10 Powerful Tips to Write and Sell Your First eBook

It takes time to write an e-book. Even if you are done writing one, you should still keep working in order to promote the e-book and sell as many copies as possible. Take note that no matter how great the book is, there are a lot of other people who write quality e-books.

The goal is to stand out and attract people to get what you offer. It only means that there must be something unique about the e-book that people could not get elsewhere. The book should be worth the pay. Otherwise, they won’t trust you again should you publish an e-book in the future.

Take time to inform people about your e-book. Create a social media account in various platforms. Tell everyone that you have an upcoming e-book. Make pre-order possible so you have guaranteed buyers even before the release.

You should also provide free copies through raffle draws and other means. Create noise as much as possible. This is how you ensure that people know about your e-book. Take note that there are a lot of e-book writers that don’t have quality write-ups. They are just so great when it comes to advertising. This is why they have created popular e-books.

Quality should be the priority. In the end, people will know if you have done something amazing or not. To help you with writing and selling e-books, check out the infographic below. Make use of it to come up with something really amazing for people to learn from.

10 Powerful Tips to Write and Sell Your First eBook (PbS)

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