How She Does It: Christie & Taylor Cook of Avery Verse Luxury Handbags

Avery Verse is an Australian luxury handbag brand that produce designer, Italian vegetable tanned leather bags for the sophisticated woman. Proceeds from every sale are donated to charities as we seek to help transform the world through business.

Deb Bailey: Glad to have you here today, Christie. Who are the ideal clients for your brand?

Christie Cook: Great to be here, Deb. Ideal clients are the customers who want a timeless style, love the sustainable and charitable elements of our brand and tell others about us. Word of mouth is very valuable to a new brand so we appreciate positive feedback from purchasers.

Deb: Are there any “lessons learned” from the business that you’d like to share?

Christie: Oh so many but I’ll narrow it down to this; always plan to put much more money into advertising than you ever realised you needed. There’s so much competition in fashion and accessories, your advertising budget needs to go a long way.

I have also learned that every step of the way is slower than you will have planned for or anticipated. A lot happens at any given stage that will slow down production and much of this is out of your hands. For example; our manufacturer will take holidays, PR event dates get pushed back to later in the year, a designer may need more time to compete a task. These sorts of delays are common.

avery verse red handbag

Deb: What’s your vision for Avery Verse?

Christie: Our vision is to expand globally and we’re excited to be seeing our reach beyond Australia growing. The aim is to develop Avery Verse into a recognised and respected name in the area of sustainable accessories and high end fashion as a whole.

avery verse crossbody handbag

Deb: Based on your experiences, what do you think are the top 3 traits an entrepreneur must have?

Christie: Tenacity, Vision, Flexibility. All of these qualities are important but I think that tenacity is foremost during the start up stages.

avery verse tote bag

Deb: I totally agree. Knowing what you know now, what do you wish you could tell your younger self?

Stop wasting time! Life moves much faster than you realise. If you really want to do something, start early...this way you have more time to improve and perfect what you love. This process becomes so much harder when you’re older and have more responsibilities, more financial pressure and less time.

avery verse subtle handbag

Deb: What inspires you to do the work you do?

Christie: My family and their future inspires me. Knowing that my success will set them up for the future motivates me. As for design and style inspiration, that typically comes from the past. My grandparent’s generation were so classy and elegant and that is what we aspire to at Avery Verse.

Deb: That's wonderful, Christie. Please share your links so that the readers can learn more about your products.

Christie: I enjoyed it, Deb. Here are the links.


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