How to Delegate Like an Empowered Business Woman

by Kendall SummerHawk
Delegating is a must-do part of everyday business life. But most woman struggle with delegating because they’re often afraid they’ll come across as “too bossy” or “too demanding.”

So instead of learning how to delegate with clarity and purpose, they wimp out, giving up their power with tactics such as using an “oh, please” tone of voice, hesitating to delegate a task, or not being clear about when they need a task completed.

If you plan on doubling or tripling your business, this behavior has GOT to stop!

You don’t need to delegate with the brusqueness of a man, nor do you need to turn into a you-know-what just because you’re requesting someone do something for you. They key is to know how to stand in your power as a woman AND as a leader.

Let me help show you how with these three simple tips. Practice them and in no time at all, you’ll find yourself delegating with power and sensitivity for others. After all, isn’t that what being a woman entrepreneur is all about?

Tip #1 Avoid Going Into “Little Girl” Mode When Making A Request
Without realizing it, women often go into “little girl” mode. Watch your tone of voice for clues. Does it go up at the end of a request? If so, that indicates you’re asking a question, instead of making a request. Practice clearly stating what you want by making sure your voice stays even, or better yet, goes down a bit at the end of your sentence. This sends a message of clarity and purpose.

Tip #2 YOU Set The Done-Date (Instead of Letting Others Set It For You)

Instead of asking when someone can have your task completed, or worse, waiting and hoping it will be done “sometime soon,” clearly state when you need it accomplished. Here’s a simple script to help you:

    “I need you to draft a series of emails for me and I need them done by tomorrow.”

Notice how, in this example, you’re clear, to-the-point, and not asking when the task can be done. You’re much more likely to be seen as a leader and have your tasks prioritized when you’re this clear and direct in your communication.

Tip #3 Remember That Other People Love And Respect Leaders
Most people find it comforting and reassuring to work with someone who is clear in their leadership style. Rather than becoming offended or put off, most folks will honor your requests when you combine authenticity and authority.

Women Entrepreneurs Have A Natural Ability To Lead With Grace

Over the years, I’ve grown comfortable with my natural leadership style, which is to make requests with clarity, purpose, respect and compassion. I’ve found that this style honors the best of what being a woman entrepreneur is all about: valuing others while valuing myself.

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