New Year’s Resolutions are Like Going to the Dentist

by Chris Atley

Most people set New Year’s resolutions and they fail. This is my take on why that is. Shame discussion follows.

1. Their expectations are too high.
They start of with great intentions, but they aren’t realistic. For example, to say you are going to work out 5 times a week when you haven’t been doing it all is a recipe for failure. The lofty goal becomes overwhelming and then you likely won’t go at all! Choose what is manageable and reasonable for you now. You can increase it later. Once you shift your environment to accommodate your workouts, it will be easier to shift more and add in more.

2. Most people aren’t even doing the above. They say they want to do something or achieve something and don’t map out what they need to do monthly / weekly / daily to make it happen. You must make a plan to achieve your goal. If it’s hitting an income goal, what do you need to do every day to make it happen? What is going to throw you off course and what will help you stick to it? What support do you need to have in place?

3. Making goals from fear. Check-in and look at why you’re really setting your goals. Are they based on “shoulds” or “have to’s” or maybe even coming from a place of Keeping up with the Jones’? If any of these apply, you’re coming from a place of fear (ego) not love (source). Check-in and make sure any goals you set are truly coming from your heart and are based on what you want to achieve.

My absolute favourite way to set goals is to take some time looking at the ideal lifestyle you want to have. Allow yourself to dream big and hand write (connects more powerfully to the subconscious), everything you would like to be, do or have in 2016. This will then help you to then set meaningful goals. Also note that I said BE in 2016. Who do you want to become over the course of the year? How do you want to feel? This is the most important piece. The material stuff doesn’t matter in the end. For example, if it’s freedom, how will you know you’re free? How does that feel? What needs to happen?

I promised to circle back around regarding shame. You’re not a bad person if you don’t floss or hit your goals. Don’t listen to your ego. It just means something needs to shift internally in your decision making process in order to achieve your goals. Go curious instead of judging. Where did you get off track? How did you talk yourself into it? What resources do you now need in order to stay on track? What beliefs do you need to add in or let go of in order to be the person you need to become who does achieve their goals? You can do this. I know with all of my heart you can.

Keep me posted xo

Written by Chris Atley, Success Coach for entrepreneurs. Join Chris to discover your true worth to increase your personal wealth. Create your ideal business by grabbing my Live Limitless Guide for free at:

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