Female-Led Companies that Have Bridged the Funding Gap

Thanks to increased awareness and activism surrounding gender inequality in tech in recent years, “women in tech” is no longer just a theoretical concept. There are plenty of admirable women starting their own businesses, managing companies and driving significant growth for brands such as Facebook and Youtube.

However, what still raises eyebrows is the fact that a significant portion of female-led companies aren’t getting funding; a recent study by 99designs revealed that of the 3,003 companies that secured Seed, Series A or Series B funding in 2016, only 479 (16%) had at least one female founder, and only 246 (8%) had a female CEO at the helm. These findings are supported by a recent study by Crunchbase, which reported that between 2010-2015, a mere 15% of seed dollars globally went to startups with at least one female founder on the board.

While the lack of funding attributed to female-founded companies points to systemic issues within the tech and VC ecosystem, it simultaneously gives all the more reason to celebrate the female-led companies that have managed to bridge the funding gap. With this in mind, 99designs took a closer look into who these trailblazing companies are, zeroing in on companies that raised at least one round of funding (Seed, Series A or Series B) in 2016.

Turns out, these companies are headquartered from New York all the way to San Francisco, and they cover a range of industries, from healthcare to eCommerce. 99designs created an infographic visualizing trends in location, industry and funding amounts; the infographic is available here alongside the full list of companies. 99designs also analyzed the logo trends amongst the top 50 most-funded companies to determine common visual threads and aesthetic themes amongst these trailblazing brands.

We look forward to seeing more and more women-led companies join the ranks of those who are bridging the funding gap.

Female-led companies that have bridged the funding gap [infographic]

About the Author: Pamela Webber, Chief Marketing Officer at 99designs

Pam Webber of 99Designs
Pamela Webber is Chief Marketing Officer at 99designs. She is passionate about using data to derive customer insights and to find “aha moments” that impact strategic direction. In addition to her background as a marketer, Pamela brings a host of first-hand experience as an ecommerce entrepreneur. 

Prior to joining 99designs, she founded weeDECOR, an ecommerce company selling custom wall decals for babies' and kids' rooms, and also worked as an executive marketing consultant for True&Co, a wildly successful ecommerce startup specializing in custom-fitted women’s lingerie.

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