Three Ways to Triple Sales After Your Preview Call or Webinar

by Lisa Sasevich

I’m going to tell you a big secret that even a lot of experienced marketers are missing: The preview call or webinar is just the beginning of the marketing campaign for your teleseminar or webinar launch.

That’s right. You may get some sales right after your preview call or webinar; you may even get a lot of sales, but it’s still only a fraction of what you could get if you keep your marketing campaign going.

I know ... I didn’t know that either the first time I did a preview call for a teleseminar. I had great sales, I sent out a couple of emails afterward, and I thought that was it, so I started the training series for the paid clients.

Little did I know that it’s actually the email campaign that goes out after the preview call or webinar that determines 50 to 70% of your sales!

Here’s how that works:

To fill your preview call or webinar, you’re going to use a couple of your favorite strategies from Step 3 of my 6-Figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System. If you signed up for our series, we’ll give you sample templates that you’ll plug into so that you can invite the world.

Let’s say that 100 people opt in to your free preview call or webinar. This may be hard to believe, but only about 25 to 30% of the people who signed up are actually going to show up.

So you do your preview call or webinar and it builds your list and brings you the right people, and, then, let’s say, 6 of the 30 who show up take immediate action and jump on board by enrolling in your program or offer.

That’s great, but what about the 70% who weren’t listening? They raised their hand by opting in for your preview and said “I have this pain and I want help,” but then they didn’t show up for the free preview? And what about the other 24 who did show up, but didn’t say yes and invest in further work?

If you stop now, you’ll never get to facilitate their transformation nor experience the support to your mission that those extra sales would provide.

So here are three proven ways that you can gather 94% of your people back into your fold, help them, and triple your sales:

1. Employ our Email Marketing String

Our email marketing string is a couple of sets of email marketing templates that you send out for about ten days after the preview call or webinar. The first goes to the 70 people who opted in but didn’t come to the preview, and the second to the 24 of the 30 who attended but didn’t invest in your program.

And then you can do events, such as encores of the preview or a Q&A or a special quiz that inspires people to attend the preview that they missed. Again, if they attend, there’s a percentage chance that they’re going to say yes and invest in themselves. So let’s give them every chance to attend and get their hands on your great work!

2. Use Disappearing Benefits

Many systems reward people who wait until the end of a promotion to invest, while we like to incentivize people to take action as soon as the inspiration hits. We’ve found that if someone starts out taking action, that’s how they’re going to be as our client. In fact, many of our biggest success stories are the people who said yes right on the preview call or webinar. Offering benefits that only last for a short time and then disappear give people a reason to act now instead of waiting.

3. Host a Closing Event

Of course, we don’t ignore people who wait until the bitter end to say yes to themselves, and that’s what the closing event is all about. And here’s another secret: by adding the email marketing string and doing the special encore or Q&A calls mentioned above, you can triple whatever sales you did on the preview call or webinar -- but then by adding a closing event, you can double those sales again!

Your closing event can be something simple, like a Q&A call, or more elaborate like a livestream. If you’ve signed up for our program you’re going to get our formula and structure for how to add a closing event to your launch, so that, on the last day, something special happens… a huge surge of sales and awesome new clients!

I’ve given you a lot of great info here, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg on how you can maximize your teleseminar and webinar sales. If you want the full scoop, including my High-Ticket Upsell Strategies, as well as my awesome 5-Step Teleseminar & Webinar Sales Blueprint watch the free video.

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