"How to be Successful in Real Estate without a Real Estate License" with Whitney Nicely on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Whitney Nicely
Show #441

Topic: "How to be Successful in Real Estate without a Real Estate License"

Whitney Nicely is the queen of real estate investing in east Tennessee.

Whitney started to chase her passions and fine tune her skills in the real estate market after college. She flipped her first house in 2009. Last year, she flipped six houses while planning her October wedding. Whitney’s real estate portfolio has grown from zero, ziltch, nada to 17 residential houses, 19 apartment units and 7 chunks of vacant land across east Tennessee.

Whitney believes everyone should control their own destiny by investing in real estate as soon and as much as possible. It doesn’t take a trust fund or $100k in the bank to get started in real estate. In fact, Whitney teaches people how they can use no money, no credit and no banks to finance real estate deals across the country. She’s fired up about teaching people the fast, fun, and profitable way to be successful in real estate. Whitney is the Principal Broker for Whitney Buys Houses, LLC. Whitney will teach you how to invest in real estate for profit and achieve lifelong goals.




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Whitney Nicely on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

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