5 Surefire Ways of Becoming a Successful Female Leader

by Yazi

Unlike the ancient times when leadership was particularly reserved for men, the modern world has seen successful women leaders from a broad range of industries, including fashion, politics, design, music, entertainment, and science. Perhaps you are wondering what these women possess to become extraordinarily successful, capture the hearts of their audiences, thrive in business, and create a huge following.

Wonder no more. The following guide will give you invaluable insight on effective management and leadership and how to become an inspirational leader who gets admired by many and leave a memorable legacy.

Be Assertive and Confident

All successful women will tell you that self-confidence is a major factor towards earning the trust of the people below you. This is where your assertiveness stems from; when you believe in your abilities, you can put your foot down as opposed to being a walkover. For instance, you should never open a discussion acknowledging your lack of business acumen as this would undermine your credibility as a female leader. Instead, you will want to learn everything you need about finance and identify the key metrics that give you the required insight in embracing financial knowledge.

Although true confidence has to come from within, one thing is certain: it has to with how you appear to people. By implementing confident body language techniques, you can improve your posture to seem more trustworthy. Practice these techniques and one day it will come out of you without trying hard.

Own your Destiny; Be Your Own Judge

The only way you can achieve notable financial goals is by creating a business that reflects your passions and ensuring to define success in your terms. You must focus on creating immense wealth for yourself while offering ample opportunities for your employees to thrive. Also, make certain to provide socially responsible services and products. Achieving your goals translates into you're moving a bar higher; think of your firm as a million dollar business from the onset and commit your efforts towards that direction.

Lead Like a Woman; Be Inclusive

Building effective leadership in business entails successful collaboration, consultation, and inclusion. These aspects will go a long way in building a culture where everyone's insights and ideas are considered while making decisions. Companies thrive on ideas; you will have to spend time seeking sources of innovative new products and services.

The easiest way you can propel your company forward is beginning by listening to others passively as a moderator and believing that there are no bad ideas. Subsequently, sieve through the information to leave what you don't need. Listening to your employees will lead a better brainstorming session and also open new growth opportunities. A workforce that comprises of people who feel valued will inspire commitment that helps you in achieving various organizational goals.

Fortunately, thinking holistically is a virtue that appears to be specific in women's leadership styles. You should, therefore, be able to go beyond the specific facts and numbers and take organization considerations and your personnel into account. This will aid in identifying opportunities, gaps, and risks that are often missed by your male counterparts, which will strengthen your competitive edge.

Create Exceptional Teams

The most common mistake made by a good number of leaders is the belief that success is only achieved by hiring executives from large companies. Avoid this error by appointing leaders who are capable of working effectively in a rapidly advancing entrepreneurial organization. Such people are capable of committing to a bigger cause while possessing values that are congruent with your own. These vital values include critical thinking, common sense, total respect, tolerance, and admiration for you as the entrepreneur. Giving thought to such characteristics will result in a team that is capable of identifying problems while implementing solutions that are concurrent with the evolving changes and challenges of the business.

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Establish Priorities Based on Your Values

It is essential that you avoid getting so caught up in your work that you can hardly see the world around. You must establish priorities and focus on integrating all aspects of your life, and while at it, treat your time and energy as scarce resources. Most importantly, understand that a majority of successful female leaders are lifelong learners. You must, therefore, learn to create time for attending seminars and conferences, meet with experts, participate in networks that provide industry knowledge, and most importantly, read. Attending work-related events will afford you an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with like-minded individuals, while personal networks of friends will give you a cohort of people to support you during tough times and celebrate with you over achievements.

Final Thought

Modern women are going up the rank of leadership rapidly by understanding that career success is not dependent on the male-dominated status quo. They instead embrace the uniqueness of diversity and overcome their doubts, which would otherwise prevent them from reaching their full potential. Similarly, you must learn to access both your masculine and feminine qualities and integrate them authentically in your decision making and leadership programs.

If you are keen on improving leadership effectiveness, you must focus on the virtue of perseverance; learn to stay the course even when the going gets tough. No leadership skill beats the ability to remain committed while believing in yourself and your business even in tough circumstances. While it's common knowledge that women are emotional beings, that fact should never stop you from achieving larger than life goals. Ensure that you communicate your emotions in a healthy way, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and be personally responsible for your life.

About the Author:
Yazi is an inspired writer who enjoys writing about personal growth, self-help tips, and women’s lifestyle. In her parallel life, she loves reading and finding her own way to balance her time between writing, baking cakes, and personal training. Follow her on Twitter @yada_dadadada.


Unknown said...

This article is so informative. It can be applied to more than just finance. I work in the medical field and I could see myself establishing these "rules" within that field. I think being a leader is something special. It's not for everyone. However, I love that confidence was mentioned in your article. I think everyone should show confidence in their work place.
Thank you for sharing!

Deborah A Bailey said...

Glad you liked the article, Breanna! Thanks for sharing your comments!

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