normally have better quality images that you can use on your site and in your marketing materials. I prefer Dreamstime and iStockPhoto. They both have a great selection of images.


    Copywriting is essential to your profit-focused website. Your pages and blog posts need to speak to your ideal customers and motivate them to take the next step with you. A copywriter can take your basic message and turn it into something that really compels your audience to make a purchase, sign up for your course or reach out to connect with you.

    You can find a copywriter by asking for referrals. If you know other small or solo business owners who has a website that makes them money, ask them about their copy and who created it. Choose writer who experience developing effective web copy for your target market.

    Another option is to post a project on Elance.com. With Elance, hundreds of copywriters will bid on your project and you can select the one with the right qualifications and price for your needs. Elance copywriters are rated based on their past projects, so you can be assured that the writer you're working with knows his or her stuff!

With the right platform, theme and copywriting, your small business website can become the profit driving machine that you're looking for. Look into these resources if you need a new website, or want to revamp your old one.

Your Action Plan For This Week:

1.     If you need a new website, or want to change hosting, look into the domain registration and hosting options listed in this article.
2.     Want to update the look of your website? Check out the Wordpress template resources in this article and find a template that is clean, easy to read and reflects your brand.
3.     Make a list of pages on your website that could use a copywriter's touch. Ask for a referral or post a project on Elance. You can get your website revamped one section at a time until it's all professionally written.

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, is founder of SmartSimpleMarketing.com. Known for her easy, strategic and results-focused approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client's businesses so they can create money NOW.

Visit www.SmartSimpleMarketing.com for your FREE kit, "5 Simple Steps to More Clients, More Visibility and More Freedom" and apply for a FREE "Profit Breakthrough" session with Sydni!

How to Get Your Packages To Sell Themselves

by Kendall SummerHawk

I’m often asked, "Kendall, how do I get people interested in my packages and programs? Yours always seem to sell themselves so what is your secret?"

Motivating your ideal client to sign up for your package is a simple formula that any woman entrepreneur can follow — a formula I’m happy to share with you.

There’s just one catch: you must be willing to be ruthlessly honest about what your current packages are missing.

Because if you’re not completely honest with yourself, you’ll skip key ingredients that can make the difference between a package that creates income for you…and one that only produces disappointing results.

To be clear, packages are THE best way to offer your services. Packages replace charging by the hour (which is the worst strategy for pricing your services). They streamline your time and they make your services marketable.

Here is a simple checklist of questions to help get your packages to sell themselves.

1. Does Your Package Feel Overwhelming?

While your heart is in the right place in wanting to help your clients in the best way possible, creating "package overwhelm" isn’t going to help you make any sales. And, it can be the #1 reason potential clients will say, "I need to do X first, then I’ll be ready for you."

If you already know you over deliver, then it’s time to review your packages with fresh eyes, take a breathe and exhale…and trim 50% out of what’s included. Remember that simple is better here!

2. Is Your Package Clearly Delivering “Marketable Content”?

Marketable content means your topic, title and content give people what they want to buy, not what YOU think they need.

For example, the women entrepreneurs in our certified coach training programs get trained in exciting modules that are proven to be what people are eager to invest in. So little "selling" is needed because the modules sell themselves.

Make sure your content is marketable and you’ll save you months of frustration.

3. Are The Results Clients Experience From Your Package Clear And Easy To Relate To?

Clients will invest in solving problems that are important to them. Now is the ideal time to take an honest look at your package and decide if the problem it solves is the ONE that’s top of mind for your ideal clients.

4. Are You Charging Enough For Your Packages?

Weird as it may sound, if you’re undercharging for your expertise, you may be turning people off from seeing the value of how you can help them. Plus, undercharging sends a message that you may not believe in your ability to deliver awesome results. Ouch!

5. Are You Describing The Juicy Benefits Of Your Package?

Mastering how to talk about your services in a way that focuses on the value and benefits is a skill you can easily learn. To get started, be sure to talk about what your client’s life will look like because of investing in what you’re offering (rather than mistakenly focusing on the features — or components — of your package).

Will Mastering Offering Packages Immediately Boost Your Income? YES!

Plus, you’ll dramatically increase your confidence.

Packages are so much fun to offer and create significantly more revenue for you, while freeing up your time. So, take a fresh look at your current packages with these tips in mind, make any needed tweaks, and go get a client!

Would you like to learn simple ways you can brand, package and price your services, quickly move away from 'dollars-for-hours work' and create more money, time, and freedom in you business? Check out my web site, http://www.KendallSummerHawk.com, for free articles, resources and to sign up for my free webinar "3 Simple Steps to Designing, Marketing, and Pricing Lucrative VIP Days.

Award-winning, million dollar marketing coach Kendall SummerHawk is the leading expert in women entrepreneurs and money.


"How to Successfully Market Your Book without Being Salesy or Spammy" with Flora Brown on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Topic: How to Successfully Market Your Book without Being Salesy, Sleazy or Spammy

Four out of five people want to write a book  but many of them never will because they fear getting started. Those who push through that fear of writing and successfully publish their books never sell more than a few copies because they fear asking for the sale.

You will learn ways to reframe the way you think about selling so you can create the optimum book sales you deserve.

Flora Brown is an author, book coach, and a confirmed coffee snob with an unhealthy love of British murder mysteries.  When she's not writing, travelling, or researching (OK, spending too much time on the net) she helps aspiring authors steer clear of self-publishing pitfalls to potholes. 

When it was clear early on that she wouldn't become an accomplished pianist and make her mother proud, she turned her love of bossing other people around into a 40-year teaching career, goading students toward excellence in junior high through university levels.  She is almost finished making changes to the 2nd edition of her book, Color Your Life Happy--at least that's what she tells her impatient editor.

In the meantime you can get free eBooks from her websites http://www.ColorYourLifeHappy.com and www.ColorYourLifePublished.com and follow her on social media.

Listen to the archived show on the Libsyn



Book Review: The Little Book of Big PR: 100+ Quick Tips to Get Your Small Business Noticed

The Little Book of Big PR: 100+ Quick Tips to Get Your Small Business NoticedThe Little Book of Big PR: 100+ Quick Tips to Get Your Small Business Noticed by Jennefer Witter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A must-have for entrepreneurs who want a guide on how to use PR. With so much conflicting information out there, it's hard to know what to do first. How do you reach out to the media? What are the "do's" and "don'ts" for interacting on social media? What are things you should know about building a brand?

In The Little Book of Big PR, Jennefer Witter shares her expertise in a style that's simple enough for beginners, and expert enough for established business owners looking for quick tips.

Witter runs her own agency and knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to dealing with the media. Unlike some "experts" who give very generalized information, she isn't shy about speaking candidly about missteps and how to avoid them. She also includes case studies to show what other have done.

Chapters include, Selecting a PR Agency, Social Media, Self-Branding, Media Relations, Speaking Engagements and Networking. There's something here for every business owner to learn from. Deceptively simple, this book packs a huge punch when it comes to understanding the world of PR. Entrepreneurs, particularly solopreneurs who are juggling it all on their own, would particularly benefit from Jennefer Witter's words of wisdom. (Received a review copy.)

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