Evolving Through Entrepreneurship

by Imelda Arcilla

Being an entrepreneur is more than the conventional terms used in business like scaling, production, making the bottom line etc.

The entrepreneur is the enterprise that she launches through her vision and devotion.

I humorously say if you want to find out your dysfunctions through beliefs, resistance to change, along with your strengths then become an entrepreneur.

It will challenge you to grow beyond what culture and fate gave you to create your own destiny. In the beginning, you play by the rules and when you know the rules you play by your heart and soul mission. Meaning we start off with the influence of culture beliefs, conditioned programming and a limited landscape.

But when the spirit of the entrepreneur is fueled by a great desire to create something beautiful and innovative in the world. It forces us to look inside to see where we may not be showing up fully in our lives to be able to carry the weight of our unlimited dreams. Our ability to manage and redefine challenges is critical and calls for not just a creative solution, but evolution.

We can see that the daily challenges are the obstacle course that strengthen our resolve to evolve us into our greatest potential. Everything we can trace is a stepping stone towards our success and soul expansion towards another level of challenges and achievements.

Sometimes the universe dangles a carrot as an incentive to strive for. Meanwhile it's part of a clever trick to develop you towards mastering your life beyond entrepreneurial aspirations. It forces you to understand what you truly value. Because life reflects your internal beliefs, how does your tribe value your vibe, your ideas, offerings, products and services?

Our business mirrors our internal integrity with our encoded core principles meant to be accessed to serve humanity in a unique way. It solves, heals, connects, inspires collaboration and unifies on some level. Of course, while making money. This is the highest goal.

This is activated through our awakened ambition that only awakens in the process of spiritual initiation. Entrepreneurship is the path that can catalyze the hidden seed potential. Through our soul's desire we activate the latent gifts to succeed beyond expectations.

Often, we are called to reinvent through many processes of rebirths amidst on going transformations that we undertake towards our greatest self. We are constantly under construction to build a better foundation to give the best of who we are in the world. Because like evolution we are always becoming to meet the needs of the current times we live in.

Is your business stuck, in a rut, out of alignment with your success or could be better? Check in to see where you're resisting everything you want, or where you're being asked to evolve to breakthrough your current paradigm. Remember what you're experiencing whether it's overwhelm or a lack of something isn't the problem, but a result of something else.

Ultimately the work we do in our business and how we attain success is so much more than the bottom line. It's how we're activated to, evolve and emerge and become something worth attaining in the end.

About the Author: Imelda Arcilla is a Writer along with her expertise in Spirituality, Self and Soul Development, Holistic Living, Transformation and Esoteric Knowledge.

She has a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs thrive in their unique way. https://www.linkedin.com/in/imeldaarcilla

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