Female-Led Companies that Have Bridged the Funding Gap

Thanks to increased awareness and activism surrounding gender inequality in tech in recent years, “women in tech” is no longer just a theoretical concept. There are plenty of admirable women starting their own businesses, managing companies and driving significant growth for brands such as Facebook and Youtube.

However, what still raises eyebrows is the fact that a significant portion of female-led companies aren’t getting funding; a recent study by 99designs revealed that of the 3,003 companies that secured Seed, Series A or Series B funding in 2016, only 479 (16%) had at least one female founder, and only 246 (8%) had a female CEO at the helm. These findings are supported by a recent study by Crunchbase, which reported that between 2010-2015, a mere 15% of seed dollars globally went to startups with at least one female founder on the board.

While the lack of funding attributed to female-founded companies points to systemic issues within the tech and VC ecosystem, it simultaneously gives all the more reason to celebrate the female-led companies that have managed to bridge the funding gap. With this in mind, 99designs took a closer look into who these trailblazing companies are, zeroing in on companies that raised at least one round of funding (Seed, Series A or Series B) in 2016.

Turns out, these companies are headquartered from New York all the way to San Francisco, and they cover a range of industries, from healthcare to eCommerce. 99designs created an infographic visualizing trends in location, industry and funding amounts; the infographic is available here alongside the full list of companies. 99designs also analyzed the logo trends amongst the top 50 most-funded companies to determine common visual threads and aesthetic themes amongst these trailblazing brands.

We look forward to seeing more and more women-led companies join the ranks of those who are bridging the funding gap.

Female-led companies that have bridged the funding gap [infographic]

About the Author: Pamela Webber, Chief Marketing Officer at 99designs

Pam Webber of 99Designs
Pamela Webber is Chief Marketing Officer at 99designs. She is passionate about using data to derive customer insights and to find “aha moments” that impact strategic direction. In addition to her background as a marketer, Pamela brings a host of first-hand experience as an ecommerce entrepreneur. 

Prior to joining 99designs, she founded weeDECOR, an ecommerce company selling custom wall decals for babies' and kids' rooms, and also worked as an executive marketing consultant for True&Co, a wildly successful ecommerce startup specializing in custom-fitted women’s lingerie.

How to Predict What Your Boss Really Wants from You

business woman on a laptop
Who wouldn't want to be a "Professor X" with the ability to read the minds of our bosses and know exactly what they want?

Imagine how much easier work would be when you know what to focus on and cut out all the noise?

You wouldn't be able to read your boss's minds but you can predict what they want or expect from you. All it takes is activating your listening skills coupled with asking for help. 

Before talking about how to read your boss's priorities, it is best to understand the differences between a want and a need. Simply put, what a boss wants is a preference. It is a need when the absence of something, the result is a problem or a conflict. With that in mind, how to determine if it is a want or a need for your boss can be distinguished by active listening.

What am I listening for?

You are picking out their values and concerns through how they express the information. The first layer of listening is in their body language, followed by matching that to the words they are saying.

Does your boss become animated when talking about the details of the project or does the eyes light up when talking about the bigger goals of the project? This can give you an indication of what your boss prefers and is looking out for in the stages of the project.

The second layer of listening is extracting information about the undercurrent meanings and concerns your boss has. If you are unsure in pinpointing the exact intention, this brings us to the next way to predict your boss's wants:

Ask, ask, ask!

The best way to find out what your boss wants or needs is to ASK. Based on my experience, there are a lot of people who do not ask or clarify their doubts. Half the time, we spend operating on their interpretation or assumption of what the boss wants. The result is usually less than satisfactory because from the start, we weren't even sure of the boss's intention for us or the project in the first place.

business woman and man in a meeting

If this solution is so simple, why do people not ask more often?

The fear of sounding stupid holds us back. Look at the alternative of not asking, it is worse! So try injecting humor in your request. Start with stating the obvious, "silly question, but I would like to verify if (paraphrase in your own words what your boss has mentioned)?".

In asking you can also distinguish for yourself if the request from you boss is a want or a need (remember your active listening skills). If the request or task is beyond your capabilities due to resources or lack of time, let your boss know your current constraints and suggest how much seems realistically feasibly, given the circumstances. If your boss agrees, it was likely a want. If your boss cannot accept the suggested outcome, it should indicate to you that it is a need.

For me, I find out about my boss's wants, needs and expectations by having a casual chat with them now and then, towards the end of the day. Such a setting allows both of us the space to wind down after work and catch up with minor details we may have overlooked during the grind of the day.

I use this time to clarify my doubts (ASK!) or get their advice and his expectations of me in the given project and/or within the department or company.This should facilitate an alignment on where to go and how to do that within that timeframe.

goal setting


In order to predict what your boss wants, asking all the time may make you be perceived as incompetent. Try another route - asking people your boss works with. These conversations are valuable in giving you the foresight on the likes and dislikes or what kind of qualities your boss values. It helps you make an educated guess on how you can work well with your boss by being the dependable person who delivers their wants.

 On predicting the needs of the organization, if you're working on a project it would be easy. Ask what is the objective and how it fits into the overall goals of the company. Seeing the big picture of the project and how it contributes to the company helps in predicting and distinguishing your boss's needs and wants.

About the Author:
Carina stands for empowerment in making dreams become reality and her clients benefit greatly from it. As a coach, Carina likes to see herself as a mirror that reflects her client's truth. That mirror has no intention to judge, to beautify or to interpret her client's reality in any way. As a coach at Executive Coach International (https://ecicoaching.com/), her aim is to see the client as a person in that moment and to facilitate any change that the person is determined to undergo.


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business conference

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Deb's Note: I'm an ambassador for this event and I've been coached by Wendyy Bailey (no relation) of Business Beyond Limits. I can highly recommend Wendyy, her coaching and events!

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"Hiring a Content Marketing Expert VS Hiring a Virtual Assistant" with Lyndsay Phillips of Smooth Sailing Business Growth on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #428

Topic: "Hiring a Content Marketing Expert vs Hiring a Virtual Assistant"  

What does a Content Marketing Expert do that’s different? What does a VA do? How do you decide on the best professional for the job? Lyndsay Phillips shares what to look for and how to choose the right person for your business.

Lyndsay Phillips is a serial entrepreneur; self-professed organizational freak, client-appointed task master plus project ninja and warrior content marketer for life & business coaches, accountants and other online entrepreneurs across the globe.

As the CEO & Founder of Smooth Sailing Business Growth, she leads a rock star team to support entrepreneurs who are seeking fast-paced business growth but finally have come to the realization that they can’t do it alone, do it all, and do it well.

She is also the host of Sailing To Success Podcast and Smooth Sailing Online Support TV – – and loves sharing practical tips, business building & content marketing strategies so that you can be more productive and attract more customers faster.


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Lyndsay Phillips on Women Entrepreneurs Radio


Back to School = Back to Routines: 5 Tips to Creating & Implementing Your BIG Vision!

business woman with her daughter
by Chris Atley

First, take some time to get reenergized. If you’re feeling depleted do something just for yourself to get your energy level back up. I posted a video earlier this week on social media where I debunk the myth around working harder.

Doing what you love that relaxes and energizes you, will make all of the difference when you sit down to work and brainstorm. You will be more creative, clear and energized! This is what working smart not harder looks like :-)

Second, once rested and of clear-mind, allow yourself to really dream big! What do you really want to achieve in the next 90-days. I have my clients map out the ideal lifestyle they would like to create over the course of a year, thus making the 90-days goals easier to breakdown.

What do you really want to be, do and have? What is important to you? In terms of work – create ideas and projects that give you energy and that are exciting. Refrain from any “shoulds” and talking yourself into things. Do this in a place where your creativity can soar where you won’t be interrupted. It can even be at a coffee shop that makes you feel warm and cozy, or a park that allows you to be grounded in nature.

A change of environment and getting away from the office can be most inspiring. Use big paper and fun coloured markers, this will make it more fun too!

Third, choose the top 1-3 projects you are most excited about implementing. Map out all of the to do’s that will be required to bring the idea to fruition. Stick to this plan no matter what in order to gain momentum.

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to have bright-red-shiny-object syndrome. This is cool because we’re so creative and have so many great ideas coming in, but it’s not cool in the fact that this causes a lack of focus and jumping around, thus never seeing each idea / project to fruition. Stay flexible at the same time though, as you never know what great ideas the universe will bring to you in terms of “how” to make it happen.

A great rule of thumb is to take action on what you can see as next steps now, and stay open to what you aren’t seeing that will be shown to you :-) 

Fourth, make sure your calendar is rock solid in allotting time to work on the projects you have identified. Time blocking and chunking will help. Make time for this, along with EVERYTHING that is important to you both personally and professionally! This includes client fulfillment and doing a kick a$$ job for your people :-)

Fifth, have fun! It’s easy to get caught-up in the day-to-day to do’s and lose sight of our bigger vision. This is about creating a business and life on your terms and no one else’s. Do what makes your heart sing and choose strategies to help you carry out your vision that you resonate with and that are exciting to you. THAT is what will make it successful :-)

Much Love!!

Written by Success Speaker & Coach Chris Atley, CEO of Chris Atley LLC ~ Decisions by Design. For complimentary success tips for business and life, please visit www.chrisatley.com

How to Monetize Your Gifts for More Abundance in Your Business with Elena Camp on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Woman Entrepreneur Elena Camp
Show #429

Topic: How to Monetize Your Gifts for More Abundance in Your Business 

Elena Camp returns to Women Entrepreneurs Radio to talk about how to connect your gifts and your business so that you can find success YOUR way.

We talk about:
  • How not to lose sight of your "why"
  • How to start and run a business that reflects your unique gifts
  • How to trust yourself and rely on your inner guidance
  • How to let go of the struggle!

Elena Camp is a Certified "Get Clients Now" Facilitator. She loves helping women make money doing what they love and enjoying more free time.

She has an ability for helping women “monetize” their gifts, talents, passions and experiences so that they can create a life they love filled with meaning, abundance and creative self-expression.

Elena is the mother of a college bound son, Author, Speaker, Queen of the Side Hustles.

She's working on two book concepts. College Money for the Middle Class and a Single Mother's Guide series.


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Are You Over Identifying with Your Business?

business woman sitting on step
by Chris Atley

When you grip so tightly to trying to control your business and the outcome, you can sometimes miss the very opportunities that will help you take it to the next level.

You will also miss out on a ton in your personal life –whether it’s with friends or family. You might be there with them, but if you’re being honest you’re not really “there” right?

Here are 6 ways to find out if your identity is too wrapped up in your business.

    You think about your business constantly. Like once every 5 minutes.
    You are obsessed with social media – constantly checking updates, etc.
    When out at social functions you feel the need to talk / promote your business.
    You feel like you are your business – there is no division between you personally and it.
    You will let everything else in your life go to make sure your business is a success.

    And last but not least, and my personal favourite….

    Your self-worth is tied to your business results. When they’re down, you’re down. When they’re up you’re up. You don’t see your value aside from your business. A dangerous place to be. 

The way to start shifting this is getting clear on your priorities in life in general. Most people start their own businesses to have freedom, but then tend to spend much more energy on it then they did when they had a job. The intention is good, the behaviour is off.

Make time for what you value. Your life will be fuller if you allow yourself a little freedom now. You don’t have to wait until someday when you’ve achieved _____ level. For what you put out comes back. If you experience more freedom and the benefits that come with it, you will receive more back that enables you to feel free and happy, whether it’s more clients who you love, fun with friends, etc.

Set boundaries! If you scheduled in time to work on a project or something in your personal life, you can’t possibly focus and stay present if your phone / computer is constantly buzzing with new notifications! After realizing I was way too “on demand” with this, I moved around the social media icons on my phone. They are no longer on my “home” page, and so I don’t see the notifications when they pop-up right away now. This helped immensely! I’m back to a schedule for social media / email / texting that fits with my schedule, mission and values.

Practice self-care. This is a non-negotiable for my clients and myself. Because when we take care of our ourselves our businesses soar, our relationships more loving and we have more to give.

When I say self-care, I’m referring to a multitude of practices. Taking time to relax and to do the things you love are a huge part of it, but it’s also about doing what is going to help you thrive in life and setting good, solid boundaries around the activities you allow yourself to partake in to the people you allow in your life. It’s about being worthy enough to make empowered choices around your time. Check your calendar and you will see if you’re off.

Practice having faith. Faith in something bigger then you, that knows how you can create your big dreams. You don’t have to figure it all out – let go, and see what resources show-up. Take action and have fun! This is meant to be easy. A flower doesn’t have trouble growing.

We are meant to create and have unlimited resources available to us to do so. You will never be led astray, but do you feel worthy enough to receive? Self-care practices will help you to strengthen this muscle.  When you’re in faith, you can move out of fear and stop trying to control everything so much. You can release that type grip and ease up on the hustle. You can be more present with the people you love the most and live in alignment with your values.

What can you do this weekend to start moving in this direction? Hint, look at your schedule and add in some of these practices this week.

Wishing you much peace and love xo

Written by Success Speaker & Coach Chris Atley, CEO of Chris Atley LLC ~ Decisions by Design. For complimentary success tips for business and life, please visit www.chrisatley.com

Guide to a Skillful Presentation

Effective presentations and public speaking skills are important in business, sales and selling, training, teaching, lecturing, and generally feeling comfortable speaking to a group of people.In general, the presentation is a speech or talk in which a new product or idea is explained to the audience. Seminars, lectures, demonstrations are type of presentations that are used to inform or build good will. Today for every professional this skill of presentation is more important than ever. These ability to speak and connect with people makes you unique in the crowd. 

While composing content for presentation you must heed on points which will highlight the topic. Especially your versatile approach towards the audience and maintaining the balance between your speech is the most important. Similarly, along with your appearance and way of speaking, your first sentence brings a positive impact on the audience and hence it’s a very good idea to prepare for the start-up words.

Just like the points mentioned above, there are also some other vital concepts cleared in the infographic below by walkerstone. You need to read it carefully till the end and use it while preparing your notes for the next presentation. When it comes to content it must be simple and great. Simple in a way, your audience should get what you want to convey and great content for the excitement of your audience. 

Infrographic from walkerstone.com.

Effective presentation skills infographic

"Are Facebook Groups Worth It for Your Business?" with Kerry Heaps on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Entrepreneur Kerry Heaps
Show #425

Topic: "Are Facebook Groups Worth It for Your Business?"

Wondering if joining a Facebook group will be good for your business? Are group rules and regulations ruining your experience?

Kerry Heaps returns as co-host to discuss the pros and cons of Facebook groups. What are the real results of joining groups? And are they worth the time?

Kerry Heaps is the Founder and Publisher of Strictly Marketing Magazine.  She is also the host of Strictly Marketing Talk Radio.

The magazine has recently spun off an online community for women (and men too) looking to gain more media exposure, Pitch like a B*tch Media.  She owns Knockout Marketing, a Business-to-Business telemarketing and lead generation firm.  Her passion is to help other Entrepreneurs with their marketing efforts to continue their dream of running a successful business.

Her story starts in the spring of 2005, working in the corporate world as a recruiter she spent a lot of time at networking functions and participating in putting them together for other organizations. "It's a lot of work putting together events and I thought to myself if I am going to do this, I should do it for myself. I was working part time to save money to start my image consulting firm so I figured this would be a great way to add in some revenue while the business gets up and running."

She left her corporate job in the fall and started getting business owners together at a local book store café. "I still remember my first Monday after I left my job, I got up that morning and thought, what have I done??? Although there's been a lot of bumps in the road I don't regret my decision one bit. My passion is helping others succeed in their marketing efforts, I know how scary it can be to start a business and no one should feel alone on their journey." The company currently specializes in marketing, with the Magazine, talk radio program and online community for Women in Marketing.

Kerry has an extensive background in Sales, Networking, Recruiting, and Training. She is a former Model who specialized in Trade Show and Print work. She is also an experienced judge on the beauty pageant circuit.  Kerry is also a contributing columnist for www.sbmarketingtools.com, www.entrepreneursenvogue.com and she also writes occasionally for www.sheownsit.com and www.womensprospects.com.  Kerry has interviewed celebrities such as Co-Host of Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran, Authors Larry Winget, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Former Miss West Virginia and QVC Talk Show host, Kim Parrish and many more successful business entrepreneurs.

Pitch Like a Bitch Media: www.pitchlikeabitchmedia.com

Strictly Marketing Magazine & Talk Radio:  http://www.strictlymarketingmagazine.com

Appointment Setting by Knockout Marketing website:

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How She Does It: Melanie Adams and Jon Bjarni Baldursson of Alrún Nordic Design

Melanie Adams and Jon Bjarni Baldursson of Alrún Nordic Design
Alrún Nordic Design is a small family company founded by Jon Bjarni Baldursson in Reykjavík, Iceland. Since 1999, we have been creating original bindrune jewelry that is rooted in a heritage of Nordic art more than a thousand years old.

Our designs are based on twelve inspirational Icelandic words, with each letter of the chosen word represented by a corresponding runic letter. To bind the rune, we overlap the runic letters along a single central stave.

Bindrunes were used to cast magic spells, conceal secrets, and to create powerful personal amulets. They were also common in more mundane aspects of everyday life and were used as brands for livestock, signs of ownership, and were a method of relaying messages. The ancient Norse believed that a bindrune could intensify the meaning of a personal message and invoke its power in their lives.

We are now developing a range of products for the home, starting with our beautiful Nordic wool blankets. Made of Icelandic wool and dyed especially for us in Iceland, their striking patterns are constructed from our Love and Strength symbols. We welcome you to share in the beauty of new Nordic tradition and make it yours.

Deb Bailey: Welcome to the Secrets of Success blog, Melanie. I'm excited to hear about your business. How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

Melanie Adams: Glad to be here, Deb. When Jon and I first met at university, he was just starting what would become Alrún Nordic Design. We spent a lot of time talking about the ideas he had, and I was really impressed by his focus and drive. Once I moved to Iceland in 2004, my contributions to the company became much more tangible and I became a sort of accidental entrepreneur.

With a background in literature and music, I bring a creative vision to the company, and I think I’ve really internalized Jon’s passion for the business. His determination has shown me the benefit of taking risks, and so over the years I’ve learned to invest more and more of myself into the company. I feel that we share the burden more equally now, and that we complement each other professionally.

 Alrun Nordic Design logo

Deb: It's not always easy to find someone who shares your vision. Sounds like a terrific partnership. Are there any lessons learned that you’d like to share?

Melanie: Well, being a family company, it can be challenging to separate personal and professional life. I think most people in our situation would agree that there have to be clear parameters to govern when work ends, and personal time begins. In the first years of our growing company, we both sacrificed a bit too much – it was an exciting time, but we didn’t take care of ourselves as well as we should have.

We’ve learned now how essential it is to listen to our bodies, get enough sleep, and spend time away from the stress of the business. Even though we love what we do, it’s been important for both of us to cultivate our own separate interests and take personal time. That way, at least for me, I’m able to bring a more vibrant energy to my work.

Alrun Nordic Design jewelry

Deb: That's great advice for other family companies as well! So, who are your ideal clients?

Melanie: We like to say that every symbol tells a story, so essentially anyone who wants to share something about themselves through our jewelry is an ideal client. But in other terms, we really hope to appeal to people who purchase consciously, who shop for meaningful and lasting items that will bring a positive vibe into their lives. 

Deb: What inspires you to do the work you do?

Melanie: Firstly, our original bindrune symbols are so unique, with such a great historical connection. I’m so proud of Jon’s innovative ideas and I want to see them succeed, so I suppose that love is my primary motivation!

Secondly, I love hearing from and meeting people from all over the world who tell us how meaningful our jewelry is to them. Our pieces have been worn as symbols of support by families in mourning, by mothers during labour, by entire wedding parties, by professional athletes, musicians, stunt-people, and ninety-year old twins! The list just goes on and on. And it strikes me how incredibly different every one of these people are, and yet how they’ve all found a beautiful meaning in our products. It’s very touching and humbling to be a part of so many lives and it confirms to me that our message of love and strength is having an impact in the world.

Alrun Nordic Design jewelry

Deb: That's wonderful. When you make things and get that kind of feedback, it shows you how important your work is. Many people go into entrepreneurship so that they can be of service and create things that change people's lives. What advice would you give to women entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

As someone who never intended to become an entrepreneur, I think the most important thing at the onset of a journey like this is to have absolute conviction in your idea. There will be people who don’t understand or appreciate your concept, and it’s important to be dedicated to your plan. While it’s also important to be receptive to good advice and guidance, having faith in your idea will make it easy for others to believe in you too.

 Alrun Nordic Design jewelry

Deb: So, true. You have to believe in your vision even if no one else can see it. With all the work you and Jon are doing, what is your favourite activity to relax and unwind?

Melanie: If I had my way, every week would end with a walk along Reykjavik’s beautiful coastline, and perhaps tapas with friends downtown. I also have a serious love of Nordic crime shows, which are even better enjoyed with a glass of wine.

Jon is an excellent dancer, so he loves to meet up for salsa downtown, but he’d just as happily unwind on the golf course or go windsurfing!

Deb: Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your journey. Please share your website and social links.

Melanie: I enjoyed it, Deb. Here are the links:

Melanie Adams & Jon Bjarni Baldursson of Alrún Nordic Design

Facebook: AlrunNordicDesign

Instagram: alrun.nordic.design

Twitter: AlrunNordic


Straight Talk: Time to Separate Business Fantasy from Business Reality

Straight Talk: Time to Separate Business Fantasy from Reality

by Deborah A. Bailey

Not long after I left corporate, I became a tech writer contractor. With my IT experience, writing experience and my English degree, it made the most sense.

Then after taking coach training, I decided to try that. It seemed like the thing to do, and everyone I was following at the time was a business coach.

Unfortunately, I kept changing what I was doing to match whoever I was following. As you can imagine, that didn't work out very well.

I didn't have a clue about running a business, especially after being in corporate for most of my working life. I made a ton of mistakes and wasted tons of money following "experts." Not that the gurus were intentionally misleading, but trying to fit into their business model never worked for me. But I didn't know what I didn't know. So, after years of business experiences (and learning the hard way) this what I know for sure.

1. Building a business is hard work. 

You will put in a lot of time, energy and money (or investors' money). That means, if you're looking for freedom, look elsewhere. Depending on what kind of business you're running, you'll be working on weekends, nights, holidays -- at least in the beginning.

It's up to you how you manage your time and build your business. BUT, if you're looking to work a few hours a week and have your sales funnel or 'bot do all the heavy lifting -- think again.

You'll have to understand sales and marketing and branding (among a lot of other things). Even though you might hate numbers, you need to come to grips with accounting, bookkeeping and taxes. Or at least know enough to hire the right people (or get the best tools) to help you do it. 

It doesn't matter how many books you read or webinars or live events you attend -- the real learning will come from actually doing the things.

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." - Maya Angelou

2. Overnight success is bullshit. 

You might not have heard of that person or brand until they hit it big, but they WERE working in the trenches the whole time. Believe that.

"Books are cool, but knowledge without mileage doesn't mean anything to me." - Henry Rollins

3. Origin stories are abbreviated. 

I've read my share of stories that usually go like this: "I left my job/marriage/was fired/had a life event then there I was with $2.00 and I couldn't even withdraw it from the bank." Or "I was living in my car." Or, on someone's couch.

Then -- fast-forward -- "I hit it big and now effortlessly bring in 6 or 7 figures a year, a month or a week."

I have nothing but respect for the person who worked their way out of a terrible situation. BUT, please tell me what you did from living in the box/car/shelter to getting your life back on track and making money.

That "in the meantime" part is always missing. Tell me that story. Inspire me with your journey so that I know that the dark night won't last forever. You're successful now, I get it. But don't leave out the gritty parts.

"Doubt everything. Find your own light." - Gautama Buddha

4. It's easy to fall into the Six-Figure Trap.

Starting a blog, podcast, video series, etc. will not automatically lead to six figures (see my note about overnight successes above). If that's your objective, fine. But that's just another version of the, "quick success in X number of steps" meme.

We want to believe that our effort will yield immediate (and predictable) results. But usually that's not how it works. It takes testing, tweaking, building relationships, promoting, networking, etc., just like anything else.

Oh, and one thing that gets left out is that if you achieve success quickly, you have to have an infrastructure in place to maintain it. Quick success doesn't give you time to build that.

And you cannot make the same kind of decisions with a six-figure business that you made with $6.00. Or $60.00, or $600.00. It's not the same world or mindset. You have to be ready to play bigger before you can be bigger.

“I don't know much about being a millionaire, but I'll bet I'd be darling at it.” - Dorothy Parker

5. Show me the receipts. 

I'm sure you've seen emails like this: "I made $100k last month using the proven steps that are included in my new online course." That's great and I'm happy for your success, BUT, I need to see receipts.

Not just your monthly income statements. Or your spreadsheet screen prints. Walk me through how you did your thing -- how many hours? Did you outsource? If you blogged or wrote articles or whatever, how many did you do and what was your turnaround? What's your rate range per hour or per project? How many hours did you actually spend designing? Revising? Tweaking and testing? How many sales funnels did you create, test and trash before you found the one that worked for you?

You worked hard for the money -- show me how you did it, THEN I can decide if it fits what I want to do. Don't just tell me the ending of the story. Show me the journey so I can grasp the actual work that went into it.

"Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable." - Coco Chanel

6. Business is not predictable. 

Having a business is not like having a predictable (at least if your company doesn't lay you off) income from a job.

A product might do very well, or it might tank. You might have a great initial run, then sales fall off. By the time you get to market, the thing you created might be out of fashion. OR someone else got there first with something that makes your product obsolete.

You might have wild, wonderful success or your big idea might fizzle. It comes with the territory. Surveys might tell you people want your service, but when it launches, you only hear crickets. That's how it is in business.

Anyone who promises you a sure thing, proven results, income that always increases, a predictable path of ease and endless vacations to luxury destinations is leaving something out.

The work that goes on behind the scenes -- the machinery that runs to make it all look effortless -- won't run by itself. A.I. (artificial intelligence) is not going to do it for you. If you are the CEO, you are managing that machinery. You might not do all the work, but you had better know what's going on.

"The two most beautiful words in the English language are 'cheque enclosed.'" - Dorothy Parker

7. You have to know your worth.  

How do you define success? Is it money? Is it love? Is it peace of mind? What is YOUR definition? Forget about what other people tell you it should be.

Are you afraid to charge what your products/services are worth? Are you reluctant to talk to people about what you sell? Are you afraid to risk rejection by putting yourself out there? It could be that the biggest block to your success, is you. Successful people have coaches and mentors. If that's what you need, do it.

You'll have to reinforce your self-worth before you can increase your net worth (this can be one of the hardest lessons to learn).

*Want to hear a conversation about this topic that will shed more light on defining your own success? Check out this Women Entrepreneurs Radio podcast episode with Elena Camp

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Madeleine L'Engle

The Business Reality

There's nothing wrong with having big dreams. In fact, I think they're essential. But don't be distracted by the fluff and the airbrushed lifestyles. Understand that your faves are working hard for the money. And they'll have to continue to do so if they want to keep it coming in through all the changes and upheavals that happen in the real world.

Some of them might not be sharing the downturns, the doubts or the failures with you because they're selling the end result. (And let's face it, the end result looks hella good.)

When it comes to business ownership, there's work involved. And there's financial investment involved. And there's commitment involved.

One of the blog contributors (and Women Entrepreneur Radio guests) the wonderful Imelda Arcilla wrote about evolving through entrepreneurship. It's true. The entire process will push you out of your comfort zone and force you to grow and evolve. That's really the best (and toughest) part.

Be willing to do what it takes and understand that there are no easy, effortless shortcuts to anyplace worth going. You'll have to put in the work. But the reward can be everything you desire. As long as you're honest with yourself about what it takes.

Copyright © 2017 Deborah A. Bailey

Deborah A. Bailey is a writer, coach, and author of several novels and non-fiction books, including Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life.  She's the  host of the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ podcast where she interviews business owners and thought leaders.
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"5 Must-Know Psychology Hacks to Attract Clients" with Dr. Lizette on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

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Dr. Lizette shows women how to get inside their ideal client's mind so they can get known as the must-have coach.

She helps ambitious women step up with confidence in their zone of genius, stand out from the crowd, and attract clients using proven psychology strategies.

She leverages her experiences as a tenured psychology professor, nationally recognized behavioral scientist, licensed psychologist, and consultant to help women build a booming business that lets them live their life their way.

She is the proud sole money maker of her family and a self-proclaimed supermom of twin toddlers and a baby.

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Three Ways to Triple Sales After Your Preview Call or Webinar

by Lisa Sasevich

I’m going to tell you a big secret that even a lot of experienced marketers are missing: The preview call or webinar is just the beginning of the marketing campaign for your teleseminar or webinar launch.

That’s right. You may get some sales right after your preview call or webinar; you may even get a lot of sales, but it’s still only a fraction of what you could get if you keep your marketing campaign going.

I know ... I didn’t know that either the first time I did a preview call for a teleseminar. I had great sales, I sent out a couple of emails afterward, and I thought that was it, so I started the training series for the paid clients.

Little did I know that it’s actually the email campaign that goes out after the preview call or webinar that determines 50 to 70% of your sales!

Here’s how that works:

To fill your preview call or webinar, you’re going to use a couple of your favorite strategies from Step 3 of my 6-Figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System. If you signed up for our series, we’ll give you sample templates that you’ll plug into so that you can invite the world.

Let’s say that 100 people opt in to your free preview call or webinar. This may be hard to believe, but only about 25 to 30% of the people who signed up are actually going to show up.

So you do your preview call or webinar and it builds your list and brings you the right people, and, then, let’s say, 6 of the 30 who show up take immediate action and jump on board by enrolling in your program or offer.

That’s great, but what about the 70% who weren’t listening? They raised their hand by opting in for your preview and said “I have this pain and I want help,” but then they didn’t show up for the free preview? And what about the other 24 who did show up, but didn’t say yes and invest in further work?

If you stop now, you’ll never get to facilitate their transformation nor experience the support to your mission that those extra sales would provide.

So here are three proven ways that you can gather 94% of your people back into your fold, help them, and triple your sales:

1. Employ our Email Marketing String

Our email marketing string is a couple of sets of email marketing templates that you send out for about ten days after the preview call or webinar. The first goes to the 70 people who opted in but didn’t come to the preview, and the second to the 24 of the 30 who attended but didn’t invest in your program.

And then you can do events, such as encores of the preview or a Q&A or a special quiz that inspires people to attend the preview that they missed. Again, if they attend, there’s a percentage chance that they’re going to say yes and invest in themselves. So let’s give them every chance to attend and get their hands on your great work!

2. Use Disappearing Benefits

Many systems reward people who wait until the end of a promotion to invest, while we like to incentivize people to take action as soon as the inspiration hits. We’ve found that if someone starts out taking action, that’s how they’re going to be as our client. In fact, many of our biggest success stories are the people who said yes right on the preview call or webinar. Offering benefits that only last for a short time and then disappear give people a reason to act now instead of waiting.

3. Host a Closing Event

Of course, we don’t ignore people who wait until the bitter end to say yes to themselves, and that’s what the closing event is all about. And here’s another secret: by adding the email marketing string and doing the special encore or Q&A calls mentioned above, you can triple whatever sales you did on the preview call or webinar -- but then by adding a closing event, you can double those sales again!

Your closing event can be something simple, like a Q&A call, or more elaborate like a livestream. If you’ve signed up for our program you’re going to get our formula and structure for how to add a closing event to your launch, so that, on the last day, something special happens… a huge surge of sales and awesome new clients!

I’ve given you a lot of great info here, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg on how you can maximize your teleseminar and webinar sales. If you want the full scoop, including my High-Ticket Upsell Strategies, as well as my awesome 5-Step Teleseminar & Webinar Sales Blueprint watch the free video.

If you love what you do, but hate the "sales part," sales conversion expert Lisa Sasevich will show you simple, quick and easy ways to boost sales without spending a dime...and without being salesy. Get this FREE Sales Training and Sales Nuggets now at www.FreeSalesTrainingFromLisa.com.

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