Sally Coldrick and Rachel Hentsch Founders of InfinityFoundry on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #418

Topic: Curiosity as a tool for life that leads towards learning and growth 

Sally Coldrick is a visionary leader with a background in strategic marketing. She is a connector of people and pioneer of big ideas which is complemented by her passion to inspire curiosity in those around her to solve problems creatively. Sally has two children (aged 4 & 7) and is married to an Englishman. They currently live in Brisbane, Australia.

Rachel Hentsch is an energy volcano and believes in the power of Technology as a means to enhance the human Sharing experience at all levels: spreading opportunities to learn, discover and grow. She is an Architect-turned-Digital-Entrepreneur, mother to five children (ages 12 to 23), is happily married and lives in Rome, Italy.

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