Do you want a shot of business courage?

by Kendall SummerHawk

Yes, you traded in the dull, same old routine of a j-o-b for running your own business…but in the process, it may often feel as if you also traded in certainty for feeling anxious.

Every piece of running your business is demanding that you step up and take action in ways you’ve probably never had to do before. Writing, speaking, marketing, pricing your services, creating programs, asking people to promote you, giving discovery sessions, hosting workshops or teleseminars, understanding shopping carts and autoresponders, figuring our your niche…

Sure, it’s a lot to handle. But what contributes to that overwhelm the most is doubt and indecision.

Which is where you often need a shot of courage.

So how do you find your courage when you’re afraid?

How do you stand in your power when you’re being challenged with tasks and opportunities that you’ve never done before?

Having lived through too many “I need a shot of courage” moments to count, I’m happy to share 3 of my best practices tips with you. I just have one request: Use these this week! Courage is a muscle that you can make strong very quickly, with just the tiniest bit of practice.

And trust me, if you’re in business for yourself, every bit of strengthening your courage muscle that you can do will pay you back a hundred fold. I promise!

Tip #1: Start By Creating Certainty

One of the things that can make you feel afraid of taking a risk is the fear of uncertainty. The masculine method of “feel the fear and do it anyway” that we’ve all been taught sounds nice, but it leaves out a critical element that can make the difference between you taking action…or backing down.

That element is finding a way to create a feeling of certainty, even in an uncertain situation. For example, let’s say you’re booked to give a presentation. You’re thrilled at the opportunity…and more than a little nervous.

What happens next is often this: Your mind races with a million “what if…” questions. Your heart rate goes up, your mouth goes dry and your palms start to twitch and sweat. All of which only deepens your sense of uncertainty.

So how do you tap into finding your way through? How do you begin to feel like you’ll live through giving that presentation…and increase your likelihood of attracting new clients in the process?

Start by listing what you can be certain of. You can be certain that you’ll live through the experience (this sounds laughable, but seriously, it’s worth reminding yourself of!).

You can be certain that people will be polite. You can be certain that you’ll practice your presentation until it feels as natural as saying your name. You can be certain that it won’t be the only time (or the last time) you’ll deliver a presentation. You can be certain there will be at least one thing you do really well. You can be certain that you’ll learn a lot by delivering it…

How many more things can you add to your certainty list?

Tip 2: Focus On What You Are Learning

Did you know there are two types of learners? Those that expect themselves to be perfect their first time up to bat…at anything!

And those who make allowances for moving through the various stages of learning.

Here’s my trick to finding certainty in a situation: I focus on ONE thing I want to improve. One…not ten. Because ten will put you into overwhelm, while one will serve as a point of light for you.

So decide ahead of time what that one thing is you want to improve and learn how to do better. There is certainty in giving yourself the grace of being a learner!

Tip 3: Lean On Someone Else’s Positive Perspective About YOU

When we’re scared it’s easy to lose perspective as to how really awesome we truly are. Just hearing someone you trust say to you, “You’ve got this!” can give you a shot of courage. Breathe into how they see you, and you’ll find yourself stepping forward with greater certainty…and the courage that comes with it.

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