Tips On Making Your Offer In A Teleseminar

by Kendall SummerHawk

Offering complimentary “preview” teleseminars is how I initially got my business off the ground.

You might not guess this about me today, but back then, I was so nervous delivering my very first teleseminar, that I waited until the very last minute to promote it!

I had 5 people on the call and I learned a TON, which gave me the confidence to keep perfecting this profitable strategy.

Now, years later, we still rely on teleseminars (and webinars) to increase signups and make sales of our products, programs and workshops.

One of the ways coaches and other service professionals struggle is in striking the right balance between offering great content in a complimentary call…and over delivering.

And then of course, there there comes the moment in every preview call where it’s time to make your offer.

The few minutes you invest in learning how to make your offer with grace and ease can easily pay you back in more sales, new client opportunities and increased confidence.

Here are 5 tips I’m happy to share with you, that will help you make your offer with confidence, grace and ease, resulting in more sales and more clients.

Tip #1. Show, Don’t Tell

Do you tend to over deliver? That means you’re likely overwhelming your listeners with too information, which can prevent them from seeing why they would need to enroll in your program or to hire you.

In addition, over delivering is a form of compensating for feelings of “Am I good enough?", which puts you in place of questioning your value, instead of standing in the truth of your value.

So here is what to do to solve this: Don’t try to teach all you know in a free preview call. Instead, brainstorm all of the different ways your listeners can apply your information to a variety of problems (think "situations" here) they likely find themselves in. This gives you a simple way to structure your content that also makes it easy for your listener to relate to how you can help them.

Tip #2. Don’t Get "Shaky Voice" During The Money Piece

If you’re at all nervous about the money piece of your offer, it will show up in an obvious change in your voice tone. My Stars Courageous Coaching® program member love it when I teach them that discussing your fees should be as natural and as simple as asking someone to “pass the salt.

How do you do that? Breathe…and practice…a lot! The more you say your fee (or your product price) the more natural it will sound. Remember, your fees are not a reflection of you but are a reflection of how much you value your work.

Tip #3. Melt-Away Any “Money Nerves”

Everyone has their own particular way of exhibiting “money nerves” when making an offer. Some women talk too much, speak too quickly or over compensate by justifying or over explaining.

If this is you, not to worry. By knowing how money nerves may try to take over you can easily put yourself back in control. One simple technique is to script your offer so that you’re not tempted to stray off course or ramble. And if your money nerves are to speak too quickly, then practice speaking slowly. What feels slow to you will probably sound just right to everyone else.

Tip #4. Ease Into Your Offer

Instead of making an abrupt transition from delivering content to making an offer, try mentioning what it is you’ll be offering early in your teleseminar. This technique works well because it feels very conversational and caring. You can make your full offer either in the middle of your call (followed up by the remainder of your content), or at the end (their are pro/cons of either timing).

Tip #5. Tell ‘Em Why

When making your offer, start by reminding listeners what the specific issues are that your product/program/service is going to help them solve. The more specific you are (think checklist here) the better off you’ll be.

And when describing what your offer includes, link each feature to a specific reason why they will WANT that feature. I like using this format when listing each feature of my program/product/service:

    "You’re going to get (feature) so that you can (what this feature will help them solve or achieve)."

Remember That The Energy You Give Out Matters As Much As Your Words!

Having the right words is only half of the equation to making a successful offer. What also matters is letting your passion and love of what you do shine through.

Remember that you want to be as passionate about making the offer as you are about helping people!

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