Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ 7th Anniversary with Chris-Tia Donaldson Author & Founder of tgin

 Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ 7th Anniversary party with 
Chris-Tia Donaldson Author & Founder of tgin - originally broadcast in November 2010

*Since this episode was broadcast, Chris-Tia's tgin ("Thank God It's Natural") hair care line was launched at Target stores, and is also available on Amazon.com and on the company's website.

Chris-Tia Donaldson is a Harvard graduate with a true passion for hair. By day, Chris-Tia is a successful lawyer for a software company. By night, she is a freelance writer and entrepreneur looking to launch her own natural lifestyle and wellness brand featuring an array of products from cosmetics to personal care items and household essentials.

Chris-Tia graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard College and earned her juris doctorate from Harvard Law School. At this juncture, she is balancing the full time demands of her job as a corporate lawyer at the world’s largest global software/database company with the daily rigors of running a start up in one of the toughest economies since the Great Depression.

Chris-Tia is also the author of the highly acclaimed and best selling publication, Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair, which chronicles her experiences working in corporate America with a kinky mane. Thank God I’m Natural has reached the status as #1 hair book on Amazon.com and is changing black women’s lives from Chicago, Illinois to Pretoria, South Africa.

Chris-Tia is an expert in a number of topics related to launching a start up, including but not limited to financing your business, creating and marketing your brand, leveraging social media to grow your customer base, gaining media coverage for your product/business, among many other topics. She can also address the operational aspects of being an entrepreneur (e.g. legal issues that can sink your start up, outperforming you competitors, keeping pace with technology, beta testing/1.0/2.0, goal-setting, prioritizing, dealing with limited resources, etc.)

As the founder and President of the Harvard Black Alumni Society (2002 – 2010), she is also an expert in issues related to starting and running a not for profit organization.

Ms. Donaldson has been featured in USA Today, Essence Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun Times, the Detroit News, the Boston Bay State Banner, as well as many other national publications for her views on black women, beauty standards in the workplace, health and self-esteem. She has also been featured as a commentator on ABCNews Chicago, WGN-9 Chicago News and Fox Chicago News.


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