Nina Amir, Author of “Creative Visualization for Writers" on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #393

Nina Amir is the author of “Creative Visualization for Writers: An Interactive Guide for Bringing Your Book Ideas and Your Writing Career to Life” and the Amazon best-selling author of such books as “How to Blog a Book” and “The Author Training Manual.”

She is known as the Inspiration-to-Creation Coach because she helps writers and other creative people combine their passion and purpose so they move from idea to inspired action and Achieve More Inspired Results.

Nina has self-published eighteen books and has had as many as nine books on Amazon’s Top 100 lists and six on the same bestseller list at the same time.

To become a more creative, confident, and productive writer, you need to focus your attention, visualize your desires, set clearly defined goals, and take action toward your dreams.

Let Creative Visualization for Writers be your guide on this journey of self-discovery. You'll learn how to:

·        Evaluate your beliefs and shed self-defeating behaviors.

·        Determine your destination by visualizing your ideas and goals.

·        Develop an Author Attitude that will help you write, achieve, earn, and produce more.

·        Discover new ways to foster your creativity and productivity.

·        Affirm that you have what it takes to succeed.

Creative Visualization for Writers helps you transform your dreams into reality and find joy in the creative process by featuring more than 100 exercises and prompts to spark new writing ideas and give you a creative boost as well as coloring pages to encourage relaxation.                                     

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7 Steps to Developing Good Habits

If increasing the level of your productivity is your goal, the best and proven effective way to attain this is to create positive new routines that you could follow and do religiously in your life. You would surely become a productive person if you successfully adapt to these new habits that are good and this would also have positive impact in areas that are related to your productivity.

Habits are developed through the years by doing things repeatedly. When habits are formed, you just automatically do them without even having to think about them. Your brain becomes wired to act according to what you have been used to doing in such situations, even if this habit is not a good one.

Knowing the bad habits affecting your productivity is the first step in making positive changes. If you think that it is a hard thing to do, you’re right. Habits are difficult to break, but you must fix your eyes in doing what needs to be done if you really want to improve your productivity; and that is removing your bad traits and keep on practicing the new habits that you are trying to develop.

We have prepared an infographic that contains a list of specific steps to take to develop these good habits.

Check out the visual below and have fun reading!

Did you find our infographic interesting? More illustrations on good habits and general blog topics are available at


Support Small Business Saturday®

November 26th is Small Business Saturday®, a day to celebrate and support the local small businesses that boost the economy and invigorate neighborhoods across the country.

The Secrets of Success blog is proud to take part in Small Business Saturday, and we’re encouraging everyone to Shop Small® on Saturday, November 26th.

Love books? Visit my author page on to see my selection of business books, novels and audiobooks published through my indie publishing company, Bright Street Books.

Make today your day to Shop Small, and let’s make it the biggest day of the year for small business.


7 Steps to Clarity and Confidence

by Chris Atley

Clarity and confidence go hand in hand. When you can get clear on what it is you really want and where you want to go, you will move forward with much more confidence and ease. On the flip side, when you are clear on what your area of expertise is, you will have the confidence to go after what it is you want.

The first step
is to get clear on what your area of expertise is. What are your unique gifts? We can often look at our background to determine where our interests and passion lie. Often are trials and tribulations give way to our biggest gifts, and show us where we can help people. It may be overcoming the death of a loved one or having the courage to find our life purpose. Think abut your story, and what makes you an expert.

The second step is to pay attention to what the universe is showing you. I initially thought I would focus on helping other’s make a career change since I had done it myself. However, I was naturally attracting entrepreneurs who wanted help growing their businesses. Pay attention to what the universe is showing you.

Third, do what you love! Above all else, check in constantly as your business shifts and grows. Check in to make sure what you’re doing is something that you love and is in line with your bigger why. This will help tremendously going forward, especially as you are executing the tasks that you don’t particularly love that are a part of running your business. Connect back to your bigger purpose. As each new opportunity comes in, check back in with your mission and make sure it’s inline with it and something that you will enjoy doing. As you become clearer the universe will show you more of what you want.

Fourth, get clear on what you really want. I talk a lot about creating an ideal lifestyle with my clients. What do you really want? Where would you like to live, what type of life do you want? What kind of business do you want to run? Take some time to write this out. This will also help you to get clear on a financial goal that is meaningful and not just pulled out of thin air.

Fifth, it’s important to realize that confidence is a state. Meaning, it’s not something that you have to wait for. You can literally step into now. Ask yourself what needs to happen in order for you to feel confident? Is it 5 new clients or making x amount per month? What is it for you?

Next, ask yourself how will you go about doing what it is you identified above? Going with the example of 5 new clients a month, what will you do each day to work toward acquiring those clients? How will you include what needs to be done in your schedule?

Finally, step into a time when you were confident before. Actually choose a spot on the ground. Invoke what it felt like to be confident. Choose a word that describes those feelings and say it to yourself as you enable the feelings of confidence to flow through your body. What you have now done is anchored in this state in two places. The first being the spot on the floor your chose. The second being the word you picked. You can then step into that place or even just say the word to invoke those feeling of confidence whenever you like! Voila! It can be that easy.

Written by Success Speaker & Coach Chris Atley, CEO of Chris Atley LLC ~ Decisions by Design. For complimentary success tips for business and life, please visit

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

Because of the longstanding traditions of the holiday, the celebration often extends to the weekend that falls closest to the day it is celebrated.

Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. Historically, Thanksgiving had roots in religious and cultural tradition. Today, Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated as a secular holiday.
-from Wikipedia

Most Powerful Women in Tech 2016

Although a recent study found that women in general still get paid less compared to their male counterparts, it is worth noting that many women in the tech industry have earned the distinction of being some of the most powerful personalities in their respective fields. They play major roles in the companies where they work or they have contributed significantly to the success of their companies.

These powerful women occupy top posts in their companies or organizations. They serve highly important roles such as being a co-founder, COO, CEO, CFO, vice-president, chairman, and senior vice-president.

The tech world is usually perceived to be an industry for men. It is dominated by males but women have certainly started taking important roles. The have already been entrusted major functions and are enthusiastically answering the challenge of doing what men do in the tech profession, or even deliver better performance.

The world’s most powerful women in tech 2016 clearly demonstrate that the tech world is no longer just a man’s world. They provide concrete evidence of women being able to rise to the occasion and be reliable leaders in tech companies or organizations. For women who seek inspiration, it’s worth getting acquainted with the most powerful women in the tech field.

See the infographic that we prepared for the most powerful women in tech below:

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Women tech professionals should aspire to be better in their field while males can take it as a challenge knowing that women can also do what they do and earn as much. Our blog is a good resource for career or business oriented individuals who want to succeed or be better in their chosen fields.

"Turning a Powerful Personal Brand into Content that Sells" with Ling Wong on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

 Show #392

Ling Wong is author of the new book, "Copywriting Alchemy: Secrets To Turning a Powerful Personal Brand Into Content That Sells."

This book is designed for coaches, consultants, solopreneurs and small business owners who want to establish a standout personal brand and translate it into meaningful, powerful and effective marketing copy.

You'll uncover the 5 critical layers of a powerful and sustainable personal brand, and be taken through a step-by-step process to build yours on a solid foundation.

The reason why most branding exercises fall short is that many people end up with a "brand style guide" yet unable to communicate its essence through their marketing content. They ended up with plain vanilla copy that sounds like everybody else. Their voice and personality got lost in translation.

This book presents an integrated process to help you craft a powerful personal brand and turn it into content strategy, copy and marketing materials that connect and resonate with your readers, making conversion a natural next step:

   * How to use the personal branding process to filter out distraction so you can get off the marketing hamster wheel and do what matters
   * 5 critical layers of a powerful personal brand that builds trust, credibility, and relationships to get more clients.
   * 3 content principles to build connection and resonance with your audience.
   * 3 copywriting directives to turn your personal brand into powerful marketing content.

Ling Wong is a Intuitive Brainiac, Creativity Mentor and Copywriting Alchemist.

Through her unique blend of marketing coaching, content strategy and copywriting process, she helps the maverick-preneurs uncover, articulate & transform their WHY into content that connects, resonates and converts -- by way of an intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training and 15 years experience in the online marketing industry.

Ling is Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing certified. Through her writing engagements with various SaaS and marketing companies with the goals of driving organic traffic, building readership and increasing conversion, she's well-versed in topics including online marketing, content marketing, eCommerce, conversion, UX, social media marketing, and more.

She helps coaches, consultants, service professionals, solopreneurs and small businesses apply these best practices to their specific business models and circumstances.

Ling's new book will be available as a free download for a very limited time. Learn more about getting your copy here:



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"Balancing Masculine and Feminine in Business and Love" with Law of Attraction Practitioner Love Coach Leslie Ziemba on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #391 

Topic: "Balancing Masculine and Feminine in Business and Love"

Leslie Ziemba is a Law of Attraction Practitioner Love Coach. She is also the Author of “Fearless Love” – Growing Through Divorce, Dating and Divine Purpose to Heal, Thrive and Attract the Love You Desire.

She writes and teaches on the topics of love, relationships, divorce, healing and divine purpose.

Leslie’s passion is helping men and women to overcome challenges related to dating in mid-life and guiding them to having a thriving life and love! Her personal story, work and book reflect pure vulnerability, authenticity and the “Big Sister – Real Talk” we often need to help us get out of our own way.

Leslie is based out of Charleston, SC and works with clients all over the country. When she is not coaching clients or writing, she is practicing meditation, enjoying the beach, time with her two grown children and grandson as well as her French Bulldog - Pookie.

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Happy 8th Anniversary Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

 Women Entrepreneurs Radio
is eight years old!

My very first show was broadcast on 11/12/2008 and featured:  Energy Guide, Elena Camp

Listen to that show here:

Mission of the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ Show

  • Foster a supportive community of women entrepreneurs
  • Help women succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors, providing valuable tips and resources from women who have been there
  • Promote women-owned businesses and support the economic empowerment of women


"How Small Business Owners Can Sell to Big Clients" with Sales Coach Melinda Chen on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #390

Topic: "How Small Business Owners Can Sell to Big Clients"

Melinda Chen is a sales coach helping female entrepreneurs sell to big clients. She is also a sales executive with an impressive sales track record of 8 figures. Her company, Women Making Big Sales, allows female entrepreneurs to start connecting and sell to big clients in 5 weeks.

Melinda grew up in an entrepreneurial family. When she first started her sales career after university, she wanted to know everything about selling. So, she spent years reading over 20 books in sales, made over 5,000 cold calls and worked with agents, reps and corporate clients around the world.

Since then, she has mastered the art of selling to big companies and made sales in Americas, Europe and Asia covering a wide range of industries. She is inspired to help women take control of their lives by going for big clients, closing important deals and dramatically expand their business.



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Ronnika Ann: Senior PR Director, Public Speaker & Author on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #389

Topic: Putting the PR Back into EntrePReneurship

Ronnika Ann: Multi-Entrepreneur, Senior PR Director, Public Speaker & Author

Ronnika Ann has dedicated her life to helping others through Communications and Public Relations under IGN PR & Co.

Ronnika Ann is the leader and visionary of every campaign she touches; she spearheads strategic campaigns and develops goals for each client. Every win and opportunity for growth is personal. That commitment to personal growth is at the heart of her team's efforts and she works relentlessly with top PR Heads in the industry, to focus on mastering relationship-based business to earn her clients' public support.

Inside the office walls, Ronnika "keeps the light on." She makes sure everyone she works with has just the right amount of light. When things get hectic, she smiles and goofs off, lighting the way to solution based relief. And since a little happy dance never hurt anyone, each win is celebrated, in real-time. It's a priority of hers to keep her team and her clients full of faith, spirit and, well, happy. It is Ronnika's integrity based leadership and purpose driven character that make her campaigns a growing success. Passing this persistence and passion to her clients makes every difference in her business as well.

Ronnika has gained 8 plus years of experience in leadership, event planning, production, public relations and journalism.

Her most recent attributes have come from her contributions to IGN PR & Co., Yellow Pages Corporate Marketing Team, The Sun Herald Newspaper, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Mississippi's Channel 23, and ABC's WAPT Channel 16.

As a result of such vast experiences, she created, publishes and writes for the PR Insights and has published a book series called: "Putting The PR Back in EntrePReneurship" under her PR for a Day Consulting Service.

Ronnika received her Master's in Business Administration from American InterContinental University and has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Mass Communications and Speech Communication from Jackson State University. She is a lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. Because of all of her achievements, Ronnika was awarded the "Keys to the City" from her hometown, Biloxi, Ms. Ronnika A. Joyner Day is official celebrated on January 4th.

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How to Succeed in the Face of Seemingly Insurmountable Obstacles

by Jack Canfield

To achieve your goals, you must take action – and REMAIN in action, moving persistently in the direction of the results you want to create.

But sometimes you run into roadblocks that seem too big to overcome, setbacks that knock you down so hard you begin to wonder if you’ve been wasting your time chasing an impossible dream.

How do you persist in the face of such seemingly insurmountable obstacles?

Here are my top 7 tips:

1. Know that adversity is inevitable

No matter how well you plan and how well you execute your plan, you are bound to meet with disappointment, setbacks, and failure along the way to your ultimate triumph. Sometimes, you will encounter what seem like overwhelming odds. At other times, the Universe will test your commitment to the goal you’re pursuing. It’s inevitable – and it’s a good thing.

Why? Because adversity is an excellent teacher. It gives you the opportunity to develop your inner resources of character and courage, requiring you to learn new lessons, develop new parts of yourself, and make difficult decisions. 

So instead of worrying about setbacks or letting them put the brakes on your momentum, know that they are bound to happen sooner or later – and when they arrive, welcome them as the learning opportunities they are.

2. Talk to people who have walked the path before you

Every challenge you encounter on your journey has already been experienced – and overcome – by countless others before you. Do your research and find out who these people are. Talk to them one-on-one if you can and ask them what they did to overcome that problem. Read their articles, watch their videos, buy their books – whatever it takes to find the answer to your problem.

The clues to success are out there in plain sight – if you look, you will find them.

3. Chunk it down into achievable short-term goals

When you’re faced with a big challenge, the best way to deal with it is to chunk it down into simple, achievable steps. This is true for any goal you want to achieve, really – by breaking it down into a series of smaller tasks, and accomplishing them one at a time. Be sure to set measurable goals with specific deadlines and then determine all of the individual action steps you will need to take to accomplish your goal.

Maybe your first step will be to google, “How do I [solve this problem]?” Maybe it will be to do some research, find someone who has solved the problem before, and set up a meeting with them. Or maybe it will be to download a tutorial, or watch a YouTube video. As long as the action is carrying you further along the path toward your ultimate goal, it’s a step in the right direction.

4. Come up with 3 possible solutions for every problem
When you run into an obstacle or roadblock, a great way to resolve it faster and with less hassle is to brainstorm three possible solutions to it. There’s always more than one way to solve any problem, and in order to find the one that will work best for you, it’s smart to give yourself some options.

That way, if the first solution doesn’t work you don’t have to go back to the drawing board or waste time getting discouraged all over again because you already have two more solutions lined up ready to go.

5. Set ambitious goals that help you stay focused on the big picture

When you’re scaling a mountain, it’s the breathtaking views from the peak—and the triumph you know you’ll feel once you’ve reached the summit – that keep you climbing toward the top. Don’t get stuck thinking only about your next few steps. Remember the ultimate reason why you’re doing this.

What kind of life are you striving to create for yourself? How will you feel once you are living that life? This is the fuel that will keep your motivation burning bright even when it feels like your luck has run cold.

6. Be willing to pay the price

Achieving your biggest goals and dreams will require some level of sacrifice. It might mean putting other things in your life on hold while you devote your evenings and weekends toward your dreams. Or it might mean investing some of your savings or giving up a few hours of sleep each night for months on end. Are you willing to make that effort?

Many people proclaim to want to achieve their goals, yet are unwilling to pay the price it takes to make their dreams a reality. No one knows this better than Olympic athletes. According to John Troup, writing in USA Today, “The average Olympian trains four hours a day at least 310 days a year for six years before succeeding. Getting better begins with working out every day. By 7:00 AM most athletes have done more than many people do all day.”

Although becoming an Olympic athlete is probably not in your future, you can become world class in whatever you do by putting in the time and disciplined effort required to excel. 

But before you choose to pay the price, you must know what the price is. If you don’t know what will truly be required to make your dreams a reality, investigate what it will take to achieve your desired goals. Research the costs other people have had to pay to achieve dreams similar to yours. You may even want to interview these individuals to discover the sacrifices they had to make along the way.

You may find that some costs are more than you want to pay. Only you can decide what is right for you and what price you are willing to pay.

7. Never, ever, ever give up

If the price is something you are willing to pay, commit yourself to achieving your dream – no matter what it takes. The willingness to do whatever is required is the magic ingredient that helps you persevere in the face of challenges, setbacks, pain and even personal injury.

Consider these examples:
  •     Admiral Robert Peary attempted to reach the North Pole seven times before he made it on try number eight.
  •     In its first 28 attempts to send rockets into space, NASA had 20 failures.
  •     Oscar Hammerstein had five flop shows that lasted less than a combined total of 6 weeks before Oklahoma!, which ran for 269 weeks and grossed $7 million.
  •     Oprah Winfrey was fired from an early television reporting job as “she was not deemed suitable for television.”
  •     Tawni O’Dell’s career as a writer is a testament to her perseverance. After 13 years, she had written six unpublished novels and collected 300 rejection slips. Finally, her first novel, Back Roads, was published after being chosen by Oprah Winfrey for the Oprah Book Club, and the newly anointed novel rose to number two on the New York Times bestsellers list, where it remained for 8 weeks.

Can imagine if any of these people had given up along the way?

The longer you hang in there, the greater the chance that something will happen in your favor. No matter how hard it seems, the longer you persist, the more likely your success will be.
What to do when YOU are your biggest obstacle

All too often, the biggest obstacles that are preventing us from moving forward exist between our own ears. Maybe you have a scarcity mindset or have a negative relationship with money. Maybe you think you’re not smart enough or that you lack the education or experience. Or maybe the problem is that you’re scared of success, or you don’t think you deserve it.

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul® and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you're ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at:

Grace Keller of Saving Grace on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show # 388

Grace Keller's experience in the financial arena spans over a decade with a background comprising in areas of financial modeling, profit and loss, pricing strategies, budgets, and ad-hoc projects.

Her expertise has benefited household-name corporations such as Daimler Chrysler, Kellogg, Bosch, and Sears, among others. In addition, she boasts an extensive background in business analysis, long-range strategic planning, and working cross-functionally to balance strategic and financial goals.

After years in the corporate work, Keller is taking her skills and knowledge to a new industry by launching a personal/business concierge service. Her company, SAVING Grace, stemmed from Keller's own history and wisdom gained from being a caretaker to both of her parents, all while working full-time.

Keller is blending her first-hand experiences by creating a vision that supports everyone from working professionals, people on short-term disability, new moms, parents, the disabled and caregivers who need a little break.

Hindsight learning as a caretaker combined with a successful career in finances makes for the perfect ingredients allowing Keller to aide others who are on their own journey.


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