30-Day Money Cleanse for the Womanpreneur

As an entrepreneur you’re busy, like all the time busy. You probably get so busy you lose track of time and money, but don’t worry it happens to the best of us. Take a moment to reflect on 2016 and the Starbucks you’ve consumed, dining out, business and home office supplies, and the list goes on. Entrepreneurs thrive on efficiency and convenience and sometimes those come at a hefty cost.

Each year you should sit down and re-evaluate your expenditures and incorporate personal and professional financial goals into your new year plan. When you’re the accountant, the customer service rep, marketing, writer, speaker and every other role in your business, you can get so focused on daily tasks that you lose sight of the other stuff in the background.

Green is being named the trendy color of 2017, and it’s also conveniently the color of money. It’s time to refocus and get back on track! Earlier in January Kelli Wilkins talked about setting realistic goals, “setting small goals at first and as you accomplish them, crossing them off your list.” Money goals should be no different because they can be the most challenging on our willpower reserves.

As Benjamin Franklin whose head is on the $100 bill said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Personal Capital created the graphic below so you can stick to a 30 day plan to get your finances back in order. They’re a financial app with software where you can track your money and stay on budget.

It’s internally satisfying checking off plans, to-do lists, and days on the calendar and that’s what’s really cool about the graphic. Each day is tailored to become increasingly harder as your willpower to be financially fit becomes stronger. There’s even rest days just like a traditional workout regime.

Cleanses can come in all shapes and sizes and for different parts of your life. You could pledge for the next 30 days after to cleanse your office space and to adopt minimalism to be organized and efficient. Maybe you want to improve your sleep and diet? How about cleansing your life from the negative people who don’t support your business or dreams and goals? Craft a 30 day cleanse of your own choosing and become the best you yet.

All you need is a little time management, passion and some perseverance. Jump start your 2017 with this 30 day money cleanse to pay down debts and plan for the future. You can do it! Share your other 30 day cleanse ideas in the comments below.

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