How She Does It: Entrepreneur Shameka Nicole

Shameka Nicole is a woman on a mission. Shameka is the proud owner of Nikki Nicole Virgin Hair and S&D Tax Service, founder of Christine's House, a domestic violence organization, and she is preparing to open The Glambar Hattiesburg.

With over ten years of entrepreneurship under her belt, Wells is now pursuing her real estate license to venture off into that field.

Amazingly, her work has gone unnoticed due to most of it being self funded, but that is the unique thing about Wells. As a single mother of two, she believes in being independent.

The go-getter is passionate about helping other women acquire a wealth mindset, because she knows one is not truly free until they are self sufficient.

She believes this is often why many women stay in abusive relationships, and having been a victim of both verbal and physical abuse, Wells strives to assist and uplift other women in similar situations.

In her free time, Wells enjoys dabbling in all things beauty and spending time with her two boys and two dogs. Wells plans to be completing her hair care line, Silkk Expressions by the end of the year.

Deb Bailey: Thanks for stopping by, Shameka. Please share how did you get started as an entrepreneur?

Shameka Nicole: Thanks for having me, Deb. I was a CNA, and I hated going in to work. I'd cry when it was time to report to my shift, but I had no help and had to support my kids. Once I decided I didn't want to struggle financially and do what someone else told me to do, I wanted to make my own destiny, I began working on my  income tax preparation business and home health agency all at one time. The tax business took off,  but the healthcare agency took a back seat.

Deb: That's terrific. You just jumped right in. Are there any “lessons learned” that you’d like to share?

Shameka: I have learned is to save for a rainy day, say no to family that beg for money constantly, and also don't hire friends and family.

Deb: Who are your ideal clients?

Shameka: My ideal clients are people who understand that I'm not a super rich corporation and don't always want a discount or something for free, and who do not have a nasty attitude.

Deb: You have so much experience as an entrepreneur. What are some of your successes and challenges?

Shameka: Some of my personal successes are not having to shuffle what bills to pay for the month or what to buy or not to buy for my kids, especially things that they need.

Also helping people with their futures and putting smiles on my clients' faces are viewed as successes for me. My biggest challenge would be that I've tried to start building an empire in a small town where everyone knows me, and they are so close minded.

Deb: Do you have any suggestions on how to operate multiple businesses in different industries?

Shakema: Pick things you're passionate about and that relate to your life directly and it's much easier. You don't consider it work. I can't quite say I love numbers, but I'm good at them and following processes. Now anything hair and beauty I love! I'm a beauty enthusiast.

Deb: You have a lot going on. How important is it to have multiple streams of income?

Shameka: It's very important because you need multiple streams of income to live today. They are now necessities, especially as a single mother. One never know when an emergency may happen. Plus I study the success of most wealthy people, and I've  noticed that most millionaires have more than one hustle.

Deb: Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us! Please share website and social media URLs.

Shameka: My pleasure, Deb. Here they are.

Facebook: Shameka Nicole
Business page:                
Instagram: @1nikki80

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