How She Does It: Emily Sandberg Gold, Founder of Twice Social

Supermodel Emily Sandberg is Founder and CEO of Twice Social, a digital marketing and branding agency based out of New York and Nashville.

Twice Social manages and oversees online strategies for individuals, brands and entertainment industry stakeholders.

Emily, who has appeared as the face of Clinique, Donna Karan, Versace, Fendi, and The Gap, has also appeared on covers of Italian vogue, Japanese Vogue, and Italian Marie Claire.

Emily is married to Grammy Award-winning producer Gary Gold. With Emily's experience in the fashion, beauty and film industries, Twice Social also represents and negotiates on behalf of its clients to secure endorsements and partnerships.

Recognized as the world's first supermodel to segue into the tech industry, Emily possesses unique expertise on the relationship between technology and a career in entertainment.

 Twice Social assists creative professionals in developing their individual brand through social media and the web. Thanks to social media, digital publishing, microsite creation and all things digital, creative artists and brands have the opportunity to present and align themselves in a way that gives them back the control over advancing their goals.

Deb: It's great you could stop by the blog, Emily. Transitioning into the tech industry after being a supermodel is certainly unique! How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

Emily: Glad to be here, Deb. My siblings and I would come up with businesses as kids. We created perfume from flowers, made cookies and held bake sales, sold our toys and put on plays for the public in parks. We did it for fun and I just never stopped.

I took opportunities as they came starting with modeling and then acting. Then I moved into product development and branding.  Eventually, I was blogging and got involved with social media. I saw an opportunity to create a business that would serve a lot of people.

Deb: So, who are your ideal clients?

Emily: We like to work with individuals and companies that have a mission. If you know what you want, we know how to support getting you there.  We love goals. Our team happens to be very competitive and we love nothing more than having a goal to meet and surpass.

Deb: Can you share some successes and challenges you've had?

Emily: We've successfully put together a team of strong individuals who are all unique and complimentary in their skill sets. All of us are doing what we love and we enjoy working together. Our biggest challenge so far has been maintaining life/work balance. There is just so much need and so many cool people we're interested in. They keep showing up and we keep doing what we love. It's not actually such a terrible problem. More of a luxury, really.

Deb: That sounds great. But there are always "lessons learned" as well. What are some that you've learned along the way?

Emily: Always be kind and generous of spirit. I've been blessed to be exposed to all different types of people in every walks of life and status in society. Everyone really is the same and has challenges and successes and everyone deserves to be celebrated and respected.

Deb: I totally agree. What's your vision for where you'd like to go with Twice Social?

Emily: We build portable direct connections between people, interests and brands. There are numerous reasons people need to create, alter or engage their online presence. I believe it's necessary to provide the tools and services needed to do so.

Deb: Thanks so much for stopping by, Emily. But before you go, please share where readers can find out more about you and your business. 

Emily: I enjoyed it, Deb!

Here you go:


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