The Feminine Approach to Branding

by Tasha Bovain

From Manolo Blahniks to Jimmy Choos, it’s the packaging of these brands that seduce us into spending $400 on a pair of shoes we’ll only wear once.

Establishing a personal identity that reflects your unique personality and values is the key to getting noticed and standing out from the crowd.

For example, Oprah Winfrey has built an entire empire based on her core values. Her passion for helping others, generosity and soulfulness is reflected in everything she does – her talk show, her magazine, and her satellite radio show.

You can create that same personal success for yourself by focusing on your unique qualities, how you want to be perceived, who you want to reach, and by packaging yourself accordingly.

Be you. While it may be tempting to follow the masses when you’re first starting your business, market according to your personality. Not only will it make the process of marketing more fun, but it will also make your marketing campaign more effective as more customers will resonate with your product or service and you as an individual. But in order to do this, you must first know who you are and what you stand for.

What are your talents? What causes are closest to your heart? What is your life mission? What are your values and passions? If you’re having trouble during this process, dig through some old magazines and make a collage of pictures that inspire you most.

Make good use of your words. Can you communicate your value to customers in twenty words or less? Instead of simply stating you’re a lawyer, a life coach, or a writer, focus on what unique benefit you provide to your customers. In my own business as a writer and marketing consultant, I focus on the fact that I help small businesses humanize their brand and effectively communicate their value proposition so that they can attract more customers.

Bragging rights. Oftentimes, we as women have a hard time promoting themselves. While we have no problem bragging on our best friend or sister, we choke up when it comes to tooting our own horn. Find a way to make self-promotion work for you.

As we are all about giving to others, instead of approaching marketing from the traditional “what’s in it for me” standpoint, focus on what you have to give and how you create more value for your clients. You’re only doing your customers a disservice by keeping your talents hidden and by not getting your product or service out there.

About the author: Tasha Bovain is a writer and editor, specializing in creating values-led communications for small businesses and non-profit organizations. With a passion for business, marketing know-how and creative writing skills, she writes copy for clients ranging from event planning companies, to holistic wellness enterprises, to retail establishments. She thrives on supporting passionate organizations and professionals in pursuit of their dreams -- from the social entrepreneur to the local artist serving their community. Committed to "do-gooding," she has worked and volunteered with a host of non-profit organizations including: New York Women in Film and Television, P.S.1 Museum of Contemporary Art, Capital District Community Gardens, and the Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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How She Does It: Samantha Paxson, Chief Marketing Officer at CO-OP Financial Services

Samantha Paxson is the Chief Marketing Officer at CO-OP Financial Services, a financial technology and payments company serving 3,500 credit unions and their 60 million consumers.

She handles the company’s experience strategy, managing the ways CO-OP’s brand is delivered through message, product and value chain. She is also the founder of CO-OP THINK, an innovation content platform and event series empowering the evolution of modern, mission-driven financial services.

Deb Bailey: Welcome to the Secrets of Success blog, Samantha. Please share how did you get started as an entrepreneur.

Samantha Paxson: Great to be here, Deb. I started as an entrepreneur inadvertently!  I started out as a journalist not working in journalism – I took my background in storytelling and went into entertainment public relations and quickly morphed into marketing consulting for clients ranging from Aston Martin, Hurley/Billabong and Hoteles Camino Real to American Express and Marlboro Racing.

One of my clients, a small ATM company trying to go national asked me to move in-house as their VP of Marketing at the advent of the FinTech revolution and I moved from simple storyteller to transformational “intrapreneuer” shifting the way our brand was delivered through experience, messaging, technology and service.  I introduced an event series, magazine and content portal called CO-OP THINK and it immediately gained a considerable following in our industry and beyond.  I found that curiosity and boredom with what exists are fantastic creativity boosters that can transform any business from the inside out.

Deb: I think a lot of entrepreneurs start out in a similar way. They plan one thing, but they end up on a different path. Are there any “lessons learned” along the way that you’d like to share?

 Samantha: I wish I had learned sooner that I can make a bigger difference by getting out of my own “lane”.  I found that most innovation and true change happens in the space between functions.  My team gave me the nickname: SILO SLAYER.  I wear it as a badge because it builds the trust that is critical to collaboration and creative problem solving.

Deb: Who are your ideal clients?

Samantha: The decision makers at our credit unions who push the idea of what banking “is," including moving away from fear and concern, they can see the possibilities and opportunities transformation can bring.  When we think of new ways today’s modern consumer wants to engage with financial services providers and the potential value we can bring as a purpose-driven industry, we can innovate on solutions to drive our mission of "people helping people."

Deb: That sounds very innovative. What have been some of your successes and challenges?

Samantha: I’ve recently led an audit of our experience delivery that allowed me to really dig into the way we deliver on our brand:  from our systems and operations to our service.  This was difficult – requiring deep trust-building across the company.  Because digital has become the catalyst for transforming existing business, deeply understanding the current way  you deliver is an important first step in every organizations’ evolution.   By studying our clients and their consumers’ “jobs to be done” we can find new ways to bring ease, delight and creative solutions for paying, transacting and managing money.

Deb: What inspires you to do the work you do?

Samantha: Intersecting humanity and creativity with digital innovation and transformation.  I love learning from new thinkers, mavericks and outside companies solving problems in ways I haven’t thought of on my own.  I love collaboration, creative problem solving and ideation.  If I can do that all day long, it’s not work, it’s joy.

Deb: When you're doing what you love, it certainly doesn't feel like work. What’s your vision for your business?

Samantha: Doing what I’m doing now, but on a larger level with much greater impact for all professionals.

Deb: I've really enjoyed this discussion, Samantha. Thanks for stopping by, and please share your website and social media URLs.

Samantha: I enjoyed it too, Deb. Here they are:

CO-OP Financial Services:

CO-OP Financial Services Consumer Blog


CO-OP's Twitter: @COOPFS

Samantha's Twitter: @SamSmythPaxson

Samantha's LinkedIn:

Merry Christmas!

Have a safe and happy holiday!


Time Management for the Entrepreneur

by Deborah A. Bailey

It’s the end of the day and you’re feeling overwhelmed because you haven’t accomplished everything that you set out to do. Not to mention the fact that now there are more things to add to your “to do” list.

If you’ve ever had that experience then you know how frustrating it can be. Where did the time go?

Even though we all get the same 24 hours in a day, we might not be using that time as efficiently as we’d like. A friend of mine, who’s also an entrepreneur, says she’s only getting a couple of hours sleep a night because she’s trying to get everything done. It’s not unusual for her to go to bed at 5:00 am, only to have to get up again at 8:00 a.m. to start working again.

Though we can have good intentions when we start out, it’s so easy to get sidetracked with time wasters. If you find yourself wondering why you’re not getting things done, it’s time to change how you’re managing your time.

time management for the entrepreneur

  • Don’t answer every call as it comes in. Screen your calls and return the lower-priority calls at a later time.
  • Close your email program. Reading and replying to emails all day long is a major time stealer. Choose two or three times during the day to check your mail.
  • Keep a list of things to accomplish for the day and stick to it.
  • Take time for breaks in order to keep your energy level up.
  • Working for hours without clearing your mind will make you less productive.
  • If you work from home establish boundaries. Don’t get stuck on the phone with friends or family who feel that if you’re at home you’re not working.
  • If a potential client contacts you, arrange a time to meet. A consultation that you think will take 15 minutes could end up taking a large chunk of time out of your day.
  • Create systems to handle repetitive, day-to day tasks.

If you plan out your day and create systems to stay on track, you’ll be able to accomplish more. At the end of the day you can look back on all the things you’ve completed and not be frustrated by what’s been left undone.

Deborah A. Bailey is the author of several non-fiction books, novels and a short story collection. She's the creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ , a weekly podcast featured on iTunes and Podomatic. For more information visit and

How She Does It: Malini Bhatia, Founder & CEO of

Malini Bhatia is the Founder & CEO of, an online resource for advice from vetted experts on all things marriage. fills the online void between numerous dating, wedding, baby, and family websites, creating a community and resource for the foundation of today’s society: healthy, happy marriages in all its diversity.

Malini's passion for supporting people through the journey of building and sustaining positive, healthy relationships, combined with her business acumen, inspired the creation of

She has past experience in the PR and communications industries and has worked with companies in the tech, healthcare and non-profit sectors.

Deb Bailey: Welcome to the Secrets of Success blog, Malini. Please share with us how you got started as an entrepreneur.

Malini Bhatia:
Great to be here, Deb. Prior to creating, I ran a startup in the consumer technology space and worked in PR and communications with companies across industries in the tech, healthcare, and non-profit sectors (both in the U.S. and internationally). All of these experiences built up my confidence so I felt ready to  tackle the "relationship space", which I'm really passionate about. By applying technology solutions to untapped areas I think can have a huge, positive, social impact.

Deb: Are there any “lessons learned” from your business experience?

Malini: I think one of my most important learnings in business is that it is important not only to manage time but it’s even more important to manage your energy at work.

Your energy limits what you can do with your time, so it’s important to manage it wisely. It’s important to work with a high life condition, take care of your health and personal needs. It is important to maintain a good work-life balance. My husband, two daughters and my spiritual beliefs give me the positive energy to work in my business.

Deb: So, who are your ideal clients?

Malini: Anyone looking for helpful and positive advice from vetted experts on all stages of marriage: pre-marriage, marriage, parenting, separation, and divorce.

Deb: What are some of your successes and challenges?

Malini: To be satisfied in your life, it is important to do work that you truly believe in. I had a sincere desire to work in an area that added meaningful value to people’s lives and provided support to people. I went with my gut and instinct to re-launch the site and I think believing in the need for something like this was my inspiration and motivation to move forward.

I always had the desire to work in an area that could add meaningful value to people’s lives. There was a phase in my life when people close to my heart were really suffering in their relationships, which either led them to get a divorce, separate or just be married for the sake of it and live together despite no emotional or physical connection.

It was around that phase in my life when my husband and I came across the opportunity to acquire the assets of the company (through a business network), which then operated as a wedding site. Rather than focus on weddings, which is one day in a person’s life, we decided to change the focus to marriage, which is intended to be a lifetime event. We rebuilt the website entirely to reflect this change in direction and strategy.

One year later, we re-launched to provide expert advice, trusted resources and positive information about all things marriage. Success to me means, providing meaningful value in people’s life

Deb: What inspires you to do the work you do?

Malini: I always had the desire to work in an area that added meaningful value in people's lives and provided support to people. My passion for supporting people through the journey of building and sustaining positive, healthy relationships, combined with my business acumen, inspired the creation and my work on

Marriage as an institution today needs help. Statistics show that nearly 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in a divorce. The divorce rate for first marriages is 41 percent, 60 percent of second, and 73 percent of third marriages end in divorce. Healthy marriages are important for mental and physical health of couple as well as for for children; growing up in a happy home protects children from mental, physical, educational and social problems.

Deb: Thanks so much for sharing your business with us. Please share website and social media URLs

Malini: I enjoyed it, Deb! Here are my links.

Twitter: @marriagedotcom


5 Tips to Thriving Over the Holidays

5 tips to thriving over the holidays
by Chris Atley

Here are 5 tips I have found to be the most useful for reducing overwhelm over the holidays and actually thriving instead :-)

1. Pre-plan what you are going to buy for people and what your budget is. Then assign dates that are associated with executing that plan. This will help you immensely to stay organized, which will in-turn reduce a ton of stress.

Let’s also look at being really intentional with gift giving this year. What will be meaningful for someone else? What will light up their hearts? One thing I am excited about for the kids this year is visiting the local crystal shop for a few spiritual goodies :-)

2. Say no. If you have received a lot of invites to Christmas parties, decide honestly which ones are really important to you and your family. Some compromises might be in order, but for the most part only attend if they are an absolute yes! If you add things to your calendar that you don’t really want to attend, this is going to build resentment and more stress. It’s not worth it.

3. Keep up with regular exercise routines. This is usually the first to go, but it is so important. Note I said regular routines; this isn’t the time to up the workout routine, as that will just add stress to an already busy time of year. Keep up regular routines and schedule in your workouts. This is going to help you reduce stress and feel good. It’s worth it. If you’re travelling, look at how you can creatively adapt your regular workout routine while you are away. Decide how many workouts you want to get in (again not more then usual), and put them in your calendar. This is the way to actually make them happen.

4. Schedule in some down time! When your cup is full, you will have more to give others. What can you do weekly, daily, that is just for you? Maybe a hot bubble bath or special meditation with a nice aromatherapy…what is this for you? Schedule it in. Again, this will guarantee that it happens.

5. Give love. Have patience and don’t be in a rush if you are tackling the shops. How can you give love and make everyone else’s life better with whom you come into contact with? Imagine how peaceful the world would be, if we ALL did that? Bliss.

Namaste friends and much love to you all during this holiday season xo

Written by Success Speaker & Coach Chris Atley, CEO of Chris Atley LLC ~ Decisions by Design. For complimentary success tips for business and life, please visit

"Hold Up! 6 Tips to Avoid Being a Hostage to Holiday Spending" with Cash Flow Consultant Kim Harris on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #396

Topic:  "Hold Up! 6 Tips to Avoid Being a Hostage to Holiday Spending"

Referred to as The "Legacy Creation" Strategist™ and noted owner of KIM XI LEGACY ENTERPRISE LLC™, Ms. Harris helps others to create their legacies in life and business by sharing information and knowledge that strengthens their financial future.

With more than 20 years of corporate, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial experience, Kim helps business owners navigate through the challenges of business growth to establish a solid standing in the marketplace through training and consulting.

She is responsible for raising more than $5MM in corporate sponsorships and grants in the previous 15 years from entities such as JP Morgan Chase, Verizon Wireless, Citi, Office Max, American Airlines, and many more.  Kim is also a recipient of the prestigious SBA Women in Business Champion of the Year Award.

Certified Business Development / Cash Flow Consultant
Licensed Agent in TX, CA, FL, NM, MI

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"The 5 Essential Steps To Build A Freedom-Based Business You Love" with Business Strategist Tameka Allen

Show #395

 Topic: "The 5 Essential Steps To Build A Freedom-Based Business You Love"

Tameka Allen is a Business Strategist, Certified Coach, Speaker, and the Founder of

She works with professional women who are frustrated with their careers and are ready to step out and start their own business. Tameka helps them embrace the value of their undeniable gift, gain clarity on their business strategy, and take intentional action to build a business they love.

Today, there are thousands of women working in careers they hate. The reasons they remain in these careers varies, but ultimately, they settle for the status quo due to the lack of clarity to understand what they want, the value of what they offer and the need for their expertise in the marketplace. For these reasons, Tameka is on a mission to help professional women break free from these challenges and create the business and life they want.

When she’s not showing women how to build their dreams, you can find her watching Scandal, on the beach with her hubby, or cutting up with her three kids.

Tameka has 12 years experience as a Human Resources Leader and Trainer, a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Coach Certification through the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute, and she’s a member of the International Coach Federation.

Check out her FREE guide, 10 Rookie Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How To Fix Them.

To get even more business inspiration, connect with her on social media:


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Tameka Allen on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

8 Beginner Blogger Mistakes to Avoid

Blogging is one of the best ways on how to express yourself, show your passion about something and even make money online. Many people nowadays are very good in expressing themselves through their written work as compared to expressing themselves in person. When you begin blogging, you may get excited to start right away without thinking things through. Because of this, you tend to make boo-boos, which can also serve as lessons to make you better.

These are of course, understandable and may be addressed by reading guides, how-tos and even read blogs and stories about bloggers who had their own blunders when they were just starting. Use their experiences as your guide in your blogging journey.

All successful people, whether in sports, academics or business started with a little or even zero knowledge and this is also true in blogging. What they only have is the passion to share their thoughts through writing. Many bloggers who are now famous may have experienced these and just learned through continuous writing, research and putting their best effort in what they do. Yes, it would take hard work, personal style, experience and never ending learning in order to make your blog stand above the rest.

We prepared this infographic that would serve as a guide on the usual mistakes made by budding bloggers. This is very helpful for you to save yourself time and effort in making sure that you start your own blogs right. Take time to read and start writing!

See the image below and you will learn a lot.


Coach & Author Pegi Burdick: The Financial Whisperer on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #394

“It’s NEVER About the Money…even when it is,” is Pegi Burdick’s third book. She became an expert on how our emotions impact our financial decisions through surviving her own financial cliff in 2007.

She is an NYU Alumni and affectionately calls herself a serial entrepreneur - 22 jobs and four businesses by the time she was 58.

She finally found her true voice after being a mortgage broker and is passionate about preventing women from falling apart financially.

She has been featured in the Huffington Post, FORBES Women, MSN Living, and US News and World Report.

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Author Q&A: "Eat One Half Make Weight Loss Easy" by O. Bey, MD

Omar Bey, M.D., FCCP is a board certified pulmonary critical care physician. A native of New Jersey he practices medicine in Newark, working in the profession for 29 years. 

A newly-published author, Dr. OBey’s book titled, “EAT One/Half Make Weight Loss Easy” is the result of working to change the eating habits of patients suffering from excessive weight. 

In addition to the book, he is the originator of the newly launched online weight loss support tool, the EAT One/Half Weight Loss Network. Currently, he serves as host to Newark’s medical cablevision TV Show “A Moment in Medicine.

Deb Bailey: Welcome to the Secrets of Success blog, Dr. Bey. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your book. Please share what it's about.
 Dr. Omar Bey: Glad to be here, Deb. The book is about making weight loss easy through use of the EAT One/Half Weight Loss Plan. It describes three practical features in order to achieve lasting weight loss: 1) A person has to follow through on the commitment to target success as it is a fundamental principle for staying with the plan, 2) A person has to realize that everyone is an individual and we like different foods, but for the purpose of this weight loss approach high calorie foods are cut in half and low calorie foods are increased by one half. In applying this approach with all meals and snacks in between, a person successfully cuts calorie intake over a 24 hour period, and 3) each person has a different metabolic rate. So for most of us behavior modification is a mandatory, and does require an eating lifestyle change.

EAT One/Half emphasizes how unique we are as individuals with different eating habits, taste preferences, metabolic rates, and diverse dietary influences. All of which affect our ability to lose weight. The book presents 14 simple steps to guide you through losing and maintaining lasting weight loss.

Deb: I agree that a program that can be tailored to each unique individual sounds very appealing. What inspired you to come up with the idea for your book?

Dr. Bey: Early on in my career as a Pulmonary Critical Care Physician, it was obvious that overweight and obese patients with serious medical problems experienced increased morbidity and mortality. So over the years, I devoted time in my medical practice to help patients lose fat, maintain weight loss, and improve their health. Many of them urged me to write a book because they knew people who could benefit from the EAT One/Half approach. 

Deb: No doubt you're a very busy person! When it comes to writing, what's your routine?

Dr. Bey: My writing routine is unusual, because weekday and weekend schedules are super busy. Besides, it is hard for me to sit and write, or type out my thoughts, especially since I think faster than I write. So, the saving grace was buying a new cell phone and realizing I could dictate my thoughts. I began emailing my dictation to the home computer, and then I would copy and paste my thoughts into Word. It worked like magic because I could be creative at anytime and anywhere, which was perfect for my busy schedule.

Deb: Who do you think will benefit most from reading your book?

Dr. Bey: The EAT One/Half book can be beneficial to anyone interested in using a healthy approach in the effort to lose and control weight. Ideas and practices explained in the book are easy to integrate into any lifestyle. The EAT One/Half plan is unique because it allows you to eat most of your favorite foods and avoid the terrible feeling of being punished. Moreover, the book is supportive, inspiring, and encouraging as it helps you be successful in achieving your desired weight loss goal.

Deb: Where can people find your book?

Dr. Bey: My book can be found on these sites:

Deb: Thanks again for sharing your book with us, Dr. Bey. Please share your website and social media URLs.

Dr. Bey: Thanks for inviting me, Deb. Here are my links.
FB: Eat One Half
Instagram: eatonehalf
Twitter: eatonehalf
You Tube: Eat One Half


The Female Entrepreneur: Women Who Run the World

The Female Entrepreneur: Women Who Run Their World #InfographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan
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