Most Powerful Women in Tech 2016

Although a recent study found that women in general still get paid less compared to their male counterparts, it is worth noting that many women in the tech industry have earned the distinction of being some of the most powerful personalities in their respective fields. They play major roles in the companies where they work or they have contributed significantly to the success of their companies.

These powerful women occupy top posts in their companies or organizations. They serve highly important roles such as being a co-founder, COO, CEO, CFO, vice-president, chairman, and senior vice-president.

The tech world is usually perceived to be an industry for men. It is dominated by males but women have certainly started taking important roles. The have already been entrusted major functions and are enthusiastically answering the challenge of doing what men do in the tech profession, or even deliver better performance.

The world’s most powerful women in tech 2016 clearly demonstrate that the tech world is no longer just a man’s world. They provide concrete evidence of women being able to rise to the occasion and be reliable leaders in tech companies or organizations. For women who seek inspiration, it’s worth getting acquainted with the most powerful women in the tech field.

See the infographic that we prepared for the most powerful women in tech below:

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Women tech professionals should aspire to be better in their field while males can take it as a challenge knowing that women can also do what they do and earn as much. Our blog is a good resource for career or business oriented individuals who want to succeed or be better in their chosen fields.

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